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The Featured Baby? Baby 84!!

"Ah! Such lovely weather..." Cadence declared as she quickly hung the clothes to dry when she saw fine weather. Cadence loved the smell of fresh and crisp clothes, she can't help taking a sniff of the freshly washed clothes whenever she did the laundry.
Cadence tried her hand at inventing. She purchased a scraptonic workbench and started her work. " do I fix this scrap piece to the model?" Cadence pondered as she worked on the scraps.
"Grrrrrrr..." The droning sound of the burner went on. Cadence had grown to enjoy the inventor's profession. She did a quick research on the inventor as a profession and found some positive aspects of being an inventor. As an inventor, one would spend their time hunting through scrap heaps and then carrying the scrap home and working with it to create new inventions including toys, wind up toys and widgets. Inventors support themselves by selling their inventions at the consignment store. This was good for Cadence as she could invent some new and innovative educational toys for the Sierra kids. Whatever she did, she always had her kids in mind.
TADA!! Cadence first inventing masterpiece which proudly stood on the study table. Cadence was mighty proud of it and it spurred her on to make more inventions.
While she was working on her second masterpiece, she felt something hot and burning. "AH!!! ARGH!!" Cadence screamed her lungs out. Her back and bottom was singed by a small fire!! Poor Cadence!
The worst thing was that her phone rang at the same time! "This is so hot!!" Cadence was so shocked with the accident that she did not know what to do but to hop around, hoping that the fire would go off by itself.
She tried to calm down but to no avail. The fire was getting bigger!! "No! I can't die in a fire! My kids need me. I have to continue my 100 baby challenge! I have many things to do!" Thousands of thoughts went through her mind as Cadence thought that her end was near.
"Help!! Help! Kids!!" Cadence finally composed herself and shouted out for help. "Help me!!!" She yelped loudly as it was late into the night, all the kids were in bed.
This was Cadence's desperate plea for help. "Someone call the fire engines!!" She waved desperately even though she knew no one except her kids could hear her. Cadence almost burst into tears when she saw her skin turning very red because of the burns.
She tried all methods to put out the fire but it was tough for her to do so as the fire was at her back. She could neither reach nor see where the fire was spreading. "Someone, please help me! Save me..." Cadence prayed hard for a miracle to happen.
Supergirl Calypso was sound asleep in bed when she heard some screams from the upper level. "Am I dreaming?" Calypso rubbed her eyes and woke up to the loud screams. "Seems like Mum's voice!" She quickly got up and ran up the stairs. She saw a totally unbelievable scene and it was as if it was out of a movie. Her Mum was on fire!! "Hold on, Mum!! Hold on...!!" The brave Calypso dashed for the fire extinguisher in the kitchen and tried to put out the fire. Cadence was so relieved to see Calypso. 
"Mum! Hold on to the table tight! I'm going to spray the maximum volume now!" Calypso tried her best to save Cadence.
By then, Cadence was squatting on the floor, reeling with pain. "Okay! That would do the trick!" Calypso pressed the fire extinguisher for the last time and put out the fire completely. Phew!
Cadence was burnt badly at her back and was covered with soot from head to toe. "Thank you so much! My girl. You have indeed grown up, you are my supergirl!" Cadence praised Calypso who beamed. "Mum! I was so frightened when I saw you on fire! I was so scared that I shivered but I had to keep my composure to save you...." Calypso recounted the accident. Cadence gave her a pat on the back. Cadence had learnt her lesson, she had to be more careful in her inventions. She also installed a fire detector in case of any emergencies.
Though the path to a successful inventor can be a long, ardous and dangerous one, Cadence was determined to make inventing as a profession. She went to the City Hall to register herself as a self-employed inventor. There she was, all ready to embark on her journey to being a master inventor.
Cadence was serious in her craft, she took some time off from the kids to visit the junkyard for some scrap collection.
"Hmm...this looks good!" Cadence took a closer look at the scrap she found.
"Piper! Are you ready?" Abel Sierra called out to her twin brother for their birthday party.
There they were, all ready to take a leap into the teenage life. Cadence had some wise sayings for them,"Kids, remember this. A great secret of succes is to go through life as a person who never gives up." Abel and Piper nodded and agreed.
Baby 77 Abel Sierra as a teenage girl. She looked exactly like her father, Nestor except that she had inherited Cadence's hair and brows. She had a very sharp face and narrow mouth.
Check out her side profile. She had a protuding nose and mouth which looked like it was in the shaped of a crescent moon.
Abel was slightly on the plump side just like her dad. She was obsessed with dieting and losing her weight. She wanted to achieve a slim and svelte figure just like her Mum, Cadence.
"What?!?!" Abel shrieked when she knew that she did not shed any kilos after weeks of exercising and dieting.
"NO!?!? I WANT TO LOST WEIGHT!!" She freaked out as she pulled her hair out over this weight issue. She had been religiously exercising and eating in moderation, but her weight showed no improvements.
"These things take time...Sis..Anyway, what's wrong in being slightly plump? Pretty cute, I must say!" Baby 78 Piper Sierra consoled her twin sister.
Just like their Dad, both of them were slightly on the heavy side. However, Piper took things more positively. He embraced the fact that he was slightly pudgy. He loved it that people thought that he was cute because he was slightly plump.
"Maybe doing some household chores would help me to slim down?" Abel pondered as she did the laundry.
Piper Sierra had a keen interest in sculpting and spent much of his free time at the sculptor's station.
Little Baby 83 Megan Sierra as a toddler. She had inherited Cadence's skin and huge round eyes. She had silky blond hair which Cadence tied them into a braid.
Her twin sister, Baby 82 Mimi Sierra looked completely like his father, Ripsy. She had fair porcelain skin and a broad round face. Ripsy would be so pleased with the girls if he was still alive.
The twins were unidentical twins though Cadence loved to dress them in cute matching outfits. The little girls were little heiress to be, their dad, Ripsy had left them many assets which they would received once they reach young adulthood.
It was time for Baby 76 Calypso Sierra to leave the house as she reached young adulthood. She kept her "supergirl" hairstyle as she transited offically from a supergirl to a superwoman.  
Cadence had the least worries for Calypso. She knew that she would take good care of herself. "My supergirl, you would always be my little baby. Don't place so much pressure on yourself. I know you hope to become a superwoman in whatever you do, but remember bravery is believing in yourself, and that thing nobody can teach you." Cadence said to Calypso who listened intently. She had a huge amount of respect for her mum. To her, Cadence was her hero in her heart.
"If you really want to make sculpting as a profession, you have to work hard and put your mind to it." Piper heeded the advice of Cadence.
Mimi and Megan interacting at the blocks table.
Mimi was playing with Cadence's latest creation: The Robot Dog. Mimi loved the toy, especially when it barked when Mimi pressed the buttons. Seeing Mimi's smile on her face made Cadence's inventing effort worthwhile.
"Whee! I'm flying!" Secret loved the trampoline.
Cadence worked hard at her inventor's profession, she aimed to invent one item a week without neglecting her tons of housework and the kids. This was her latest masterpiece: The Rotating Globe. This was made for Secret who was always intrigued with the countries of the world.
Baby 80 Eon Sierra as a sweet little girl with braids tied neatly.
Baby 81 Ian Sierra grew up into a little boy. Notice the similarities between Eon and Ian. If they had the same hairstyle, they would look exactly alike! They were a carbon copy of one another.
Eon was a enterprising girl with her head full of ideas and innovations. She had a knack for businesses and thought of ideas to kickstart the muffins and cakes business. She had wanted to help Cadence to relieve some of her financial burdens. Eon was the first kid who managed to sell the cakes successfully to the neighbours. How's that for the record? 
"Hmm...looks good!" Piper muttered as he was very satisfied with his drawing.
Due to the lack of space at the Sierras, Abel and Piper chose to grow up to make space for the arrival of their new siblings. "I wish that I can slim down!" Abel made a wish as she blew the candles.
"Yahoo!! All grown up!" Abel clapped as Piper pondered hard over his wish.
Alas! This was Baby 77 Abel Sierra as a young adult. It seemed that her wish did not come true for her. She grew up into a big-sized lady with an elongated face, exactly like her dad, Nestor.
Abel was very disappointed at not losing her baby fats and resolved to exercise real hard during her young adulthood. This was the side profile of Abel.
"Where's sis? She totally disappeared after the birthday celebrations..." Eon asked Cadence. "I saw her changing into her sports gear, I think she went for a jog!" Ian chipped in. "A jog? Right after her birthday?" Eon was puzzled. Piper shrugged her shoulders and said to Cadence,"She seemed very serious this time in losing her weight..."
"I'm so sad to leave home...Mum, sisters, brothers, my bed....everything..." Abel said to her twin brother. Baby 78 Piper Sierra listened and did not answer. He was also relucant to leave but did not want to show his sadness.
Both Abel and Piper had inherited Nestor's pudgy figure though Piper was very happy with his "round" figure. He loved rubbing his tummy.
Another birthday at the Sierras! Baby 79 Secret Sierra grew up into a teenage boy. He had windswept hair which was blue-green in colour. He had the most unique eyes with prominent double eyelids. Those eyes made him looked very sleepy and listless.
"Mum! I want a new toy! Made by you!" Eon begged Cadence for a new invention. "Sure!" Cadence answered and worked hard at the scraptronic bench.
"Thank you Mum!! Love it!" Eon treasured the toy made specially by Cadence.
"Woo! Look at this!" Eon pretended that she was weaving the toy through some heavy traffic. She had a lovely and fantastic imagination.
"AAAAAhhhhh!!!!" Secret shouted as he tried to release his pentup anger at the trampoline. He was maligned by his science teacher who thought that he was sleeping in class. Secret had explained that he was borned with eyes that looked sleepy and tired, but the teacher refused to listen to him and made him went for detention.
"I hate school! No homework for me! I wanna grow up!" Secret shouted into the air on the trampoline.
"Bro, do you think my skin is purple or grey? Or blue? Or blue-gray?" Eon seeked the advice of her elder brother regarding her skin colour. "Don't think about all these, sis. You are unique and special, so is your skin colour!" Secret shared with her.
Having achieved a higher level of invention skills, Cadence had learnt the skill to detonate. "What's detonate?" Cadence contemplated as she tried it out. "Oh! Wow!" There was a loud and huge boom and Cadence got a rude shock. "What's that!?!?" Cadence was startled by the loud noise that it created and the Sierra kids were so afraid that they started crying and wailing.
Megan was an intelligent toddler, she quickly ran away from the scene. "Hope I did not disturb the neighbours...." Cadence gasped as she looked at the mini explosion. She had accidentally detonate the pram. Luckily, no one was hurt in the process and she vowed never to use the detonate option when she was at home. It was too dangerous for the kids.
"Oh no, the pram.....Looks like I got to work harder to buy another pram....Poor Megan has no pram now...." Cadence was upset that her power to detonate has led to a mini disaster in the house, late into the night.
Cadence shook her head and looked at the mess she created, "Looks like its going to be a sleepless night tonight..."
"Argh..these stains are really tough.." the sleepy Cadence used her might to clean out the tough stains on the floor.
Like all Sierra kids, Secret had to learn to help around the house and do some basic housework. His favorite housework was to do the laundry and he volunteered to help Cadence with the dirty load.
He loved the smelling of the washing powder and the droning sound of the washing machine.
"Oh no, the washing machine is leaking....What did I do?" Secret scratched his head as the washing machine overflowed beyond control. It was frothing with lots of washing powder and water.
"Mum! The washing machine is spoilt..." Secret had no technical skills and asked for Cadence's help.
"Huh...another messy situation...all in a day!" Cadence did not know whether to laugh or cry at the washing machine which seemed to be spewing foam at a very fast rate. Its was a hilarious yet sticky situation. The multipurpose Cadence got to work real fast.
In no time, the washing machine was back to its usual self though the floor was totally wet. "Nice! I have learnt how to fix a new household item!" Cadence was proud of herself.
Little Megan pored through the new picture books the Cadence had bought.
Cadence took a breather off her mundane chores and played on the trampoline. The trampoline seemed to be the official stress reliever for the Sierras. Secret played on it when he was stressed and now Cadence was using it as a energy booster.
Careful of that double chin! Its showing, Cadence! Cadence thoroughly enjoyed herself on the trampoline. All the tiredness and stress seemed to have dissolved miraculously.
"Love this trampoline!" Cadence felt like a little kid all over again.
"Whee! Feels like I'm in the air! Carefree like a bird!" Cadence felt like a little bird in the sky, light and free.
Both Cadence and Secret bonded over the trampoline. "Feels like I have been round the globe and back!" Cadence said of her trampoline experience.
"Check this out, Mum! Can you do this? Real fun!" Secret challenged his mum to do the exact same stunt.
"Of course, don't think I'm old! I'm still very agile!" Cadence showed Secret that she can do the same.
"Be careful where you are going, don't end up in a nasty fall!" Cadence reminded Eon to be careful.
Mimi wailed for her nightly feed as Cadence was so engrossed with her trampoline that she forgotten the nightly feed time.
"Ma! Ma!" Mimi cried out with her limited vocabulary.
Time for nightly feed!
Pretty little Megan enjoying her food. Cadence would melt when she saw her innocent stare.
In the meanwhile, Cadence spent some time with her inventions.
As well as devoted some precious quality time to the kids. They grow up really fast and before you know it, it was time for them to leave the house.
"Opps!" Cadence blurted out as she accidentally triggered the detonate button in a community lot.
She quickly covered her ears and her heart missed a beat. She hoped that nothing would happened.
But it was too late! A mini exposion had occured. "Oh no!" Cadence was so sorry for what she had done. As it was a community lot and she had caused disturbance and damage to public property, she was fined for a few hundred dollars.
She was told that she could only detonate the junk at the scrapyard to collect scraps for her inventions. So she did that at the junkyard and collect two bags full of scraps home!
Recently, Mimi found a new trick to entertain herself. That was to pull her feet up to her shoulder and she found it very amusing.
Secret seriously figuring out how to solve a maths problem.
He was a great help around house and very popular with his younger siblings, especially Mimi and Megan. 
With so much time to relax and enjoy, it was high time that Cadence found the next father for Baby 84. She had gotten news that a featured sim of the sims 3 exchange had arrived at the Sunset Valley. She had never had a featured sim as a daddy and would love to do so. It made the challenge more unique and well rounded.
This was Aidan Miller (Thanks to rinirae!). He was a featured sim when he was a teen in the Sims 3 exchange. It was quite a feat as he was the youngest to be bestowed this very prestigious award. Now that he was a young adult, he decided to settle down at the Sunset Valley and carved out a career of his own.
"Hi! You must be Aidan! I'm Cadence Sierra, mother of the 100 baby challenge." Cadence took the initiative to introduce herself. "Hi! How do you know my name? And you are the mother of what? 100 baby challenge? What's that?" Aidan was curious. "Well, you are the youngest to be featured in the Sims 3 exchange, your photos were splashed all over in the Sims newspapers and magazines!" Cadence said and proceeded on to explain to him about the 100 baby challenge.
"Wow! You should be featured for your 100 baby challenge! " Aidan thought that the 100 baby challenge idea was incredible. Cadence laughed and said,"Its nothing! I just love kids! Lots of kids! I guess my kids would love your shirt! Looks abit like their favorite character, the Spongebob Squarepants!" Cadence showed Aidan a funny face to imitate the expression on Aidan's shirt.
Aidan and Cadence had a hearty laugh over it.
Then, Cadence turned serious and asked Aidan, "Ever thought of having kids?" She leaned closer and whispered at Aidan's ear.
"Not really, I don't exactly fancy screaming totally do not look like a Mum!" Aidan was mesmerised by Cadence's beauty and started flirting with her.  
Seeing that Aidan has taken an interest in her, Cadence leaned forward to kiss Aidan, "Will you be part of my 100 baby challenge?" "Be one of the daddies? No! No!" Aidan rejected Cadence's request.
"Oh! Pleassssssssseeeeeeeeeeee....Please!" Cadence pleaded with Aidan.
"Let me think about it..." Aidan said in a firm tone. "I really hope you can be part of the challenge..." Cadence looked at him with the sweetest and most pitiful eyes.
Cadence inched forward and tried to flirt with Aidan to display her charisma, hoping to work her charms on him. "Please...please..don't come closer..." Aidan was very resistant to Cadence's advances.
"Aidan, I really really hope that you can be the daddy of baby 84! Look, I haven't had a featured sim for my challenge and having you in my challenge is my pleasure and honour!" Cadence literally begged Aidan.
"Can you just do me this little favour, to be the daddy of baby 84?" Cadence tried her best to convince Aidan.
"What will I get in return for Baby 84?" Aidan asked in a very practical tone. "A lifetime of happiness and joy. A baby is a wellspring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth and a link between angels and men. You would understand all these when you hold your baby in your arms." Cadence almost teared when she said this to Aidan.
Aidan was touched by Cadence's sincere and honest words. He finally agreed to the challenge! "Well! I hope to see the link between angels and men soon!" Aidan and Cadence laughed.
"Thank you!" Cadence gave Aidan a thank you hug.
"You are so kind! I believe Baby 84 would be an outstanding person, just like you!" Cadence hugged Aidan.
They shared a kiss in front of a serene lake.
There they were, ready for the makings of Baby 84!
"It must have been tough for you, juggling the kids and housework.." Aidan gave Cadence a comforting massage.
"When will I ever grow up?" Secret hated doing his homework and can't wait to grow up.
With the Sims 3 Ambitions, Cadence had accumulated enough points to get a best friend, the Simbot. She was curious and wondered what was a Simbot. "Hi! I'm Chasity, your best friend!" A robot made of scraps suddenly appeared in front of her. Cadence was startled.
Cadence danced with her and thought that it was quite cool to have a robot in the house.
A closer look at Chasity. Simbot is a companion that you can have around the house. It leads a life not unlike a regular Sim, but with a scrap diet and no need for hygiene. Of course, they can talk to the food processor and other appliances as well. They're always hydrophobic and brave.
Chasity the Simbot tried to integrate into the Sierras by entertaining them with songs.
Chasity got along very well with Mimi, Mimi loved to hear her robotic voice.
First, you puke...
Then you clean it up yourself...
Chasity the Simbot did not seem to go very well with Eon. "What's that?!?" Eon was shocked when she saw Chasity in the morning. She thought that she was very a nightmare. In fact, being in the same room as Chasity decreased her mood indicator and she felt that Chasity was very dirty as she was made of scrap.
However, Chasity the Simbot tried to get into her good books and was very friendly towards her, "Hi Eon! Morning!" She greeted Eon who ignored her totally.
Being Cadence's best friend, she helped around the house just like the Sierra teenage kids would.
She helped with the laundry...
..kept the clothes...
While Cadence busied herself with her latest invention: The Harvester.
The harvester is a handy vacuum for picking up scrap and other collectibles. Its main use is going to be in scrap gathering after detonation. The harvester suck things up in a 360 degree radius. Sometimes you will grab little things you might not have noticed, like bugs. It works really well for gardening too.
Megan loved being in the company of Chasity the Simbot. She did not seemed to care that she was a simbot made of scraps.
That night, when everyone was in bed, Chasity looked around the house for scraps to eat. She was feeling especially hungry and could not find anything scrap. An idea struck her, she decided to detonate the washing machine. "The Sierras have two washing machine in the house, losing one won't hurt..." She thought as she carried on to detonate the washing machine.
"Woosh woosh...!" Simbots were expert at detonating objects. They can do it quickly without any explosion.
Within minutes, the washing machine was reduced to scrap!
"Ahh! Food!" To Chasity, the metal pipe meant food for her. She looked at it hungrily as she was starving for days. There was very little scrap available at a normal Sims home.
This was how a Simbot have their meals. They picked up the pipe, open their mouths wide open, shoved it into their mouths and pushed it down. Voila! Their hunger bars would go up!
"Am you sure?" Cadence whispered. Secret had saw Chasity the Simbot detonating the washing machine yesterday night. "Mum, you can go check the washing machine, its not there anymore. We can't have such a person in the house...." Secret said. Cadence went to check the washing machine and verify that it was gone. She brooded on how to tell Chasity the Simbot to leave the house.
TADA! Cadence's gleaming new invention: The Miner!
" do I go about doing this?" Cadence looked at the buttons and meddled with them.
"ARGH!!! So tough to pull!" Cadence used all her strength to pull the lever.
"Finally! Woooo..." Cadence finally managed to pull down the lever.
The miner was one cool invention. Cadence tried to drill a hole as she found out that she can get random items like a rare seed or even the precious pink diamond. As it was a loud machine, Cadence used it in the afternoon. Using it after the bedtime would definitely disturb the neighbours!
We all know that Secret was stressed up when he was on the trampoline. He was fretting over his exams the next week.
"Mum, I really don't like Chasity the Simbot, can we not have her?" Eon requested. Cadence was stumped as to how to answer the question. She had also wanted Chasity to leave after the washing machine incident but was afraid that she would break her heart.
"Eon, I made you your favorite meatball spaghetti, lets have it in the dining room..." Cadence tried her best to divert the topic.
" do I tell Chasity to leave?" Cadence thought to herself as Mimi looked on.
"Come to Mama! Come on!" Cadence encouraged Mimi to take her first steps.
"That's my girl!" Cadence tossed Mimi into the air as she learned how to walk.
Cadence's tummy was getting bigger by the day.
This was the hole that Cadence dug with the Miner. It looked so enticing with the golden light shining through it.
Curious Cadence decided to take a little peek in the hole. She went into the hole for about half an hour and found some rare gems in the hole. All of the sudden, she popped out the hole looking all worried and anxious. She suddenly remembered that she was pregnant and carrying a huge belly. Being pregnant, she should not be carrying out such dangerous mission.  
Lucky for her, she managed to get out of the hole unscathed.
"Better cover up the hole lest the kids fall into it..." Cadence thought and quickly took the shovel to cover up the hole.
Cadence always had her kids' interest at heart.
"Wow! This is so amazing...How I wish I can have a baby myself." Cadence felt sad for Chasity the Simbot who cannot be pregnant as she was a robot. 
"The baby's coming! The baby's coming!" Chasity cried out. Secret and Eon quickly rushed down and freaked out.
After hours of labour, Baby 84 has arrived. It was a cute little blue bundle. Its a boy! "Cadence, you are so right... It was a undescribable feeling when I saw my little baby. The feelings just gushed all into my head! I'm dizzy with happiness right now!" Aidan cooed as Cadence smiled sweetly to him.
Introducing Baby 84 Ollie Sierra! (Thanks to Courtie Serafin!) He had inherited Aidan's dark skin. Would he be as outstanding as his father? Will he achieved the same feat as him? Let's wait and see.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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