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Supergirl to the Rescue! Baby 76!

Thank you, Redrainbow for the Kirby the Frog Desk!
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A big thank you for Spychip's great gift. A special T-shirt for the 100 baby challenge which features Cadence's face.
Side view of the shirt. Cadence's name was printed on it.
The back view of the shirt. If you are a fan of Cadence and her 100 baby challenge, wear it proudly! Do download the correct version with the correct Cadence's spelling! You can download at
Thank you Spychip once again! 
Baby 74 Juicy Peach, Xealaa Sierra had a hairstyle that looked like a little peach! She had peachy skin and clear purple eyes and hair.
Her twin sister, Baby 75 Zesty Grape, Kiana Sierra looked exactly like a grape with light violet skin, purple silky hair and eyes. She can't get any cuter!!
"Kiana dear, don't fidget. Let mama take a good photo of you!" Cadence cooed as Kiana got impatient for her photoshoot. Cadence loved dressing her in purple outfits.
Baby 72 Dean Sierra also grew up into a little suave boy. Check out his jet black eyes and hair. He looked pan-asian with his mixed genetics.
Baby 73 Drew Sierra also had the same hairstyle. He looked pretty cool in it. No one could tell that he was Grim Reaper's son as he seemed to have inherited more of Cadence's genetics. Both Dean and Drew look identical except for their hair colour.
On the extreme right was their triplet sister, Baby 71 Phoebe Sierra who was a exact replica of the Grim Reaper. She had his dark charcoal skin and barely visible eyes. The only thing that she had inherited from Cadence is the trademark blonde-pink hair and brows. The Grim Reaper's kids, Drew, Dean and Phoebe were all couch potatoes, they loved lazing at the couch with their favorite television show or video game.
"Argh....!" Dean muttered as he approached the end of the game. His brother, Drew looked on and smiled at his brother.
"My friends are all teasing me at school. I don't have any friends at school. My only playmates are Drew and Dean, that's all!" Phoebe complained to Cadence. Cadence knew that this day would arrive sooner or later. Phoebe's dark skin and features would definitely draw unwanted attention.
"Do you know that you are so special? If they laugh at you, just laugh at them back because they are not unique and outstanding." Cadence tried to comfort Phoebe and cracked some jokes to lighten the atmosphere.
"They say I'm death's daughter, they don't want to come near me. They were afraid that they would die if they come near me!" Phoebe cried. "They are so ignorant, you are not the Grim Reaper, you are his daughter! Nothing will happen if they come near you. Don't bother about them! They are just ignorant people." Cadence advised her darling daughter. "Next time when I grow up, I want to be successful and contribute to the society so that no one would laugh at me anymore. I want to be a world renowned surgeon!" Phoebe proclaimed. Cadence was glad that Phoebe had managed to look on the positive side, yet at the same time, she was upset that she was the one who had brought her into this world and gave her this skin colour when she decided to make the Grim Reaper a daddy of the 100 baby challenge.
Juicy Peach Xealaa and Zesty Grape Kiana waiting patiently for Cadence's nightly feeds.
Little Drew had an issue with slides. He was terrified of them and hates the feeling of sliding down the slide. However, as much as he hated it, he was determined to conquer it. "Okay, Drew, steady does it...." He consoled himself as he had butterflies in the stomach.
"Woah! Woah!...ahhh..." He cried out as he lost his balance and frozed. He did not know what to do, he lifted both his hands and legs and closed his eyes....He felt that his heart was going to explode as his heartbeats grew faster and faster.
"Plonk!! AHHH! That's real painful!" Drew landed on his bottom with a loud thud. He was so startled and shocked that he did not dare to touch the slide for several weeks!
"You should just relax, take it easy and slide down." Elder sis, Phoebe gave Drew some tips on slides.
Both Drew and Phoebe got along really well. They were the best of buddies and friends. Whenever Phoebe was bullied in school, Drew would fight back and stand up for her. Same for Dean, he would also look out for his sister in school. Phoebe was really lucky and glad to have them as brothers. Cadence was heartened that Dean and Drew would help take care of Phoebe.
Dean had a special interesting in swimming. He loved the carefree feeling of floating in the water. This was him practising his breaststroke in the pool. However, he was only allowed in the pool when Cadence was free to supervise him. Cadence does not want a repeat incident of Baby 32 Darcie Sierra's drowning case. "Better to be safe than sorry!" She reminded Dean all the time to have adult supervision when he swam.
Baby 69 Alejandero Sierra was all ready to enter the young adult phrase. Look at Dean, he seemed to be more excited about the birthday than Alejandero was. He was oohing and marvelling at the cake.
"Make a wish, brother!" Drew shouted in excitement as Alejandero blew his candles.
"Hurray! Lets see if you can fly with those wings when you grow older!" Dean said as he cheered on his brother.
Cadence was happy that her Baby 69 was going to be a young adult. Time really do flies, it seemed yesterday that she started her 100 baby challenge. She had a wise quote for Alejandero, "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years." Wise words indeed.
Baby 69 Alejandero as a young adult! The descendent of Planet Alamgeefu and he was very proud of it.
"Argh, the wings seemed to be getting heavier and heavier as I aged...." Alejandero pondered as he tugged his wings.
Alejandero asked Cadence for some new home advice. He had always wanted to shift into a small little home with a little garden, but Cadence advised him to shift into a home with at least two rooms in case he decided to settled down and have kids.
"Bye, Mum! Good luck for the rest of your challenge. Thank you for bringing me into this world and showering so much tender loving care and love on me." Alejandero waved goodbye. Cadence was so moved and touched by his words.
Baby 70 Ashton Sierra as a teenager. He loved his shaggy hair but Cadence had always thought that he looked unkempt with this hairstyle. He felt that his hair had a rocker feel to it.
"Ooh...thats a new tactic!" Dean learnt a new video game skill from his brother, Ashton who was an expert at the video games.
"Bro, how do you get the sword to kill the monster?" Dean asked curiously. At this moment, Ashton lost his concentration when answering Dean and he lost his game. "Argh, please don't disturb me when I'm playing! Ask me later!" Ashton growled. "Opps! Sorry!" Dean apologized and looked away.
"Oohh...! The monster is coming!" Dean tried to lower his volume as he muttered under his breath.
After the Tooty Fruity Triple Pack "brothers" fought over the chance to be part of the 100 baby challenge, Cadence had wanted to stay low profile for the time being. There was too much quarrels and fight over this matter that she just want an normal boy next door to be her next daddy for the challenge. The chance came when she met Thomas Martin (Thanks to TheFluorescentHawk!) who worked at the neighbourhood grocery store.
He agreed to the challenge readily and Cadence invited Thomas home for the makings of Baby 76!
He had a long day at work, standing all day at the grocery store. "Yawnz......Opps, sorry!" Thomas apologized as Cadence looked at him laughing.
"Are you really tired? If you are, you can always visit me tomorrow!" Cadence suggested.
"No no, its alright! I know your time is really precious. You are on this amazing race to 100 babies! I cannot be your obstacle!" Thomas laughed and proceeded to give Cadence an amorous hug.
"Oh! Thank you, you are so considerate!" Cadence said to Thomas who was obviously flattered by her comments.
"I'm really honored to be part of the 100 baby challenge, Cadence!" Thomas whispered into Cadence's ears as he embraced her.
Woah! Baby 76 would arrive in no time!
Isn't it amazing how a little life is created?
And, for the surprise of the night! After the makings of Baby 76, Cadence spotted Thomas in a superman nightwear. She laughed and teased Thomas, "You like superman? Wearing the superman shirt doesn't mean you would have superman powers, ya know?"
"What if I tell you I am the real superman?" Thomas's tone suddenly turned serious. "You must be kidding me..." Cadence said. "It's not about where you were born. Or what powers you have. Or what you wear on your chest. ... It's about what you do... It's about action..." Thomas said seriously.
"Are you really superman?" Cadence doubted it. "GOTCHA! Just kidding!" Thomas clapped in hands. Thomas was actually a superman fan who could memorise every single word that superman had said. "That's not very funny..." Cadence rolled her eyes.
Ashton absolutely loved the superman tee that Thomas have and ask him where to get one. 
"Well, I can get you one if you like it!" Thomas said. "Really???! Thank you so much, Uncle Thomas!" Ashton was so excited and grateful.
This was the normal routine at the Sierras when the kids get back home. They had to finish their homework before they did their leisure activities.
Ashton helping Cadence to look after Baby Xealaa.
Little Kiana loved Cadence's attention.
Phoebe loved kids, especially her younger siblings. She loved to entertain them with her trademark peekaboo.
"KIanaaa....! WOOoo!" Phoebe played with Kiana.
She's ain't heavy. She's my sister.
The two girls and their family hug. Kiana loved Phoebe alot.
"Wow, Mum! I can feel the baby moving!" Drew marvelled as he touched Cadence's tummy.
Cadence engaging in some butterfly catching near the park.
She saw a protest at the City hall and decided to join in the fun. This time, she helped to protest for more policecar patrols. Sunset Valley was seeing an increase in crimes such as robbery and theft, so the residents hoped that more patrolling can be done within the neighbourhood.
"More policecars! More patrols! More policecars!" Cadence chanted along with the crowd with her bulging stomach.
"We want peace! We want safety!" Cadence seemed to be enjoying herself in the protest.
By nightfall, the contractions kicked in!! Baby 76 was arriving!!
"Wow! She is the loveliest thing that I have ever seen! Look at those little curling fingers and toes!" Thomas cooed as he congratulated Cadence on the arrival of Baby 76. He was so happy with his daughter's arrival.
"Can I nickname her Supergirl? I hope she can be super in whatever she does!" Thomas chirped. So there you go...Baby 76 Calypso Sierra. Supergirl to the rescue! (Thanks to Madison!)

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. Lol half the people at the protest are her kids

  2. Ashton Sierra looks a bit like Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer with his hair like that :) Maybe it's the name coincidence?


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