Monday, June 7, 2010

Red Hot Chilli! Baby 77 and 78!

"Oh! I feel faint!" Baby 70 Ashton Sierra felt a tight jerk in his knees and felt the world was spinning.
There was nothing wrong with him, it was just time for him to grow into a young adult.
Baby 70 Ashton Sierra as a young adult! He looked alot like Cadence and Cadence, being the wisely sage had these words for him, "A child becomes an adult when he realises that he has a right not only to be right but also to be wrong."
The Grim Reaper, being the kind father that he was, showered alot of tender loving care to his three babies, Phoebe, Dean and Drew. He specially put down all duties to organise and celebrate a big birthday bash for his darlings.
YAHOO! Everyone in the family clapped and cheered for the triplets.
Baby 73 Drew Sierra as a teenager! He had windswept shiny blonde-pink hair.
Baby 72 Dean Sierra with the Grim Reaper's jet black hair. He always seemed to have a dazed look on his face.
Baby 71 Phoebe Sierra as a teenage girl. She looked exactly like the Grim Reaper with her chubby face and charcoal dark grey skin. She had inherited Cadence's hair though.
The Grim Reaper's three precious darlings!
Close-up of Phoebe's face, one had to go close to her face to see her features properly.
"Hm..This is really cool!" Dean pondered as the triplets watched an UFO programme.
Baby 75 Kiana Sierra the Zesty Grape grew into an little girl who was adorable beyond words! She had huge beady violet eyes and light violet skin that looked so delicious that it could be eaten. Cadence chose this hairstyle for her as the two buns really looked like there were two huge grapes on her head.
Her sister, Baby 74 Xealaa Sierra the Juicy Peach sported a short crop of bouncy purple hair. She had clear lilac eyes just like her twin sister, but she inherited Cadence's luscious juicy peachy skin.
"Come on, girls! Smile for the camera! Say cheese! Kiana dear, look at the camera!" Cadence cajoled them to take a photograph to mark their childhood. The girls hated to take photographs as they disliked the flash of the camera.
Kiana the Zesty grape tried to concentrate and look into the camera while Xealaa the Juicy peach mustered a weak smile for the photo. It was so hard for Cadence to capture a photo of them smiling broadly.
With the Sierras brimming with kids and hitting the maximum capacity of eight sims within the household, Cadence had no choice but to come up with a decision for her kids. She had to continue with the 100 baby challenge. "Kids, as you know, Mum is doing the 100 baby challenge. To continue with the challenge, I need some space in the house...." Cadence drew a deep breath and said. "I totally understand, Mum...Phoebe, Dean and I can always move out..." Drew said sensibly. " have to grow out in order to move out by yourselves." Cadence explained. "Give me two hours, I'll settle this for you. Don't fret, Mum!" Drew consoled.
After about two hours, Drew and Phoebe came up to the troubled Cadence and said, "Mum, we have decided..." "Yeah??" Cadence was puzzled as to what they were going to do.
At this critical junction, Dean joined in the conversation. Phoebe, being the eldest amongst the triplets announced,"The three of us have decided to age using the birthday cake tomorrow to allow more space at the Sierras." "Are you sure you guys are going to do that?" Cadence was pleasantly surprised at the triplets' co-operativeness.
"We found a house just next to the Sierras, we can hop by anytime! Anyway, I can't wait to kick start my young adulthood.." Phoebe chirped.
Cadence gave them a sum of money to buy furniture and renovate their house as Phoebe and Drew discussed about their room decor in their new house excitedly.
Baby 73 Drew Sierra as a young adult! Alas! He was not very developed in the hair department, just like the Grim Reaper.
His brother, Baby 72 Dean Sierra wasn't much better! Both of them had premature receding hairline.
Baby 71 Phoebe Sierra as a young adult. She was the only one among her siblings to have very developed hair roots! She had Cadence's hair genes. They were all ready to move out! Cadence had these wise words for them, "A great secret of success is to go through life as a man who never gets used up."
Cadence was so happy when she found a daddy suitable for Baby 77. "Aha! Perfect!" She clapped her hands as she had spent lots of time trolling through her email to select the suitable candidates.
"Hi! I'm Nestor Argyle (Thanks to suicidespat!)!" A deep booming voice greeted Cadence.
This was Nestor Argyle, the big friendly giant of Sunset Valley. He cut an imposing figure with his thick brows and fierce stare. He had furrowed brows which looked like he was frowning all the time. But those who know him, would know him as a nice gentle man.  
"I'm Cadence Sierra..." Cadence said. "The mother of the 100 baby challenge..." Nestor helped Cadence to continue her sentence. Cadence nodded and smiled sweetly. "Let's start with the challenge..." Nestor initiated.
So off they went to the Sierras for the makings of Baby 77!
"You are so lovely, Cadence. Totally don't look like a mother of 76! Gasp!" Nestor admired Cadence's lovely features.
Woo...they shared a kiss for the first time. "Ouch!" Cadence cried as Nestor's sharp pointed nose poked into her face.
"Opps! sorry that I have hurt you..."Nestor apologised. "Its alright, I wonder if Baby 77 would get your nose?" Cadence pondered.

The first puke of the pregnancy. Cadence was a hands-on mum, she did everything all by herself. She had not hired a maid since the start of the challenge.
"Kiana dear, there is no fish in the swimming pool, why are you fishing in here?" Cadence laughed as Kiana innocently place her fishing rod in the swimming pool thinking that she would catch some fish.
"But...I thought I saw a little shrimp wriggling in there...I thought of fishing it out!" Kiana replied. "I'll bring you to the central park to fish this saturday! There are real big fish there!" Cadence said.
Supergirl, Baby 76 Calypso Sierra as a little toddler! She looked exactly like her dad, Thomas with her blonde hair and round blue eyes.
Thomas had always wanted his lil' girl to do great things in life, so he had told Cadence to "force" Calypso to max out her skills. This was her with her logic blocks.  
"Wahh....!!" Calypso wasn't too happy with the skills that she had to learn within such a short time. She had to max out her music and logic skills in one day. She was so agitated that she accidentally hit Cadence on the back.  
"Hush hush!" Cadence tried to calm down the screaming Calypso.
Cadence played Calypso her favorite Einstein's songs and gave her some milk. Cadence was indeed one experienced Mum, she managed to calm the little baby down in no time.
Cadence had a talk with Thomas, she suggested that Calypso took things one at a time and learn at her own pace just that the other kids did. "Don't put so much pressure on the her! she can't breathe! She can't be a supergirl in just a day! Relax...Thomas..." Cadence chided Thomas.
"Good night, sweetie! Sweet dreams!" Cadence gave Calypso a good night kiss.
"Mum! Can you play catching with me?" Xealaa bugged Cadence to play with her. "Mama is expecting, there is a baby inside my tummy. I can't run!" Cadence explained.
"But Kiana is asleep, no one can play with me." Xealaa said sadly. Not wanting to disappoint Xealaa, Cadence tried to play catching with her without running.
"Don't run so fast, Xealaa!" Cadence caught her breath and walked quickly to chase after her daughter.
"Argh! Age is definitely catching up on me...."Cadence complained as she heard a creak when she stretched her back. The numerous preganancies seemed to be taking a toll on her body.
"You are having a girl for the firstborn!" Dr Blueflame proudly declared. "Wow! How do you know?" Cadence was so surprised. "My medical skills are so great that I have medical bionic eyes that I could tell the gender just by one look!" Dr Blueflame said.
With a whole string of girls in front of Baby 77, Cadence wished for a multi-gendered twins or triplets this time round. Off she went to the neighbourhood grocery store and bought a whole bag full of apples.
"First you put the apple on your hand..."
"Then you chomp it up like this....hom hom chomp.." Cadence demonstrated to all simmers who wished for multi-gendered twins or triplets.
"Ooh...waiting for your arrival, babies...." Cadence cooed. She loved boy/girl twins and triplets as they displayed a good mix of the genetics from both Mum and Dad.
Time to earn some money for the neverending bills and milk money. Cadence belted out her favorite songs.
"Encore! Encore!" The audience shouted as they requested for more songs.
Look at the crowd who has gathered to listen to Cadence's performance.
Many of them grooved to the rhythm of the music. They enjoyed Cadence's music alot!
Cadence's tummy got bigger and bigger as the days went by.
Baby is on the way! Make way!!
Everyone freaked out as Cadence huffed and puffed. Can someone call the ambulance instead of freaking out?
Look at the amount of people freaking out at the same time! Amazing, they probably can break the Guinness record of the "Most number of people freaking out at the same time!"
So many people has gathered to check out the commotion, even hours Cadence was admitted to the hospital.
After hours of labour, the Sierra welcomed their newest pink bundle of joy, Baby 77 Abel Sierra! (thanks to Stripedcat!) 
It was a girl/boy twin! Announcing the arrival of Baby 78 Piper Sierra! (thanks to Erin!) 

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. I noticed that most of the crowd had Candence's hair. XD

  2. Yup! Sunset Valley is so overpopulated with Cadence's kids!!

  3. LOL!! That would be so hilarious in RL!! XD

  4. haha...not quite impossible in RL

  5. When Cadence goes into labor, there is a woman behind her that looks like her twin! O_O

  6. I noticed that most of the crowd had Candence's hair. XD


    I see Dean in there, too :P

  7. @Lufferkinz: Yup! haha..overpopulated with her kids!

  8. Yeah, Lufferkinz is right! That lady looks just like her!


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