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A Last Wish Fulfilled: Welcome Baby 82 and 83!!

"This is great!" Cadence smiled to herself as she checked out the brand new The Sims 3 Ambitions. She was especially appreciative of The Sims 3 Ambitions as she had saved hard for it. There were many stay-home professions that she could choose from! She was especially interested in being a sculptor or an inventor as it allowed her the flexibility to earn more cash from home.
"This is pretty neat!!" Supergirl Calypso Sierra tried on the new slider. The Sierras was totally turning into a playground for the kids. These were snapshots of Calypso before she aged into a teenager in the last update.
"I can be my supergirl, sliding down on my mission!!" Calypso was totally enjoying the "new toy" at the Sierras.  
"ARgh! It can be real tough climbling up, huh? I must defy gravity!!" Calypso muttered as she used all her strength and might to climb but to the next level.
"Plonk!" Calypso fell with a loud thud. "I better hone my climbing skills! I love this slider pole! " Calypso declared to her mum, Cadence that night.
Cadence had a go at the sculptor's station. There she was trying to sculpt something out of the huge block of clay. Knock! Knock! Knock! Cadence was hard at work.
"Hard work, huh..." Cadence said as she tried to knock into the clay which was hardening. She had an idea of what to sculpt but had no idea when she would finish it. She was having second thoughts about making the Sculptor as a profession as this would meant that she had to spend alot of her time at the sculptor's station. She did not want her stay home profession to affect her quality time with the kids. Time spent with the kids was very precious as the kids would have to move out of the house once they reached the young adult stage.
After many hours at the sculpting station, Cadence's arms were aching and her legs were tired from all that standing. "I think being a sculptor is really taxing on my body, I don't think I can do these sculpting when I am pregnant with a huge belly." Cadence ruled out sculpting as a profession though she can consider it as a hobby.
Cadence was knocking and sculpting for umpteen hours until she finally saw something appearing. "Hmm..the sweet smell of success is approaching..." Cadence finally managed a weak smile after hours of working and toiling.
"Ah!...nice! My first piece of artistic work...what shall I name it? Okay, this shall be called the Cadence's chair." Cadence smiled and was satisfied. She felt that all this hard work was worth it though she would not be pursuing the Sculptor as a profession. She had a sense of accomplishment as she admired her chair.
Cadence tried on the new trampoline while Piper looked on. He was afraid of heights and did not dare to take the first step to try the Sierra's new toy. "WHEEeeeee!!! Son! Come and play on this! This is absolutely fun, fun, fun!!" Daredevil and sporty Cadence was game to try anything exciting, She totally enjoyed herself on the trampoline.
Cadence also had her own fair share of fun. It was great to relax and jump on the trampoline after a whole night of sculpting, bending and working at the sculptor station.
"Nice! Totally did not regret buying the Sims 3 Ambitions!" Cadence thought as she felt the strong wind brushing through her hair as she jumped. There were many excited loud screams and shrills at the Sierras ever since they bought The Sims 3 Ambitions. The kids were especially excited with the Sims 3 ambitions as it brought them many new toys and fun.
"Woohoo! Thrilling....."
Just as Cadence finished her sentence, she had so much fun that she lost her footing and fell hard on the cold hard ground. Poor Cadence! Baby 73 Drew Sierra was nearby and got a shock when he heard a loud thud. He turned around and saw his mum on the ground, "Mum!! Are you okay??"
Drew quickly helped Cadence up. "OUCH! That was a bad fall! My back is aching! I better supervise the kids when they are on the trampoline!" Cadence whimpered in pain. Drew helped her to the house. "What brings you here today, my son?" Cadence asked curiously. "Oh! I was hanging out around this area and dropby to look for you. I heard our house has gotten a slight revamp with the Sims 3 Ambitions, so I'm here to take a look! I wanna see the new tattoo machine! Seems real cool!" Drew said.
Cadence took him on a little tour of the Sierra's new toys. "Wow! Can I have a go at that?" Drew asked, pointing to the tattoo chair. "But who will tattoo for you? There is no tattoo artist here." Cadence questioned Drew. "Here! You are the tattoo artist of the day. You are the best person to do the tattoo for me because you created me!" Drew chirped. "Er...I can't, Drew...I'm not qualified!" Cadence was hesistant. "I have total confidence in you, Mum! Give it a try!" Drew egged Cadence on. After much persuasion, Cadence took out the tattoo tools and did some preparation work before the real thing. She was obviously nervous at her first attempt at doing the tattoo, her hands were shaking and shivering as she held on to the tool.
"Which pattern would you like?" Cadence queried Drew. Drew chosed the picture of the dolphin as he loved the sea and the dolphin was one of his favorite underwater creature.
"Ahah! Done!" Cadence declared proudly as she looked at her very first tattoo design. "Told you you can do it!" Drew praised his mum who was beaming from ear to ear.
"Mum, maybe you can consider being a tattoo artist as a profession.." Drew suggested to Cadence. " I don't think so. Tattoo artists are normally covered with tattoos themselves. That doesn't go with my wholesome mum figure that I portray. And I'm still doing the 100 baby challenge. I don't want strangers to be coming in to look for me for tattoos. I don't like strangers walking around in the house." Cadence explained to Drew.
"Wooo.. Age is catching up on me..." Cadence lamented as she huffed and puffed up the slider.
Cadence thought that the slider felt a little like pole dancing!
"Easy does it...a little bit more to go!" Cadence encouraged herself as she was reaching the next level.
Just then, she lost her grip as the poles were too slippery. She lost her balance and fell once again. Oh no!!
"Argh! Second fall in a week! Luckily I'm not pregnant yet! " Cadence was very clumsy this week, she was normally very agile and swift in her actions. It looked like she has met her match.
Time for some celebrations! Baby 80 Eon Sierra as a toddler. She looked exactly like her father, Believe except for her brown hair. She does resembled Cadence in terms of her features, her huge eyes and round face.
Her twin brother, Baby 81 Ian Sierra as an adorable little tot. It was amazing that the twins looked identical except they were of different genders. They had the same skin, hair and eye colour. One would wonder where they got their brown hair as both Cadence and their father, Believe did not have brown hair.
A smartly suited elder man came knocking on the door one day. "Anyone around? Cadence Sierra?" The elder man shouted and looked around.
"Yes! I am! Just leave the parcels at the door!" Cadence shouted from the second floor, thinking that it was the postman who had some parcels for her. "Cadence Sierra?" The old man repeated. Cadence craned her neck from the upper level and went, "Yeah?" She walked down the stairs when she saw a wrinkly old man in a suit. "You are looking for me?" She repeated twice. "So you must be Cadence Sierra..." The old man said as he glanced at Cadence's 100 baby challenge shirt. Cadence nodded.
"Aha! You are the right person to look for. I have a favour to ask of you. I am Ripsy Araya. I really hope to be part of your 100 baby challenge. I have no kids and I really hope to have some kids before I passed on...and I thought that the 100 baby challenge was the best way to have some kids of my own." Ripsy explained. "But...those daddies who have taken part in the challenge are all at the young adult stage, none of them are elders. I'm afraid....." Cadence was hesistant to allow Ripsy to be part of the challenge, she was afraid that he was too old to have kids. "You never know until you try...Pretty please....!" Ripsy pleaded with Cadence.
Seeing that Cadence was hesistant and pondering, Ripsy leaned forward and whispered into Cadence's ears, "I don't have many months left to live, my last wish is to see my very own kids..."Ripsy frowned and his eyes were teary. Cadence's heart melted and did not want to disappoint Ripsy, "Let's give it a go then!"
Ripsy was so thrilled that he gave Cadence a passionate yet sloppy kiss. This was the first time Cadence had kissed an elder. It was a totally different experience for Cadence.
Ripsy held Cadence close to him and Cadence had a closer look of Ripsy. He looked like a sad man with a perpetual frown. He seemed to be lonely all his life. His eyes bags and wrinkles were especially obvious when he smiled.
Makings of Baby 82! Cadence was anticipating the sounds of the lullaby this time round. And boy, it was loud! She had conceived!
Supergirl Calypso was sick of her school girl look and went for a makeover for a more fresh and daring look. She had a smoky eyes effect and tied up her hair into a tower like structure. It was a pretty outrageous attempt. But she really looked more like a supergirl with this image!
She was happy with her new look. Her outstanding hairstyle made her stand out from the crowd.
"Mum! Look! New hairdo! Cool??" Calypso rushed to show Cadence her new look.
"Nice hairstyle! You looked like you are ready for a mission. To infinity and beyond!" Cadence applauded on Calypso's choice of hairstyle. "Haha, mum, have you watched too much Toy Story? That's Buzz Lightyear's phrase!" Calypso laughed at her mum's out of this world's comment.
Little Piper had a penchant for baking. He was thrilled when Cadence bought him a dozen baker's stand where he could sell his creations. This was him happily baking his cakes and muffins late into the night.
"Yums!.." Piper imagined the table to be filled with delicious cakes, pies and muffins. He baked more cakes in hope to fill the table with lots of goodies.
"Lovely!! I can start selling my wares and help Mum to pay some of the bills!" The enterprising Piper exclaimed as he was hopeful to sell his cakes. He wasn't too successful with selling the cakes at home.
So, he decided to bring the half dozen stand to the Central Park where there was a huge crowd. Poor Piper, he stood there for the entire day without a single sale. He was dejected and sad that no one took notice of his cakes. "What's wrong with my cakes and muffins? They taste so good!" Piper sighed as he packed up to go home.
The Sierras renovated their backyard for a spanking new laundry area. Lovely space for Cadence to do her laundry just in front of the beach. She could feel the gentle breeze and the sound of the tidal waves while she did her laundry. It was the perfect place that many people yearned for!
Doing laundry can be quite a mundane task for Cadence. There were piles and loads of clothes waiting for her to wash everyday.
It was quite a novelty to use the brand new washing machine and dryer. Cadence had fun exploring the buttons and hearing the washing machine do its job. It had a nice tinker sound that Cadence loved to hear when the clothes were ready.
"Is there anything wrong with the washing machine?" Cadence tried to find out the problem when the washing machine shook.
"Argh!! Why is the washing machine rocking so badly?" Cadence used all her might to subdue the washing machine which was shaking from left to right.
"Ah...hanging on the clothesline helps to save the earth, its more ecofriendly.." said the eco-conscious Cadence who tried to hang on the clotheslines as much as she could though using the dryer would use less time consuming.
Doing laundry was a vicious cycle. It was a neverending job. "Ahh..more dirty clothes to wash again..." Cadence cleared the dirty pile after her swim.
Then you load the dirty clothes into the washing machine, pour a suitable amount of washing powder and you wait for it to be ready to put into the dryer or hang it at the clothesline if you opted for a more eco-friendly method.
The problem with hanging the clothes at the clothesline meant that water would drip from the clothes. Sensible little Abel helped out to mop the puddle that was created. Cadence had trained the Sierra kids very well. All of them were very willing to help out with the housework around the house.
Then you collect your freshly washed clothes from the dryer, it would help to increase the mood of your sims. And the vicious cycle continued, collecting the dirty clothes, accumulating into the clothes hamper, putting them into the washing machines, put them in the dryer or clotheslines. Voila! And this whole thing repeats over and over again!
Supergirl Calypso Sierra had a go at doing the laundry. "Man! This is heavy!" She exclaimed as she tugged at the clothes.
"Wow! It feels like I'm fishing! Did not know that laundry can be so slippery and heavy! I must help out more! It's so tough on Mum to do everything herself." Calypso declared as she used much effort to lift up the load.
Baby Secret Sierra as a child. He looked absolutely cute with his droopy doed-shaped eyes. He had a unique bowl-shaped hairstyle with the coolest hair colour in shades of blue and green.
Secret was a heavy sleeper and would often missed the school bus. Cadence bought him a bicycle for his birthday so that he can cycle to school whenever he missed the school bus.
"Argh!! Wrong again! No! Why am I wrong again? How can I sit for my exams at this rate I'm going!?" Calypso pushed herself and gave herself alot of pressure for her final exams. She was a perfectionist who would not allow any mistakes for her tests, exams or even something trivial like her homework.
Cadence saw her in agony and tried to talk to her about it, "Girl, you are already doing very well in school. You will definitely excel in this coming finals. I have absolute confidence in you. There is more to life than just exams, tests and homework. My father and I are so proud of you because you are an all rounder, one who excel in studies, sports and all other aspects. Just relax and enjoy the process of growing up!" Cadence injected confidence into her little girl, Calypso who felt so much better after talking to her wisely Mum.
It was Secret's turn to try his luck to sell the wares. Those cakes and pies were carefully and lovingly baked by Piper and he had asked Secret to help him sell his creations. He was tired from standing the whole day the other time at the Central Park. However, it was the same results for Secret. He did not manage to sell a single thing for the entire day. "Hmm? What's wrong? Is it a glitch?" Cadence thought and hoped that someone can contribute and solve the problem.
Calypso hard at work at the drafting table. She often worked late into the nights. Cadence always had to wake up to check whether she was still at work.
"Let's see....2 cm here ....then diagonally 4 cm..." Calypso was a perfectionist, she allowed no room for errors and mistakes.
"Ahh! The baby is moving along with the rhythm of spins of the washing machine! The baby loved the washing machine!" Cadence laughed and rubbed her tummy.
"Woo! Its moving! Mum! Can I ask you a question? Why did you take up the 100 baby challenge? Have you ever regretted your decision to take part in this challenge? Its such a pain to be pregnant and give birth. pregnant and give birth...." Calypso asked as she put her face close to Cadence's tummy. Cadence replied, "Daughter, I always wanted to have a huge family, a home. A real home. You know, a house is made of walls and beams, but a home is built with love and dreams." Calypso listened, nodded and smiled.
Eon watched attentively to the television while her twin brother, Ian crawled around actively.
"Stop picking your nose! Its a bad habit, Ian!" Cadence tried to stop his son.
The loveable twins. Don't they look identical?
"Mum!!!" Calypso cried as she saw Cadence howling in pain...time for labour!!
The Sierras welcomed a set of twin girls! Announcing the arrival of Baby 82 Mimi Sierra (Thanks to MadForHorses, Macie!)
And the arrival of Baby 83 Megan Sierra (thanks to Silver!)
By looking at Ripsy's smug look, you would have known he was very happy with his baby. In fact, its was babies! Ripsy was glad that Cadence helped to fulfil his last wish. He thanked Cadence profusely. He passed on about 3 months after the birth of the twins. Not known to Cadence, he left behind a huge inheritance for the girls who would inherit his assets once they became young adults.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. This was a great chapter! Thanks for showing us Ambitions' features. I definitely want to get it now.
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  2. Thanks! Sure, no problem. I had fun with ambitions too! Do look out for the next post where I will explore more of the features.

  3. Cool!
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  4. haha! Yup! Cadence can't continue the challenge when she is covered with tattoos yah? hahah

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  8. Awww... Eon and Ian r sooo adorable! Ian's hairstyle is one of my favorites. I wish I knew where 2 download it at... I now notice that Cadence is wearing the same swimsuit as Mikolaj was in her baby 24 post.. but it's so amazing how different it looks on Mikolaj!! Ripsy is such a funny looking father... how is it that he looks un-sim-like? Cute post. :)

  9. @summer: Thanks!! Cadence just look so motherly with that same swimsuit that Mikolaj wore right? LOL!


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