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A Gift from Heaven: Baby 79!

Thank you Jessamine for your collage of Cadence's 100 baby challenge. It certainly brought fond memories of the challenge. They were beautifully done and can be viewed at
The three lovely triplets, Aiko, Anako and Ayako, the beauties of the 100 baby challenge.
In loving memory of Baby 32 Darcie Sierra. Rest in peace.
The many fires that the Sierras had when Cadence first started out in the 100 baby challenge.
All the funny expressions of the Sierra kids.
Who can forget those glitches?
Lovely teenage Sierra girls at the cusp of their teenage life!
Baby 77 Abel Sierra as a toddler. It looked like she has inherited most of her Daddy's genes!
Check out her side profile, she had the sharp nose and protuding chin. The one and only feature that she inherited from Cadence was her hair and brow colours.
Her twin brother, Baby 78 Piper Sierra, on the other hand looked more like Cadence with those round beady eyes. He had inherited Nestor's unique hair with a tinge of purple and green. He had huge ears that protruded out in a very cute manner.
He had a normal side profile except that his mouth was perpetually in the upturned position.
The twins concentrating on their favorite Einstein programme.
"Woo Woo..." Abel wanted Sister Kiana to carry her.
But instead, the evil little Kiana stole a lollilop from her which made Abel screamed her lungs out.
"AHHHH!!!" Abel cried out while Kiana the Zesty Grape ignored her screams and enjoyed her lollipop.
Abel continued to cry as her twin brother, Piper looked on. He shoved his hands into his mouth as if indicating to Abel to suck her hands as her lollipop was stolen by Kiana. Poor Abel!
Juicy Peach Xealaa and Zesty Grape Kiana were all ready to grow up! Both of them loved to compare, they were looking at each other's cake to see if there were any differences between them.
Baby 32 Darcie Sierra was also present to witness their growth. "Cherish your youth, girls!" Darcie cheered them on. She was upset at the fact that her life was cut short by her death.
"WOO!!" Kiana's eyes brightened as she saw the present for her birthday: A gleaming new shiny bike to cycle to school!
Baby 75 Kiana Sierra the Zesty Grape grew up into a pretty alluring lady whom turned heads whereever she went. She had the sparkling bright purple eyes, translucent pink lips and a sharp well-defined nose. She looked exactly like her daddy, Ash Grigio. 
Download her at  
Baby 74 Xealaa Sierra the Juicy Peach had big purple curls for her hair which took her years to get ready for school. Because of her hair, she had to wake up real early to tame her hair.
Download her at
The delicious duo: Zesty Grape and Juicy Peach!
The twins were the best of friends, they were always up to some mischief in school. They copied each other's tests and homework. Recently, they were caught for cheating during examinations. "Girls, cheating is a very serious offence. I want you to know that. The Sierra kids are all honest and good. I don't want the two of you to be the rotten apples out of my 100 babies!" Cadence warned them seriously. Xealaa nodded while Kiana was not listening to Cadence at all. She had her mind on her computer games, she can't wait to lay her hands on The Sims 3.
"Sis, do you know that The Sims 3 Ambitions is out! Can you lend me some of your pocket money to buy it? We can share the game!" Kiana suggested and begged her sis to lend her some money. "You have not returned me what you have owned me the other time!" Xealaa said and walked away, ignoring Kiana's request.
"He Hey!"  Kiana was up to mischief again. This time she wanted to catch her Mum offguard and scare her.
"Steady does it..." Kiana creeped slowly and quietly towards Cadence who was oblivious to the surroundings.
"BOOOooo!" Kiana shouted as Cadence let out a blood curdling scream.
"AHHhhhh!" Cadence clutched her chest as she stood rooted to the spot in shock. Kiana let out a laugh in the background as she was successful once again in her naughty antics. "KIANA SIERRA!!! Do you think this is funny?" Cadence gave her a tongue lashing.
Supergirl Calypso was starting to show signs of stress. She would bite the head of the dolls and refused to let go. Poor little girl, give her a stressball!
Her Dad, Thomas was anxious about her growth and development. He bought many books for her precious little girl, Calypso. She looked at the books and did not know where to start. There were so many books waiting for her to read! 
Sister Kiana pitied her little sister and helped her by reading out loud. Calypso's eyes were glazed after so many hours at the books. The pages seemed to be neverending as Calypso nearly fell asleep as Kiana droned on and on.
What a heartwarming scene! The magical moments of the 100 baby challenge.
Supergirl Baby 76 Calypso was all ready to grow up! Will her dad, Thomas put as much pressure on her?
Baby 76 Calypso Sierra as a little girl. She was a mini me of her Dad. She was so stressed up that she seemed to have a perpetual frown on her pretty face.
For her birthday, Thomas gave her more books! One of them was a huge and thick Encyclopedia which seemed to take ages to finish. This was her in a tensed up look. Thomas had hoped that she would topped her class with flying colours when she had only just started school for a few days!
The delicious purple Zesty Grape Kiana looked like she had blended very well into the Princess's corner.
Don't you think that she resembled this purple warrior doll?
One quiet evening, an unknown man ran into The Sierras, uninvited and barefooted. He was Eldan Foster, someone who had specially flown from Riverview to take part in this 100 baby challenge.  (Thanks to DaraV730!)
"Erm? You are?!" Cadence was disturbed that he came in without any notice. "I'm Eldan Foster! Nice to meet you. I just flown in from Riverview as I have heard of your 100 baby challenge and would like to take part in it. I would say I desperately want to take part in it. I would like to do something special in my life and I think this is IT! This is my turning point in life!" Eldan said with dramatic actions.
"Well, I don't mind. I don't have any Daddy in mind for the next baby. You are recruited to take part in the 100 baby challenge!" Cadence congratulated Eldan who was elated.
"Woohoo Yahoo!" Eldan was so happy that he made funny faces and cracked Cadence up.
"Lets waste no time!" Eldan drew Cadence close to him and kissed her passionately.
"Wow! You are fast!" Cadence said as Eldan embraced her. "I've got a plane to catch later! You need to conceive before I leave. I'm leaving on a jetplane soon!" Eldan explained.
"Alright, lets be quick then. Let me go pick up Abel. She is waiting for her nightly feed. Wait for me at my bedroom..." Cadence whispered to Eldan.
 Within an hour, the sounds of the baby lullaby floated in Cadence's bedroom. Eldan Foster promptly left for his flight,"Call me when Baby 79 arrives!" He reminded Cadence as he hurriedly left.
Toddler Piper shown a keen interest in those books that Thomas gave her daughter, Calypso. He spent hours poring at those picture books.
"Wheeeee!!!" Supergirl Calypso had her fun at the swing after finishing all her homework and revision. 
The swing was her favorite activity and motivation to finish her homework. Thomas would call in several times a week to keep tab on her progress in school. She was currently doing pretty well in school and was one of the top few students.
Twins Abel and Piper with their entertainment tools.
"That's mine!" Piper tried to stop his sister from getting her hands on the books.
They had their eyes on the same book. Fastest fingers first!
"BoohoooOOoo!" Piper cried his eyes out as Abel took the book away quickly.
Supergirl Calypso helped her sister, Abel with the book. She was so familiar with the book that she could also memorise it by heart. She had read it umpteenth times when she was a toddler.
Cadence found a rock near their house and picked it up. "Wow, I did not know this cost quite a bit!" She muttered as she sold it away for quite a tidy profit.
The discovery of the rock led her to a brand new place as she walked further.
It was an interesting place with a breathtaking view. Lovely waterfall from the top of the mountains.
The air was so refreshing, it was a perfect place for a weekend picnic for the Sierras.
Juicy Peach and Zesty Grape relaxing by the bar on a Sunday. "I'm bored to tears!" Kiana said. "Let's play the new video game!" Xealaa suggested.
"I'm so gonna beat you in this!" Kiana challenged her sis. She was always the one who was more adept in playing video games. Xealaa, on the other hand, was always at a loss when it came to controlling the buttons on the controller.
Calypso joined in the fun with her two sisters. "This game is so fun! How do I throw the rubbish? Where do I press?" Calypso asked her sisters.
"ARgh! This can't be!" Kiana could not believe that she was losing!
The responsible Xealaa helped take care of her younger siblings...
..while Kiana ate to her heart's content at the dining area.
Calypso got along really well with the twins. They were her idols in her heart. She had always wanted to be like them and follow in their footsteps. She learned how they danced and thought that it was really cool. She loved their purple hair and hoped that she would be able to dye them purple when she grew older.
Cadence's bump was getting more visible as the day went by.
Piper enjoying his favorite plate of vegetable and fish porridge.
"Girl, are you okay?" Cadence spoke to Calypso who seemed to be feeling down. She had spent many hours at the swing without doing her homework. She was seldom like this, she was always the sensible kid who would do her homework without any prompting from Cadence. "Mum, I got 2nd in class for my finals. But, Dad says I can do better. He wants me to top the class but I failed to do that." Calypso said with a tinge of sadness. "Its alright, coming in second is fantastic! You have tried your best. Don't worry. You are always number one in Mum's heart." Cadence consoled Calypso.
She knew that Thomas was placing too much pressure on Calypso. He had placed too much emphasis on academic excellence and failed to take care of her emotional needs. Cadence had always frown upon his method of pressurising Calypso. "Is baby coming out soon?" Calypso felt much better after listening to Cadence and rubbed Cadence's tummy. Cadence laughed and nodded.
Cadence went on with her daily activities as she awaited for the arrival of baby 79.
Little Abel was one curious toddler. She tried to tear open the Panda doll to see what exactly was inside the doll.
"Hmm..what went wrong?" Calypso pondered as she tried to solve a math problem.
Calypso tore her hair out and thought hard. She was giving herself so much pressure that she nearly cried when she could not solve it.
Baby on the way!
This time, everything happened so swiftly and Cadence felt something coming out of her body in no time. The stork was definitely early for this birth!
"Its coming out!!" Cadence cried out loud. It was so painful that her eyes crossed.
"Argh!!" Cadence gave a push as she clutched her tummy.
WOAH! Its a home birth! Sparkles and glitters surrounded her.
"This feels so magical!" Cadence felt the baby coming out of her body.
She grabbed hold of the blue bundle of joy as it came out of her body fast and swift. A flash of bright light went past as if this baby was a gift dropped from heaven.
"Welcome! Babe!" Cadence welcomed her new baby as she held him high up.
Announcing the arrival of Baby 79 Secret Sierra (Thanks to Max California!). By then, Cadence was so exhausted that she could fall asleep anywhere and anytime! Home births were really tiring for her.
Cadence realised that she had forgotten to put on her limited edition tee for this birth.
The side view which said Sierra.
The back of the Tee which featured the Sims 3 100 baby challenge.
Side profile which featured Cadence's name.
Do look out for its appearance in the next post. Thank you Spychip for designing it. You can download it at
Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.



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