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Believe Yourself! Baby 80 and 81!!

Baby 79 Secret Sierra as a cute little boy toddler. Cadence loved dressing him in overalls and matching cap. He did not inherit his daddy's skin, however, he did inherit his hair and flat nose.
Check out his doed-shaped eyes which seemed to be able to melt anyone's heart! Heartbreaker alert!
Those books that Thomas bought for his supergirl Calypso were indeed very useful for educating the Sierra kids. Secret seemed to be an avid book reader and has devoured every book that has come along his way.
Time to grow up for Baby Piper Sierra! Woo!
Baby 78 Piper Sierra as a little boy. He had the most unique hair inherited from his daddy, Nestor. It had traces of pink, brown, green and purple. He was a chubby little boy with the most loveable and pinceable cheeks.
His twin sister, Baby 77 Abel Sierra, on the other hand looked exactly like Nestor. The only thing that she had that was similar to Cadence was the pink-blonde hair.
Piper Sierra was an indoor person who loved his video games and computer games.
Abel Sierra was an outdoor person who loved the sun, sea and sand. She totally loved the sun shining on her skin. The twins were worlds apart in terms of their character and interests.
Abel had a bad habit of talking to herself when she was bored. Cadence was very disturbed by this fact especially she would hear Abel talking to herself at night.
Piper had a sweet tooth and loved to snack on ice cream whenever Cadence wasn't looking. "Yummy! " Piper relished his ice cream.
"Kiana! Zesty Grape! Come down for your birthday! Why do I have to remind you about your birthday?" Xealaa the Juicy Peach shouted out to Kiana to come down for their birthday celebrations.
"Yahoo! Birthdays bring along a truly wonderful chance to leave aside every care and simply enjoy. Have an extra-special Birthday! Girls!" Cadence said and cheered Zesty Grape and Juicy Peach on.
Have Cadence turned purple? No,its actually Baby 75 Kiana Sierra! It was incredible that Kiana looked exactly like Cadence but inherited all the features, skin colour and hair from her Dad, Ash.
Baby 75 Kiana Sierra chose a carefree hairstyle with braids and hairband. Don't you think she looked like a delicious grape with this getup?
Her twin sister, Baby 74 Xealaa Sierra looked like a mysterious lady with luscious peachy skin and purple hair all curled up. Though Kiana and her were of the same age, Xealaa looked a tad more mature than Kiana.
"Don't you think that Mum is so incredible at doing this 100 baby challenge? I'll never get to doing that..." Kiana the Zesty Grape said to her sis.
"Let me see, Mum is at 76, 77, 78....79! 79 whooping babies! Another 21 more babies to go!" Wonderful!" Xealaa counted Cadence's baby numbers. "Let's get going and moving! Lots to do today!" Kiana said as they prepared to move out of the Sierras.
Cadence was really careful with kids in the water after Darcie's death, she kept close supervision on them when they are using the pool. This was Calypso and her enjoying an evening dip in their outdoor pool.
Cadence and Calypso holding a breath contest to see who can last longer in the water.
"Woo!" Calypso gasped as she swam up to the surface. Cadence was still in the water holding her breath.
"Hi! Cadence, I'm Believe Yourself! Erm, I got to know about your 100 baby challenge and would like to take part." An unknown man rang The Sierra's bell one evening. "Believe Yourself? Huh?" Cadence took a closer look at the man.
"Yup! My name is Believe and my surname is Yourself. So I'm Believe Yourself! Cadence, do you believe in yourself? Haha!" Believe cracked a joke which made Cadence laughed. "Of course, I do! I strongly believe that I can complete my 100 baby challenge!" Cadence jested. "Are you single, Believe?" Cadence asked. "I'm married." Believe said.
"Are you sure your wife wouldn't mind you taking part in the challenge? This is no ordinary challenge, you know? You better consult your wife first." Cadence was afraid it would affect their relationship if Believe took part in this 100 baby challenge. "My wife and I are married for years, we have been trying for a baby for years but in vain. We are a childless couple and I really hope there would be someone who would help to carry on my family line." Believe explained.
"What 100 baby challenge is that?" This was Believe's wife, Sandi. "Look, we have been childless for so long, why don't you let me take part in the 100 baby challenge to fulfill my dream of having a child!" Believe explained. "That's ridiculous, because of the fact that I can't have children. You are finding another woman to bear your child?!? I definitely will not agree to it!" Sandi was not too pleased with this idea.
Secret Sierra taking his first steps, lumbering ahead. Ain't he adorable with his innocent look and face?
"Let's get on with the challenge! Cadence.." Believe went to find Cadence the next day. "Have your wife agreed?" Cadence quizzed. "Well...Erm..." Believe stuttered.
Just then, his wife, Sandi suddenly appeared and looked flustered,"NO! Of course not! I would definitely not agree to him taking part in the 100 baby challenge." She shouted into Cadence's face. Cadence looked at Believe helplessly and said, "So, what now?"
"ARGH!! Will you shut up? Who asked you to come here?" Believe cried out and covered his ears. "Hmm...then you better not take part in the challenge. I don't want your couple relationship to be strained..." Cadence was very considerate. "SANDI! I don't care. I just want a kid and I want to be part of the 100 baby challenge." Believe shouted in anger. Sandi walked away in a fit of anger.
Thinking that Sandi had left the place, Believe proceeded to give Cadence a hug. "Hush, hush! Don't argue with your wife over this 100 baby challenge!" Cadence comforted the angry Believe. "All I want is to hear the pitter patter of little feet. Am I not entitled to that?" Believe said sadly. "Opps, Sandi has not left, she's behind...." Cadence gasped as she saw Sandi appearing again.
"I hate kids! I am going to choke your babies with milk if you snatch Believe from me!!" Sandi snarled. "That's a very evil thought! My god! Believe! Your wife is pretty evil! Ain't she?" Cadence was shocked at her comment.
The argument carried on even when Cadence went into the house. Sandi followed her in and continued to insult her, "What's that? Your own mugshot and face on your tee? You think you are very pretty or famous? So what if you are doing the 100 baby challenge!" Cadence was so hurt at her comment while Believe did not know how to react in such a situation.
Cadence composed herself and fought back,"Come on! Sandi! Will this ever happen if you could bear kids for Believe? He wouldn't want to take part in the 100 baby challenge if he had kids with you!"
"Stop thinking that you are the most perfect and wonderful woman just because you can give birth. You are nothing but a loose woman who had so many babies with all different fathers!!" Sandi retorted.
Cadence was totally insulted by this comment. "Look at yourself! At least I'm attractive and charismatic enough to be well liked by so many man. Stop insulting me when you are barren and cannot bear your husband a kid! Blame NO ONE but YOURSELF!" Cadence growled.
Cadence have never been so fierce in her life. This time, Sandi had driven her up the wall and totally pissed her off.
Just then, Sandi reached out her hand and gave Cadence a tight slap. Gasp! Sandi was too aggravated by Cadence's comment on her being unable to bear any kids. She had hated such comments related to giving birth.
It happened so quickly that Cadence had no time to react. By this time, Cadence was seeing stars and tried to calm down.
"Hmph! Lets see if you dare to mock at me again!" Sandi said.
"I want you guys to get out of my house! RIGHT NOW! You guys are too much trouble. I can look for any guys! I reject your husband's offer to be a daddy for my challenge." Cadence demanded.
"Oh! Don't talk to me! Talk to my hand!" Sandi tried to irritate Cadence.
"I say get out of my house!!!!" Cadence bellowed. She could feel that the anger was rising very quickly within her and she could not help it but beat Sandi up. This was so unlike Cadence, this was the first time she had a catfight.
"GET OUT! Don't understand simple english?" Cadence tugged at Sandi's neck while Believe chose to stay out of this and be oblivious to the surroundings.
"AHHH!!!" Sandi screamed as Cadence lifted her from the ground and threw her into the air with all her might.
"I'll show you what I am made of! Never underestimated a mother's strength!" Cadence scoffed at Sandi's lack of strength to fight back.
"You are too much! First, you want to snatch my hubby. Now you are beating me up!" Sandi complained. "Hey! Your husband was the one who looked for me. I did not even do anything! Ask him!" Cadence pointed to Believe who was sitting comfortably on the sofa.
"Believe! I want you to say the truth!" Cadence said. "Yes, I was the one who looked for Cadence and I very much want to be part of the baby challenge because I want kids. Simple as that!" Believe explained.
"Hear that?" Cadence answered. "Why must you do this to me? I have already told me that I do not agree to you taking part in the challenge. Will you just listen to me for once?" Sandi shouted into Believe's face.
"Then bear me a kid then! And stop kicking up a fuss here!" Believe tried to stop Sandi from argueing and fighting back. Cadence walked away to attend to her kids' nightly feeds and left the couple alone to sort out their differences.
"Don't you love me anymore? Why must you have babies with Cadence?" Sandi looked away and tried to hold back her tears. "I still love you. But I also want to have my own kids and carry on the family line thats why I chose the 100 baby challenge. There is no commitment and no love involved for this challenge. Thats the rules of the challenge. And I swear I will still love you very much even though I have kids with Cadence." Believe explained.
"I don't believe you!" You love me no more, right? Am I not attractive enough? Am I not sexy enough?" Sandi was so angry that she tore off her clothes to reveal her sexy underwear. "I am no longer appealing and attractive to you right?" Sandi was an insecure woman. "Sandi! Stop your nonsense and put on your clothes!" Believe said.
"You don't love me anymore...." Sandi said and proceed to hit Believe.
"What are you doing! It really hurts alot!" Believe howled in pain. "You deserve a beating!" Sandi had totally turned violent. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.
"You don't even hug me anymore like you did to Cadence just now! You don't love me!" Sandi said in a pitiful tone. "FINE! If you really think so, then let's call it quits since there is no mutual trust and faith in this relationship anymore! Let's get a divorce! You lead your own life and I will have my own freedom and do whatever I want. You will not interfere with my life anymore!!" Believe cannot take the pressure anymore and broke down.
He was so infuriated that he continued to insult Sandi, "And look at your figure! It's no different from a high school teenager. Do you call yourself a woman?"
"OH! You have finally said the truth after so many years! So now you are breaking up with me just because I don't bear you kids?" Sandi asked. "I can't live with you anymore, I don't want to put up with your rubbish and nonsense!!" Believe shrugged his shoulders.
Sandi gave Believe two tight slaps and said, "The first one was for insulting my figure. Many women would die for a figure like mine! The second one was for leaving me just because I don't bear you kids. I find it totally unacceptable."
"This is my parting gift from me to you! I totally blamed myself for marrying the wrong guy!" Sandi stormed off.
"Cadence, everything is finally settled. I can now take part in your 100 baby challenge peacefully." Believe said. He was tired from all the fighting and shouting. "I really think you should reconsider your divorce plans, you should patch things up with Sandi." Cadence advised him.
"I just want to have babies with you now, all things can wait." Believe said, embracing Cadence. "But I must tell you that you can't take the baby away. They have to stay with me until they become young adults. Thats the rule of the challenge." Cadence explained. Believe agreed and nodded. 
As they were about to make Baby 80, Sandi slipped into the room and tried to stop it from happening. She was still bitter with the fact that her husband was having a baby with another woman. "Please get out, will you?" Believe shooed Sandi away.
The makings of Baby 80!
After much drama and the whole saga of the making of Baby 80. Cadence tried to put the episode behind her. It was time for some celebrations in the house. Calypso the supergirl was all ready to grow up!! 
Baby 76 Supergirl Calypso Sierra as a teenager. She was an attractive teenager with almond shaped eyes, well-defined features and blonde hair. But she was definitely no dumb blond. She topped her class every year without fail.
Now that she was in college, she aimed to be in the honours list and graduated with flying colours.
She was a confident young lady with much poise and composure. She was definitely more matured than her peers. Her father, Thomas was very proud of her little girl. He was thankful that Cadence had groomed her into a fine lady who excelled in many fields.
"Have you practiced on your new scores? Your dad was calling me to ask about it." Cadence asked the poor little girl, Calypso who was pressurised by her daddy.
"I'm have grown up already. I know what to do and what not to do! I'll tell Daddy about this! I have my own aims and dreams. I will achieve whatever I set my mind on..." Calypso told Cadence who was comforted that she was so independent and sensible.
Little Abel loved her planes and fire engines.
Baby 32 Darcie Sierra visited the house occasionally and Piper seemed to get along very well with her deceased half-sister.
Cadence's tummy was getting more visible by the day.
Secret happily getting his feed from Cadence during their visit to the Central Park.
Pregnant women do get cravings from time to time. Cadence had to get her fix of hotdogs during her pregnancy.
Cadence believed strongly in prenatal care, she indulged in lots of kids television and music to ensure that her pregnancy was a smooth and good one.
As the labour day loomed, Cadence's tummy was getting bigger and bigger. Wearing this tee made her bulge and bump very obvious. As her tummy grew bigger, her own face image on her tee became more warped and out of shape!
"Mum, you look really cool with this mugshot of you on the tee. Everyone was so amazed and intrigued when I told them I am your kid, one of the baby of the 100 baby challenge." Calypso laughed as she listened to Cadence's tummy. Cadence giggled and said, "Did you tell them that you are going to have 99 siblings?"
"Yup! I'm doing fine. Though it seems like age is catching up with me, I get more tired now that I am no spring chicken. " Cadence said on a phone conversation with Dr Blueflame who was her regular doctor.
"This feels funny! It seemed like I'm rubbing and admiring myself!" Cadence laughed as she rubbed her tummy.
Look at the image on her tee. Her tummy was so huge that the "Cadence" on the Tee-shirt seemed like she had a double chin. "Cadence's" face expanded along with Cadence bulging tummy!
The water has broken! Time for birth!
It was a set of girl boy twins! Welcome Baby 80 Eon Sierra (Thanks to Sophia!).
Announcing the arrival of Baby 81 Ian Sierra (Thanks to Sophia!) The twins had inherited Believe's skin and he was totally thrilled. He stayed up the entire night at the hospital to wait for their arrival. Cadence also strongly persuaded him to patch things up with his wife, Sandi.  

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.

Do look out for the next post where Cadence meddles with The Sims 3 Ambitions!!


  1. HILARIOUS! I loved the row with Believe, Candence and Sandi! till, he shouldn't of broken up with her just because she can'y have children, poor girl. I feel kinda sorry for her.
    It'd be so ironic if story progression pairs Sandi with one of Candnce's older sons! XD

  2. @Jessamine: Yup, poor girl! hope Believe patches up with Sandi!

  3. Eon.. what an interesting name. I think it means, 'Very long time.', if im not wrong. The grape girls look beautiful, they especially gain my favor since grapes r my favorite fruit! :D


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