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You are Cordially Invited to Cadence's Big Birthday Bash! Courting with Death. Baby 71, 72 and 73!

"Hey girl, aren't you wearing too little when there are guys at home?" Jason Smith ogled at Pridwyn and said. "Well, girls at the beaches wear bikinis like this too! What's wrong?" Pridwyn laughed and answered.
Baby 70 Ashton Sierra grew up! Unfortunately, he did not seem to have inherited his father's unique eyes of two colours. He had clear yellow green eyes and had pink brows just like Cadence.
Baby 14 Sage Sierra was at the Sierras belting out songs after songs. The audience were mesmerized by his lovely sweet voice.
Baby 2 Bryce Sierra visited his Mum Cadence to check out how was she doing. He was now an accomplished lawyer who was well known for fighting tough cases.
Baby 35 Miley Sierra gave Cadence a tight warm hug.
What exactly was the event? So many Sierra kids were present at Cadence's house in formal clothes. What exactly was happening?
The stage was setup specially for this event, the biggest event of 2010 for the Sierras. Their mum, Cadence Sierra was going to be offically crowned as a adult! Cadence had came a long way since her humble beginnings in the first little house. She had 70 kids along the way and was still going very strong. She deserved a huge birthday bash to pay tribute and reward her for being such a great mom, nanny, caregiver, housewife, babysitter and repairman.
This was the princess of this birthday party, Ms Cadence Sierra, the mother of the 100 baby challenge. She was still looking as great as ever with her sexy and hot Lady Gaga outfit.
"Wow, its been a ride...70 babies...30 more to go." Cadence reflected on her ups and downs in this journey of her 100 baby challenge as she looked at her cake.
"Come on! Make a wish, Mum!" Olivia and Sloan cheered her on.
"I hope that my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would be healthy, happy and joyful always." Cadence wished sincerely. "What about yourself, Mum?" Sloan shouted. Cadence pondered, "Hmm, I hope that I can finish my 100 baby challenge and to stay pretty and youthful even when I am old!"
Woohoo! There were loud cheers from the Sierra kids as Cadence blew the candles on the cake.
"I love you all, Babies!!" Cadence was so happy that she was surrounded with all her kids. It was her lifetime wish to be surrounded with family and it seemed that she had achieved it beautifully.
"Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hip Hurray!! Three cheers, everyone!" Cadence was having a great time. She was really happy that her kids had become useful people to the society. Some of them were famous rockstars, world renowned supermodels, caring doctors, lawyers, nurses, librarians, successful business owners, scientists, world class chess players and homemakers, just to name a few.
"Three cheers for Mummy!!" The kids shouted at the top of their voices.
What a lovely party by the poolside!
And the moment that everyone was waiting for. "Wooo WOahhhh!" Cadence was slowly surrounded with glistening sparkles.
"Go go go!" The kids chanted as Cadence was turning into a full fledged adult.
It was a heartwarming sight to see Cadence being "wrapped" by the kids that she had painstakingly given birth and brought up all by herself.
It was incredible that a stick thin lady like her could produce so many kids! And she got her wish! She looked exactly the same as she did when she was a young adult!
Check out the sea of pink-blonde hair, they had inherited Cadence's unique hair.
It was amazing that these kids were all connected by blood. Cadence almost teared when she saw all of them gathering together and united as one.
The kids were so soaked in the birthday party atmosphere that they continued cheering and cheering.
The Sierras at the dining table, enjoying their cake.
"Mum! You are so amazing, you look exactly the same! You have not aged a single bit!" Olivia envied Cadence and hoped that she had gotten her good genes. Cadence smiled and said, "The key to youth is happiness." "Mum, you have not visited my new house. I just shifted to a beach house, the scenery is totally breathtaking." Baby 28 Jake Sierra said. "Sure, I'll go there soon!" Cadence chirped.
Pridwyn helped during the big birthday bash by pouring drinks and serving her brothers and sisters.
"Congrats! Mum! Happy Birthday!" Baby 33 Ryder Sierra congratulated Cadence while having a dance with her.
In the meantime, Baby 69 Alejandero Sierra became a child! He really looked like his dad and Cadence was pretty sure that he would sprout out wings when he grew up. He had two marks at the back of his shoulders, the exact place where the wings would grow.
Baby 67 Pridwyn Sierra was all ready to move out of the Sierras. She chose a gothic getup to match her mysterious character.
Baby 66 Mckenzie Sierra was much fairer than her twin sister. She loved all things paris. She had this interesting fur outfit which looked like she was roaming the streets of paris.
Baby 68 Tierra Sierra as a pretty teenager. Lucky for her, she had not inherited any of her dad's genetics. Her dad was a skeleton and Cadence was worrying that she might grow up to have some part as bones, but she did not.
Elegant and lovely she might looked, she still had her bad habit of talking to herself.
"Mum's party was great! Should I also have one like this when I grow old?" Tierra mapped out her future.
"But I wouldn't have so many kids like Mum to celebrate for me! Or should I do the 100 baby challenge too?" Tierra said and gestured.
"AHHH...No! I am so scared of giving birth! No 100 baby challenge for me!" Tierra freaked out in front of the mirror.
"Stop being crazy, Tierra!" She talked to herself.
To mark her adulthood, Cadence had a unique daddy for Baby 71. She had always wanted the Grim Reaper to be part of her 100 baby challenge but had no guts to do so. To many, the Grim Reaper meant death was approaching. She had met the Grim Reaper when poor Baby 32 Darcie drowned. For Cadence, seeing the Grim Reaper brought back many bad memories for her. But, for her 100 baby challenge, she plucked the courage to make friends with the Grim Reaper, and most importantly to invite him for the 100 baby challenge.
Cadence can't helped but dropped a tear or two when she saw the Grim Reaper. Images of Darcie drowning flooded her mind. "It's okay, dear." The Grim Reaper hugged and comforted Cadence.
Cadence held his hands and went straight to the point, "Would you be the daddy of Baby 71 of my 100 baby challenge?" "Well, I taken your Baby 32 darling Darcie away to the heavens, I am willing to return you one." The Grim Reaper accepted the challenge. Cadence was thrilled and said, "I have a tiny request, Can I see your face?"
The Grim reaper did not answer but instead gave Cadence a warm embrace and kiss.
The kiss felt really stange as Cadence felt something cold and slimy. She was really curious as to how the Grim Reaper looked like.
Minutes later, they were all ready and in the mood to make Baby 71!
Woohoo! Cadence and the Grim Reaper was having some fun!
And! *Drumrolls!** Ladies and Gentlemen. May we unveil the face of the Grim Reaper!
This was how he looked like. His sparkling white teeth shone brightly under the sunlight. He was bald with very tanned charcoal skin. "Wow, you look exotic!" Cadence cooed.
"You certainly don't behave like a mother of 70 kids..." The Grim Reaper laughed as he looked at Cadence who was totally enthralled by her game. "Huh?!? What did you just say?" Cadence was totally not paying attention to the Grim Reaper.
Ashton, at his building blocks table. He loved Goofy and would always request for his Goofy tee shirt.
Cadence was determined to get triplets this time round. She had many single births and twins recently, but no triplets. The last time she had a set of triplets was Baby 50, 51 and 52. To make things more challenging, she decided on having a set of multi-gendered triplets. To increase her chances of getting triplets, she took a trip to the local bookstore to purchase pregnancy books and read them on the spot.
"Triplets! Triplets!" Cadence chanted as she rubbed her tummy.
Baby 32 Darcie Sierra was back! She was fast asleep in bed and Cadence couldn't bear to wake her up as much as she wanted to speak to her.
Cadence was glad that she was doing fine. "Mum, I heard you have gotten the Grim Reaper for the 100 baby challenge." Darcie asked. "Yup, are you alright with it?" Cadence was worried that Darcie could not accept it. "Of course, I am really happy. It means that you have gotten over my death. I really want you to be happy, Mum." Sweet Darcie said. Cadence smiled and both mother and daughter spent the night watching their favorite shows.  
The next morning, Cadence went to look for Dr Blueflame. "Dr Blueflame, I want multi-gendered triplets this time round. Can I have some pills?" Cadence consulted her. "No, no! I don't advise you to eat pills to get triplets. Use the natural way, have a good pregnancy, rest more and eat well. Most importantly, watch lots of kids televison and listen to kids music. I'm sure you will get triplets!" Dr Blueflame advised Cadence prudently.
"What gender would I be having this time round?" Cadence asked curiously. "Let me feel your tummy!" Dr Blueflame proceeded to check on Cadence's tummy.
"Hmm, looking good! Its a girl!" Dr Blueflame proclaimed confidently.
She went home and ate 10 apples at one go in bid to achieve multi-gendered twins/triplets.
As advised by Dr Blueflame, Cadence made sure she watched lots of kids tv and listened to kids music. She watched so much that she could memorised every single word of the songs.
"WOooo! Calm down Cadence!" She tried to breathe in and out as the contractions kicked in. Time for labour!
Cadence emerged out of the hospital looking truimphed and refreshed. She had the smug look on her face, it looked like she had achieved her goals.
And there she was carrying the baby carrier. It was the rare appearance of the baby carrier. It meant that she had either twins or triplets!
The Grim Reaper cheered as he saw Cadence with the babies. "Lovely!" He cheered.
Let's welcome Baby 71 Phoebe Sierra (Thanks to xXSims3XxX!)! She had inherited the Grim Reaper's skin and barely visible eyes. Definitely a Daddy's girl in the making! 
Next up! Baby 72 Dean Sierra (Thanks to Jordyn!)! He had Cadence's skin and clear blue eyes.  
Yes, It was a set of multi-gendered triplets! The last of the pack, Baby 73 Drew Sierra (Thanks to Jordyn!)! He looked exactly the same as his brother, Dean.  

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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