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Tooty Fruity Surprise! The Juicy Peach and Zesty Grape...Baby 74 and 75!

Thanks to Izziebelle for the lovely Snap and Sprint Shoes. The Sierra kids can wear these shoes easily and start sprinting!
Cadence was the star of the Magazine called Cuoro. Thanks to Elinha for making it possible. It was indeed a pleasant surprise. You can view the magazine feature and her 100 baby challenge at
Baby 71 Phoebe Sierra as toddler. She was the only one among the triplets to have inherited the Grim Reaper's charcoal black skin. She had Cadence's hair and brows. Cadence was relieved that she had eyes and could see. When she was borned, her eyes were barely visible.
Baby 73 Drew Sierra had inherited most of Cadence's traits and features. In fact, Drew looked like a mini-boy version of Cadence. He had floppy pink-blonde hair with huge bead-shaped eyes.
His brother, Baby 72 Dean Sierra had Cadence's skin but inherited the Grim Reaper's jet black hair. It was really interesting that the multi-gendered triplets had individual characteristics that were unique to themselves. Three of them looked totally different.
Adorable little Drew playing innocently with his blocks.
"Little Phoebe, come to Daddy!" The Grim Reaper dropped by to visit the triplets. Daddy's girl Phoebe was ignored him and was totally oblivious to her surroundings. She had her eyes affixed on her favorite television programme.
It was time for Baby 70 Ashton Sierra to grow up! Look at how excited he was as he clapped in glee.
Ashton as a little boy. He had a short crop of hair and huge glassy glacier blue eyes. It certainly looked like Cadence's genetics was going very strong at the Sierras.
"Tierra, you need to buck up on your studies and pull up your socks! Your teacher has been complaining about your work and you have been failing your tests. What's wrong, girl?" Cadence tried to ask Tierra. "I don't like studying, Mum. Can I not study?" Tierra pleaded. "What?!? You need to have some basic formal education. You have to study. Do you need some help?" Cadence contemplated to engage tutors for Tierra.
"Its okay, Mum. I will try to cope by myself before I ask for any help." Tierra said and gave Cadence a thank you hug.
Tierra's erratic behaviour acted up at night. She was all worked up that her teachers had complained to her Mum about her failing grades, "ARGH!! I hate school! I hate the teachers!"
"I wanna run, RUN, run, RUN away from all the troubles and school..." She chanted and started running to vent all her frustrations at school
It was past her curfew hours and Tierra was still out of her house. For that, she get to be chauffeured in the friendly neighbourhood policecar. She totally detested that loud sirens of the policecar.
"Argh! Can't they just keep quiet? I can walk back by myself, why do the police have to catch me after my curfew hours." Tierra was worried that the loud sirens would wake her family and Cadence would find out that she had been out loitering after curfew hours.
Upon hearing the sirens, Cadence stormed out of the house, fuming mad. "What are you doing, TIERRA SIERRA?!? Do you want me to hit you so that you can wake up?" Cadence threatened to give Tierra a tight slap. "No, Mum. I'm so sorry. I promise that I will never ever do that again." Tierra gave Cadence the promise. "You better be serious!!" Cadence fumed and walked away in a fit of anger.
Baby 64 Hana-Hoseki had three very interesting housemates. They were performers at the neighbourhood circus and called themselves the Tooty Fruity Triple Pack. They consisted of  Oro Mandarin who was the one with orange skin, Emeral Thulian with pink hair and emerald skin and finally, Ash Grigio who had purple hair and skin (Thanks to berrypie27!).
All three were very keen to take part in the 100 baby challenge. They were all vying to be the father of Baby 74. "Errm...but only one of you can be the daddy of Baby 74...why don't you guys take turns? The other two can be the daddy of Baby 75, 76, 77 or even 100? Haha.." Cadence suggested. "NO!" They replied in unison and insisted that they all want to be the father of Baby 74. 74 is a signficant number for us, it was the year that they all were borned.
Seeing that Cadence was at a loss for words, Baby 65 Sloan Sierra tried to help his Mum, "Hmmm...Why don't you guys have a competition or little challenge to see who would my Mum like the most?" The Tooty Fruity Triple Pack looked at one another and nodded, "That's a great idea!" "I definitely win!!" Oro said in confidence. "Let's wait and see!" Ash challenged while Emeral gave them a smug look.
"That's a fantastic idea, Sloan! Our Sierra kids are so intelligent!" Cadence said with pride as she started to talk about her kids excitedly. "But....Oro...I'm sorry but I already have alot of orange kids, Sloan is one of them. So.....I don't think I want another orange kid." Cadence voice trailed off. "Aww...I know what to do..." Oro said sadly. He had looked forward to taking part in the 100 baby challenge but was rejected by Cadence.
Ash and Emeral looked at Oro, "Sorry, brother! Seems like you are out of the game. That's really fast!" The Tooty Fruity Triple Pack looked at one another with seriousness and conviction. "Let the competition begins! Good luck guys! May the best man win!" Oro wished Ash and Emeral good luck. "Wow, I hope this does not affect your brotherly ties..." Cadence was worried that they would fall out because of the 100 baby challenge.
Ash took the first step in introducing himself to Cadence as Emeral looked on, "My pleasure and honour in meeting you, Cadence. I'm Ash Grigio and I love all things purple. I heard you love purple too, hope to have a purple baby with you!" "Wow, you know I like purple?" Cadence was amazed that Ash knew about her favourite colours.
Ash knew that he made an impactful introduction and was pleased with himself.
" are pretty scheming, aren't you? You know that she likes purple, so you attacked on that point. I will definitely win you. Baby 74 would have emerald skin with pink hair!" Emeral challenged Ash.
Finally, the problematic and rebellious Baby 68 Tierra Sierra was going to turn into a young adult. "Hurray for independence!" Tierra cheered.  
This was her as a young adult. To mark her independence, she snipped off her hair for a crop of short locks. She looked really delicate and prety with her chiselled features.
Tierra, all happy and smug that she no longer had to study anymore. The young adulthood marked the end of her academic education, she was free from exams, tests, homework and annoying teachers!
"Cadence, my skin is like the mooncake, a soft delicate emerald green. It matches my pink silky hair too. Baby 74 would be perfect with such a pairing." Emeral said to Cadence. "Hmm..stop praising yourself...ya.." Ash muttered under his breath softly.
As the saying goes, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Ash was trying to do the opposite for Cadence. He hoped to whip up delicious meals for Cadence. Ash found out that Cadence's favorite food was hotdogs.
He took the effort to pore through the hotdog recipes and cooked a plate of golden brown hotdogs for Cadence.
Cadence was really touched by Ash's effort. "Thank you so much! I really appreciate it" Cadence ate the hotdog with much gusto and glee. "You are welcome! If you love it, I can cook for you anytime. I can grill hotdogs of different flavours for you next time. What about grape hotdogs?" Ash laughed. "Grape hotdogs?! I have not heard about that!" Cadence was puzzled. "Haha, its a kind of hotdog with purple grape sauce!" Ash replied.
On the other hand, Emeral tried to score brownie points by taking care and mingling with the Sierra kids. "Cadence is one on earth did she ever manage to do it?" Emeral pondered.
"Goo chi Goo chi....." Emeral teased little Phoebe who seemed to be very amused and entertained by Emeral.
"Goodnight..lil' babe, time to go to bed. Sweet dreams..." Emeral tucked Drew to bed.
"Thanks Emeral for your effort! Thank you. " Cadence thanked Emeral. "Its really nothing...I'm here to give u a helping hand." Emeral said sincerely.
Ash did not want to lose either. He really took pains to mingle and integrate with the Sierra kids.
"Woo woo hoo!" Ash tickled Phoebe who enjoyed his company.
"Why are you copying me? You big copy cat!" Emeral gave Ash a tongue lashing. "What copycat? What makes you think that I am copying you?" Ash retorted. "I help with housework, you followed. I played and fed the kids, you did that too. You mean you don't call that copycat?" Emeral shouted.
Just then, Cadence heard the commotion and went up to take a look. She tried to calm down Emeral who was almost bursting at his seams. His face was all red from all the fury and anger.
Cadence also comforted Ash by giving him a hug.
"Thank you, Cadence." Ash thanked Cadence who showed him some concern.
Emeral was so jealous and red-eyed when he saw both Cadence and Ash hugging each other. He was so afraid that he would lose the chance to be part of the 100 baby challenge.
Emeral got so worked up that he grabbed Ash by the shoulder and gave him a push!
"What are you doing??" Ash was startled by the push.
"Please play fair. Why were you hugging Cadence for such a long time? Thats not being very fair!!" Emerald shouted. "Didn't she hug you just now too? I did not even say a thing! Be a gentleman, Emeral Thalian!" Ash barked.
Emeral stared sternly at Ash. Cadence did not know what to do but to stand by the side.
Cadence frowned upon their quarrel. "Hey guys, please don't fight!" She pleaded.
Apparently, they ignored Cadence's advice totally. "Why stare at me?" Ash bellowed. Ash could not stand the sight of Emeral staring at him, he promptly gave Emeral a tight slap. "ARgh...this is getting out of hand...." Cadence sighed as Alejandero came down to see what was happening.
"You better watch out!!!!" Emeral's voice trailed off as he beat Ash up.
"Hmph! See who is the stronger one before you pick up a fight with someone..." Ash reprimanded Emeral as he beat him hands down in the fight.
"Stop your nonsense, ya?" Ash howled.
"What? I am talking nonsense? You are the one who is ridiculous. Ridiculous people should not take part in the 100 baby challenge. Am I right, Cadence?" Emeral shot the question at Cadence who remained silent.
"Cadence, why don't you choose a winner right now, right here? We want to know the answer.." Emeral suggested. "Err....okay...let me see..." Cadence stuttered as she carried Drew in her arms. "I declare the winner now?" Cadence was unsure and afraid that it might hurt one of the party. She drew a deep breath and started to announce the results, "Alright! The winner of the Tooty Fruity Triple Pack is Ash Grigio.....!!" Emeral was completely stunned and in disbelief when Cadence announced. He buried his face and walked out of the house dejected. Ash was so happy that he stood there rooted to the spot in shock and surprise.
"Wow, thanks for choosing me, Cadence. I'm pleasantly surprised!" Ash thanked Cadence personally. "I chose you because I found that you are really thoughtful and sincere in taking care of my kids and me. You took the extra mile to find out what I like and dislike...Thanks!" Cadence explained her choice.
"Yesh!! I'm the strongest amongst the Tooty Fruity Triple Pack! I'm good!" Ash was confident of himself.
"Oh! I been wanting to hold your hands for the longest time...." Ash said as he held Cadence's hand tenderly.
Cadence gave Ash a quick peck on the face. "Aw...Oro and Emeral would be so jealous of me!" Ash whispered to Cadence.
They shared a loving kiss together.
Meanwhile, Cadence received a call from Dr Blueflame who was checking on Cadence's progress. "Well, I have chosen the daddy for Baby 74 but I have not yet conceived! Haha!" Cadence laughed.
"Wow, even Dr Blueflame is asking whether you have conceived, lets make this snappy!" Ash said.
"Its okay, take your time. You deserved it for all the hard work you have did for this 100 baby challenge." Cadence cooed.
And for the moment that Ash had been waiting for...the makings of Baby 74!
Lovely! Cadence has conceived after a long process and time in choosing the father for Baby 74.
Baby 69 Alejandero Sierra had a night poolside party for his birthday. The little boy was really excited that he could not sleep the night before. He had been waiting for his birthday party for ages. He was worried about how his wings would turned out. He was one confused boy, on one hand, he thought that having wings would be cool. On the other, he felt that having wings would be a little strange and out of the norm.
Cadence cheered and waited with bated breath as he transformed into a teenager. She was anticipating to see his wings sprout out just like his dad, Knight Legend.
And, BOY, did he have wings! He adored Zac Efron and tried to have a haircut like him. He looked exactly like his dad, Knight Legend!
He even had a halo together with his wings. "Argh! They are so heavy! I thought I could perform, do some tricks or even fly with my wings. Argh, so heavyyyyyy.." Alejandero took some time to get used to his huge wings.
"Wow! Bro, this is so cool!!! How did you get these wings? Can you fly with them?" Ashton was totally envious of Alejandero's wings. "Try having them for a day, you won't want them. They are really heavy and bulky."
Poor Alejandero trying to get used to his wings and adjusting to his everyday life.
"Hmph...which move should I make? This or this?" Ashton pondered on his next move
Ashton was a avid chess player who aimed to be a world class chess player in the future. He was serious in his craft and spent hours honing his chess skills.
"Mum, Can I go for some surgery to make the wings smaller? Its really heavy and I have difficulty sleeping with these wings." Alejandero asked Cadence for some solutions and alternatives to solve his "wing issue" "Son, you are unique. Your father is a secret agent named Knight Legend who had descend onto Sunset Valley to take part in the 100 baby challenge. He was from the planet Alamgeefu (Pronouced: A-fung-gee) sent to earth on a top secret mission, to create a hybrid of his species and ours. Alejandero Sierra, you are the descendent of Planet Alamgeefu, the wings are unique to the planet. You should be really proud of it." Cadence explained patiently. Upon hearing this, Alejandero understood that and said," I will learn how to love my wings."
To encourage family bonding, Cadence arranged for a family breakfast picnic at their little garden. It was a unique and fun experience for the Sierra kids who seldom had outdoor activities. They were normally cooped up at home, playing computer games, drawing, doing homework or playing chess.
Phoebe had an outgoing personality and she was simply obsessed with cars. This was her wearing the "Daddy's Girl" shirt which was given by her daddy, the Grim Reaper.
Cadence knew that one day Phoebe would ask why she had a charcoal black skin while her brothers were all of normal skin colour. She was worried that she would be teased in school for her skin colour.
Cadence looked at Phoebe and pondered on how to put through to her when she grows up, "Hmm..I'll come to that when she grows up. Who knows, she might be very proud of her skin colour!" Cadence comforted herself.
Dean was screaming and wailing in hunger.
Cadence quickly picked him up and gave him some food in his highchair. Dean relished his food and devoured it in no time. He was totally famished!
Cadence had some reading time to herself when Phoebe cried out loud. Time to attend to the babies again..
Drew was another screamer. "WAHH AAHHHHH!" He cried.
"AAaeeee BOO ooooo HOooooo EEeeeeehhhhh" He sulked when Cadence was slightly slower in attending to him.
Little Ashton loved to imitate Cadence in her actions and words. Cadence was practically his idol, goddess and role model.
"Planet Alamgeefu.....Hmmm...kinda cool..." Alejandero researched on his ancestors. After much research, he was really interested and proud that he was a descendent of Planet Alamgeefu. Apparently, their species were going to be extinct soon. Alejandero was one of the rare ones who would take the reponsibilities of carrying down the family line.
Cadence stuck to a strict grooming regime to ensure that she was in a tip top condition. She had to be attractive for this 100 baby challenge!
The heavily pregnant Cadence being tired out from all the baby caring and household chores. She dozed off on the outdoor bench as little Phoebe looked on.
Aww..Cadence gave her lil' son Dean a tight warm hug. These were the sweetest moments of the 100 baby challenge, the bonds between Cadence and her kids and the sacrifices that she made for this challenge.
Cadence took a breather from her housework and had a leisurely afternoon relaxing by the poolside. The pregnancy was taking a toll on her.
"Mummy, can I have wings just like bro Alejandero?" Ashton was still intrigued and fascinated by Alejandero's wings. "Your bro, Alejandero is a descendent from a faraway planet, all the people on that planet has these wings." Cadence explained patiently.
"Mum, take a rest. You must be really tired to carry such a huge belly around all the time! No worries, I'll help you." Sensible Alejandero was worried that Cadence would fall sick at the rate that she was going. He was a sweet boy who would help with housework and taking care of his younger siblings.
"WOoooooo...." Cadence huffed and puffed as she was all ready to give birth! Alejandero was so stressed that he pulled his hair out while Drew watched her Mummy curiously. He does not know what was happening.
After hours of labour, Cadence was completely exhausted. However, her efforts paid off with a set of twin girls! Baby 74 was named Xealaa Sierra (Thanks to Clairakitty!). Her father, Ash had nicknamed her Juicy Peach as she looked like a little peach when she was delivered.
Let's put our hands to welcome our Baby 75 Kiana Sierra (Thanks to keleya!). She was nicknamed Zesty Grape due to her lovely light lilac skin colour. She seemed to have inherited most of her father's features.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.



  1. Tee hee hee, I thoght Knight would have good kids with Candence. Al's pretty smexy! XD I tried to give you a bit of a background story to work with for him and it's great that you're using it, and so well too! I've got some names for you too, I collect unusual ones!
    Girls: Persephone, Diane, Shameeka, Zakuro, Rhiannon, Tania.
    Unisex: Kelsey, Ashley, Red.
    Boys: Dylan, Cade, Ethan.

  2. yup! I love ur story abt the planet, it certainly helps alot in my story making! Thanks for the names!

  3. Welcome. And I thought the planet was kinda crappy actually... Still, as long as you like it, it's fine with me!

  4. @kitra: Nope, normal gameplay i don't use. I only use twice when shifting houses.


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