Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Starry Eyed Surprise! Baby 70!!

Thanks to emv123 for the Emo Cut. The Sierra kids have more hairstyle choices now!

Thanks to lbklwslg for the Little Princess Girl's Toy Box. Thanks for the periodic gifts and clicks on my ads. Many people wonder why I have so much patience to do this long 100 baby challenge. Such things do motivate me to write good stories and continue this amazing journey!
Cadence was into the phrase of tattooed guys right now. So when she saw this man with a heavily tattooed arm, she took up the courage to chat up with him. "Wow, I like your tattoos! Its really cool!" Cadence exclaimed as she approached the guy. "Thanks! You must be Cadence Sierra, the mother of the 100 baby challenge. Hi! I'm Jason Smith here. (Thanks to skip45!)" The man reached out his hand for a greeting handshake.
"How do you know I'm Cadence?" Cadence was all puzzled and surprised. "Well, you are the talk of town, being very famous for doing such an impossible challenge!" Jason mused. "Haha, its not impossible! I'm showing it that it is not impossible. Wow, can I have a closer look at your tattoo?" Cadence bent down and peered closely at Jason's tattoo. Cadence noticed that there were some musical notes and words within his tattoo.
"Your eyes are so amazing!" Cadence exclaimed. Check out Jason's eyes! His eyes were of two different colours, one yellow the other purple! "I have a tiny request here...Could you be the daddy of Baby 70?" Cadence pleaded with Jason in her sweetest voice ever.
"Of course, it my honour and pleasure to be part of this fantastic challenge. " Jason hyperventilated as he was so excited that Cadence was inviting him for the challenge. Jason invited Cadence back to his house and he held her hands in front of the breathtaking views that his house enjoyed.
"How I wish Baby 70 would have your eyes, having eyes of different colours is so cool!" Cadence cooed as she touched Jason's face tenderly.
They had their first kiss during the sunset. It was the kickstart to a lovely evening at Jason's house.
Jason's bedroom had a panoramic view of the calm blue ocean. It provide Cadence and him a conducive and lovely environment to produce Baby 70.
Woohoo! Baby 70 in the process! Cadence was really fertile and totally suitable for this 100 baby challenge. She had always conceived on the first try.
Baby 68 Tierra Sierra was all ready to grow up and go to school!
"Come on, baby! Let's blow the candles!" Cadence carried Tierra closer to the candles.
Even though she was too young to understand, Tierra was totally immersed into the party atmosphere and was all excited to grow up.
"Girls, eat slowly! Don't choke on your cakes. There's more in the fridge." Cadence looked on as her girls devoured the birthday cakes. Even though birthday parties were almost like an everyday affair for the Sierras, the kids loved the birthday cakes.
Baby 68 Tierra Sierra as a little girl! She was a pretty girl with her hair all bunned up. She had blonde hair and inherited Cadence's pink brows!
BUT..she had a very weird habit of talking to herself about anything and everything under the sun. She loved her name Tierra to bits and would use her name to play The Name Game. "Tierra, Tierra bo Bierra Bonana fanna fo Fierra Fee fy mo Mierra, Tierra!" She sung completed with facial expressions and actions.  
"Tierra, you are attending school tomorrow! Are you excited? Yes? No?" Tierra seemed to have a bad case of school blues. She was excited yet afraid to go to school.  
"What's there to be afraid of? School is good, Tierra will have lots of friends!" Those who do not know Tierra well may think that she had lost her mind. But she just enjoyed talking and reasoning to herself.
"YAY! School is good! I'll learn new things. But there's homework to do..AWWww!" Tierra had lots of thoughts packed in her little mind.
The Yin-Yang twins were all ready to step into the uncharted waters of young adulthood.
The party happened so quickly that Hana-Hoseki had no time to change into her party clothes. She was turning into a young adult in her underwear!
Baby 65 Sloan Sierra as a young adult with the cutest spiky hair.
Baby 64 Hana-Hoseki grew up into an elegant lady with a sophisticated hairdo completed with two green roses. She was a attractive lady who would turn heads whenever she went downtown.
Check out the intricate weaves in her hair! Lovely!
Hana-Hoseki loved to strut around the house in her leopard print underwear.
"Bye Sis! Be sure to visit me at my new place! " Hana-Hoseki waved goodbye to Tierra who was competely oblivious to her surroundings.
"Huh? Why are you leaving? Isn't this your home too?" Tierra was puzzled. "All Sierra kids have to move out and gain independence once we reach young adult stage. You have to move out too one day...its the rules of the 100 baby challenge." Hana-Hoseki explained to her sister patiently. "What?! You mean we are part of a challenge? Huh" Tierra was really confused, she does not understand the concept of the 100 baby challenge.
Baby 69 Alejandero Sierra as a toddler. He looked exactly like his daddy, Knight Legend with his jet black hair and deep blue eyes. Will he also grow wings like his dad? Lets wait and see as the wings would only show once he reached puberty.
Like all Sierra kids, Alejandero showed a strong interest in blocks at a tender age.
Ahh! The first signs of pregnancy!
"Aww...You are a mini carbon copy of your dad!" Cadence cooed as she cradled her darling Alejandero.
"This is how you clean the table, clean the table, clean the table..." Cadence hummed as she went on with her household chores.
Another birthday party in the family. This time, it was the quarreling twin sisters whom can't get along: Mckenzie and Pridwyn.
Baby 67 Pridwyn Sierra loved her crazy hairdo though it was tough to maintain. She ditched her spectacles and went with a cool look with her contacts.
Baby 66 Mckenzie Sierra opted for a fuss-free hairdo of two ponytails. She had inherited Cadence's double eyelid and faceshape. The twins looked completely different.
"How I wished I had my party on my own, just my own party without Pridwyn. Why must we do all the thing together as twins?" Mckenzie sulked and pondered as both of them competed in a video game.
"I gotta win her in this game! I must WIN!" Mckenzie had a very strong competitive streak in her.
"Argh!! Why aren't the buttons working properly?" Mckenzie blamed the remote control when she was losing in the game.
"Hey, Mckenzie. We need to talk." Pridwyn hoped that their feuds could be settled once and for all. "What?! Can't you see I'm playing my game?" Mckenzie yelled rudely at her sister.
"Hey Mckenzie, I don't see any point in us argueing and quarreling all the time. We are twin sisters, we are one family. We spent nine months relying on one another in Mummy's womb. We are connected by this special bond, this is something that no one can take away from us. So, I think we are mature enough to handle this thing ourselves." Pridwyn said in a firm tone. Cadence quickly walked over as she thought the bickering sisters were about to start a fight again.
"But have you ever respected me as your big sister? Have you ever called me sis?" Mckenzie retorted. "I'm sorry then." Pridwyn said softly. "I have one condition if you want to get along with me properly, you have to call me sis and listen to me." Mckenzie requested.
"Alright, sis!" Pridwyn said and reached out to give Mckenzie a friendly hug. "No, wait! You have not agreed to my second request." Mckenzie rejected her hug. "But you are only older than me by a minute!" Pridwyn was exasperated.
Pridwyn swallowed her pride and relented. She agreed to Mckenzie's request and they were locked in a warm family hug. All's well and good for the Sierras.
Cadence was not only a housewife, caregiver and nanny, she also had to be the repairman of the house. She had to repair anything from the dishwasher....
to the leaking tap in the kitchen.
Tierra was a loner who seldom interacted with her siblings at home, she had a friend and confidante in her favorite pandadoll whom she affectionately called it "Pierra" (named after her).
Tierra Sierra was quite a thinker, she had a problem in thinking too much. "Sis Hana-Hoseki said we are part of a challenge? We are part of the 100 baby challenge? What 100 baby challenge? " Tierra sat on the swing and thought to herself. Tierra seemed to be on the brink of breaking down but kept this issue to herself. She did not dare to approach Cadence regarding this.
"Wow, mum. You are fantastic! This is baby?" Mckenzie asked as she felt Cadence's tummy. "Baby 70!" Cadence said proudly as she swelled with pride. Tierra nearly tripped and choked when she overheard the conversation.
"Baby 70? My god. I would strangle myself and die if I had to give birth to 100 babies for this challenge!" Tierra's imagination went wild and was not too excited at this 100 baby challenge idea.
She also enjoyed dancing and loved shaking her little body.
As she gradually got older, Tierra opened up more and interacted more with her siblings. "YAY!" Tierra raised her arm in triumph as she beat Pridwyn to the game.
Cadence and her girls had something in common. They loved strutting in the house with only their underwear.
Cadence and Mckenzie competed in a game while Pridwyn looked on, all in their underwear!
The Sierra girls were totally addicted to their video games. It was also a good time for them to bond over their video games.
The water has broken, contractions have started and baby is on the way!
The latest bun from the oven! Baby 70 Ashton Sierra! (Thanks to Katrina Valaike!)

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. This is so crazy...I was just browsing the two eye color contacts on a custom content site yesterday morning, and then I check here and you used a dad with two color eyes.

    Pridwyn and McKenzie turned out to be gorgeous. I love both of their hair styles. Tierra is quickly becoming a favorite just because I love how insane and curious she is. Alejandero is a cute little green baby, and I'm looking forward to seeing how Ashton grows up.

    I think I got all the kids left in the house, but I may have missed one. Overall, very nice update

  2. Thanks!

    You are doing good too! I love Brian's unique hair colour!

  3. Great update Harmony, as per usual!

    Ashley's right, McKenzie and Pridwyn are so beautiful now! The guys at school will be fighting over them for sure!!!
    Poor Tierra though! I suppose if you were born into a Baby Challenge you'd have some unique problems growing up. It's almost like being a Celebrity Child I guess... =-(

    Anyway, LOVED IT!

  4. "Tierra, Tierra bo Bierra Bonana fanna fo Fierra Fee fy mo Mierra, Tierra!" LOL XD


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