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Mother's Day Tribute! A Mystery Skeleton Baby for Cadence? Welcome Baby 68!

"Cameron! Stop playing your games! Its time for your birthday!" Cadence shouted to Cameron from afar.
The Sierras cheered as the twins celebrated their teenhood.
"Make a wish before you blow your candles, boys!" Cadence told the boys.
Baby 62 Emerson Sierra as a teenage boy. He had clear blue eyes and tousled hair.
Baby 63 Cameron Sierra was all ready to kickstart his teenage years with a bang!
Emerson was a family oriented chap who loved kids. Naturally, he showed alot of tender loving care to his younger siblings who adored him.
"Can you help me carry Sloan for a while? My arms are aching! " Emerson said to his twin brother who ignored him as he was totally engrossed with the show.  
"Cameron?" Emerson tried to divert his attention. "Huh? I can't handle babies. They will cry whenever I carry them. They love you the best." Cameron tried to come out with this excuse.
Baby 61 Edith Sierra finally reached young adult hood. She had an angel face with a sexy devil's body.
She had always wanted to carve out a career in the entertainment arena. With her sweet looks and svelte body, Edith looked like she was going to be the next big thing in town!
Baby 64 Hana-Hoseki as a little girl. She was a pretty little lady who was soft spoken and gentle. She had lovely braids in a unique colour and neon green eyes.
Baby 65 Sloan Sierra had a striking skin colour and almond-shaped eyes. He was one sleepyhead who loved to wear his pyjamas all the time!
Any resemblance between the boy/girl twins?
Baby 66 Mckenzie Sierra grew up to look like a little porcelain doll! She had the roundest eyes, delicate features and thick crop of hair.
"Baby! Let Mummy take a photo of you. Don't fidget!" Cadence said to Baby 67 Pridwyn Sierra.
Pridwyn had darker skin but lighter eyes as compared to Mckenzie.
The twins at play, both of them loved each other's company and Cadence was sure that both of them would grow up to be the best of friends, sisters and companions.
Look at Mckenzie! Doesn't she look like your doll?
With an evil glint in Hana-Hoseki's eyes, it seemed like she was up to something no good.
True enough, she rubbed her hands in glee all ready to steal a lollipop from the innocent Mckenzie.
"Ahah!! Got it!! Mission accomplished! That was pretty easy..." Hana-Hoseki laughed and thought to herself. Little did she know that her brother Cameron was observing her from the back. "What are you doing? Hana?" He asked.
At this moment, Mckenzie broke into tears. "Well...nothing..nothing! Just checking on Mckenzie. I saw her crying and I came over to see." Hana-Hoseki spun a lie.
After saying that, she quickly fled off the scene and went off to play on her slide happily.
Cadence was out in town scouting for daddies for her next baby. She was startled when she saw a skeleton roaming the streets.
"Am I seeing things?" Cadence rubbed her eyes and went closer. Indeed, it was a skeleton and a very vain and self consious skeleton who was admiring himself with a mirror.
Cadence took up the courage and tapped his shoulders softly as she was afraid of breaking his bones. His shoulders creaked alittle and he turned around. "Hi! I'm Cadence, the mother of the 100 baby challenge. Do I have the honour of having you as a daddy of my challenge?" Cadence asked. "Wow, the legendary Cadence Sierra. I have heard of you. I'm Skully. Glad to meet you!" The skeleton said.
"So, I'm taking it as a yes?" Cadence asked for a second time to confirm. "Well, I'm thrilled to take part in your challenge if you do not mind my looks." Skully seemed to be suffering from an inferiority complex.
Skully invited Cadence home that very night. "Cadence..Thank you!" Skully gave Cadence a warm and tight hug. Cadence was pretty puzzled, "I should be the one thanking you."
"No no, do you know that no one ever dared to come near me, much less hug me. You have totally built up my confidence." Skully said in a pitiful tone. Cadence dared not hug him too tightly for fear of cracking his bones. Skully looked very fragile.
"You are unique in your own way, Skully." Cadence comforted Skully who proceeded to give Cadence a kiss.
Time to make Baby 68! WOoohoo!!
Cadence always make sure she spent quality time with her kids.
"WheeEee" Cadence tossed Pridwyn into the air. Pridwyn seemed to be alittle stunned with this action. Looked like this little one would grow up to be someone who is afraid of heights.
Check that out! Matching outfits for mother and daughter!
Mckenzie loved sitting in her high chair, slowly helping herself to the food.
On the other hand, her twin sister, Pridwyn hated to be seated in the highchair. She does not like the feeling of being confined in a fixed place. She loved freedom and movement.
"AarrGHHh!! WAaaaillllll...BAaaaaaaaA AaaaaaaaAAHHAa" She screamed with all her might.
"AHHHhhhhh!!!" This little girl proved to be a real screamer. Pridwyn slammed her fists on the highchair table to gain attention.
"Emerson, Mum is going out to play the guitar for some tips. Can I trust that you can look after the house and your siblings?" Out of all the kids in the household, Cadence trusted Emerson the most. He was always a obedient and sensible child.
Cadence received immense rave reviews on her Lady Gaga performance that she decided to do an encore.
This time, she performed in front of the city hall where there was a huge audience.
Halfway through her performace, she saw a huge group of people holding some banners. "What's that?" Cadence walked closer to look at those banners. It was a protest! Cadence got very excited as this was the first protest that she had ever witnessed.
And....Cadence decided to join in the fun and action! They were protesting over the increase of bugs in Sunset Valley and they would want the government to do something to get rid of the pests. Cadence hated bugs and insects anyway so she grabbed hold of one of the banners and held it real high. Can you spot her in the crowd?  
That was Cadence in her first ever maiden protest.
"No more bugs! Kill the bugs! No more bugs! Kill the bugs!" Cadence chanted together with the rest of the protest group.
With such a huge crowd, Cadence took this chance to display her skills and earn more cash for the Sierras.
She strummed the guitar to complement their chanting.
By evening, there were alot of supporters for her music. So much so that they started dancing to Cadence's music.
"Well done, Cameron. You did a good job..." Cadence praised Cameron who helped look after his younger  siblings. He took the effort to help out even though he did not like little kids. He knew that it was tough for Mum to be out there earning money, looking after kids and juggling with housework all at the same time.
"Bro..can you not block the way?" Sloan asked Emerson who seemed oblivious that he was blocking the view of the television.
Sloan showed an interest and flair in baking.
To show her support, Cadence bought alot of recipe books for him.
"Hmm...this banana muffin tastes really great! I'll bake some for Mum for Mother's day!" The fillial Sloan pondered.
"Bro, what are you getting for Mum for Mother's day? I'm baking her muffins!" Sloan asked Emerson. "Hmm, shall discuss with Cameron about that!" Emerson said.
That night, the twin brothers discussed secretly on what to get for Cadence. "Shall we buy her flowers?" Emerson said. "That's too common! What about chocolates? She loves chocolates." Cameron suggested. "Bro, its not Valentine's day you know? It's Mother's day. Can you be more creative?" Emerson said. "Aha! I got it! Let's paint her a portrait of her!" Cameron had a Eureka moment. "That's a great idea!" Emerson was pleased with his brother's idea.  
As the days went by, Cadence's bump was getting more visible.
She was more tired and restless for this pregnancy. She liked to sit by the couch to watch her favorite drama.
The ever stylish and fashionista mum, Cadence Sierra.
Pridwyn was growing up to be quite a whiner. She loved to cry at any whim or whenever she wanted something. Cadence hoped to correct this bad habit, she would sometimes ignore her when she was crying for no reason.
Mckenzie was a easier baby to handle. Cadence was teaching her to talk when she suddenly blurted out, "Mc Mc (how she called herself) lurvve Mama!!" Cadence was totally thrilled. Check out her shocked expression in this picture. This sentence was indeed priceless to Cadence was this was the best and perfect Mother's day gift for Cadence. Mckenzie totally melted her heart and she totally felt that her sacrifices that she made as a mum was totally worth it.
"You have been doing a great job! Thanks for taking care of my babies when I go for delivery. Just take note that Pridwyn is a little fussy, she can be quite a screamer!" Cadence gave some instructions to her regular babysitter, Davy. She was all ready to go to the hospital to give birth.
It's time for baby 68!
Skully rushed over the hospital to witness the birth of Baby 68.
It was a pink bundle to joy. Welcome to the Sierras! Baby 68 Tierra Sierra (Thanks to ProudMommy1985)!

A very Happy Mother's day to Cadence Sierra, mother of the 100 baby challenge and to all the mothers out there!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. Cool, you got yourself a Isaac for a daddy!! LOL! Mckenzie and Edith look totally gorgeouss and even Emmerson is pretty smexy!


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