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Going GAGA over Twins! Baby 66 and 67!

Thanks to vicouslyjoyous for the Animal Friends Activity Table! If you have been following the 100 baby challenge, the Sierra kids have a penchant for building blocks and activity table, so thanks alot!
The yin-yang babies grew up! Baby 65 Sloan Sierra as a toddler. He inherited his father Orangie's skin and neon green eyes.  
Baby 64 Hana-Hoseki Sierra was the most adorable little girl who inherited her father's hair and doe eyes.
Hana-Hoseki in her matching green sundress.
"Hmm...why is the crib so girly looking and pinkish?" Marley frowned upon Sloan's choice of crib. He felt that the crib should be more boyish looking for a little boy like Sloan.
Nowadays, Cadence was really crazy with Lady Gaga and perpetually in the Lady Gaga mode. She bought so many copies of her new album, The Fame Monster. She spent her free time perfecting her grooves.
Spot the resemblance between Cadence's costume and Lady Gaga's costume getup!
"Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh...Stop telephonin' me! Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh..I'm busy!" Cadence sang on top of her voice and practiced on her moves with her son, Marley Sierra who adored the star as well.
Another birthday at the Sierras! Baby 60 Marley Sierra grew up into a young adult, all ready to spread his wings, fly and soar!
Cadence was pleased that Marley had grew up well. However, he was not very developed in the hair department.
Twin brother Harley Sierra cheered loudly as he marked the turning point of his life.
Baby 59 Harley Sierra looked exactly like his twin brother, just that he had thicker and darker brows.
The twins, Harley and Marley, concentrating on their football match. Don't they really look alike?
Sweet Edith grew up into a dainty and charming lady who charmed the socks off the boys in her class.
She had well-defined and chiselled features and she greeted everyone with a smile whereever she went.
While on the way to meet a prospective daddy for the baby challenge, Cadence met a previous daddy of her 100 baby challenge. "Wow, that's a daring getup! You wear this to town?" Winter said to Cadence. "I'm Lady Gaga the second! I heard my next daddy likes Lady Gaga as well, so I might as well dress like her!" Cadence chirped happily and laughed.
"Are you Antonio Renoit?" Cadence questioned as she saw a stylish young man who smiled at her. "Yes, I am!" Antonio nodded and proceeded to give Cadence a tight hug. His housemate looked on enviously, "Wow, when did you get to know such a hot babe?" The housemate proclaimed.
"She is mother of the 100 baby challenge, she had given birth to 65 babies as of now! Can you believe it?" Antonio told his housemate who looked at Cadence's sexy and svelte figure in disbelief. "Your Lady Gaga outfit is great! I love the star on your face!" Antonio told Cadence. "Well, this outfit is a reward for you for agreeing to take part in my 100 baby challenge!" Cadence expressed.
 "Rah rah ah-ah-ah! Ro mah ro-mah-mah. Gaga Ooh-la-la! Want your bad romance!" Cadence sang Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and did her own version of silly face.
"Oh-oh-oh-oh-oooh! Oh-oh-oh-oooh-oh-oh-oh!" Antonio played along with Cadence.
They hit off very well with one another due to a common interest in music. They laughed and chatted the whole night away. "Wow, I almost forgot that I'm here for the 100 baby challenge! Time to get cracking!" Cadence said as she checked the time.
Shortly after, they arrived at Cadence's house for some serious business: To make Baby 66!
However, they were very distracted by the loud booming music that Cadence had on. And yes, it was Lady Gaga's music. Both of them were so obsessed with it! They grooved and showed off their moves to the music.
"Work-work fashion baby. Work it! Move that Bitch crazy!......." They shouted at the top of their voice as Baby Cameron's eyes remained affixed on the television.
Rah rah ah-ah-ah! Ro mah ro-mah-mah.Gaga Ooh-la-la! WOOHOO!! Antonio and Cadence enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Cadence haven't had such fun for a long long time. She had totally let her hair down to enjoy.
"You are so irresistable...Cadence..." Antonio could not help but notice Cadence's cleavage and bosom chest as she bent down while dancing.
Knowing that Antonio had fallen for her trap, Cadence quickly turned on her charms. Without realising it, both of them were in bed all ready for some action in bed.
Aha! That was it, the sounds of the lullaby....
Cadence looking very voluptuous and sexy in her outfit. She had curves in all the right places.
Baby 63 Cameron Sierra hated his overgrown hair as a child.
On the other hand, Baby 62 Emerson Sierra seemed to be loving his luscious and shiny locks!
"Hmm...I'm so sick of my long long hair" Cameron decided to snip off his hair for a clean-cut and boyish look.
With his long hair, Emerson was often mistaken as a girl. "You should just cut off your hair." Cameron advised his twin brother. "But I love the feeling of using my fingers to run through my hair..." Emerson said while his brother rolled his eyes.
Edith was the perfect couch potato who loved her idol dramas.
Little Hana-Hoseki was getting bored cooped up in her cot.
Seeing that she was getting restless, big sister Edith entertained lil' Hana with the Wugglesworth bear. Edith was such a darling!
"Woo, look at that huge eyes..." Edith entertained Hana who was clearly tickled by the bear.
"Agahga hieee...." Hana gurgled as she had not learned how to speak. She broke into loud laughter as Edith played with her.
The yin- yang twins at play.
The Sierras has gotten themselves a spanking new teleport pad! To get more cash, Cadence sold away the car in the house as they could rely on this teleport pad to transport them around. Cadence felt a sense of achievement to have this around the house. It was not easy to have this teleport pad, one would have to achieve a 75,000 reward points to get it.
Cadence gave the teleport pad a go.
WOOOShh!! Within seconds, she was at her "Workplace", the central park to earn some moolah.
She belted out her favorite tunes as she strummed on her guitar.
With her Lady Gaga outfit and songs, she attracted alot of  hype and attention in the Central Park.
"Encore! Encore!" The crowd obviously loved her appearance at the Central Park. "Stop callin', stop callin'; I don't wanna think anymore!; I got my head and my heart on the dance-floor" Cadence sang her hearts out to the song Telephone by Lady Gaga.
While mum was hard at work, Edith was obedient and worked hard at finishing her homework.
Ah! Cadence's tummy was showing a slight bump.
Cadence played a game of rugby with her daughter, Baby 10 Aiko Sierra. 
Cadence worked hard at upgrading the teleport pad to a perfect one so that there would be no problems and hiccups with it.
Sensible Cameron helped around the house and did some housework like bringing out the trash. It was little mundane things like this that would melt Cadence's heart.
Hana-Hoseki maxing out on her logic skills!
"Mum, sis has been sneaking out for the past few days when you were out at the Central Park" Emerson told Cadence about Edith's misbehaviour. "Really? She told me she did her homework and study when I was out." Cadence said.
That night, Cadence stayed up late to check whether Edith was up to any mischief. To avoid any suspicion, she played on her footsie game.
True enough, Edith was out in the 24 hours gym working on her cardio and strength. Recently, she was obsessed with keeping fit and maintaining a great figure as she would want to enter the modelling industry. "Hmm...I'll give this girl a tongue lashing once she is back" Cadence muttered as she checked the clock. It was half past eleven and way after Edith's curfew hours.
Edith was so engrossed keeping counts of her exercise routine that she forgot the time. She was reminded of the time when she heard sounds of the policecar sirens. "Oh no! Its past my curfew!" Edith gasped and tried to run with light footsteps so that the policeman would not notice.
"Hey girl! Stop there, your identification please." The policeman bellowed. "Opps..." Edith knew trouble was brewing and obediently took out her identification. "Do you know what time is it now? Teens like you should not be hanging out in town at this time, you should be at your desk studying for your exams!" The policeman lectured while Edith quietly listened.
This was definitely the most horrifying and longest ride of Edith's life. The journey to her house seemed so long and arduous as she sat in the policecar. "Your mum is Cadence? The mother of the 100 baby challenge?" The policeman quizzed. "Yup, she is." Edith answered softly. "She raises very sensible kids, she would be so disappointed in you. You are the first Sierra teen that I have caught whom hang around in town after curfew hours." The policeman said. Edith was really remorseful and felt that she had let Cadence down.
Indeed, Cadence was hopping mad when she saw Edith arriving in a policecar. She knew her daughter had gotten into trouble. "EDITH SIERRA! What are you up to? Don't we have a exercise machine at home too? You are always the sweet girl who is sensible and does well in your study. What happened? Ponder and reflect on what you have done. " Cadence blew her top at Edith. "I'm so sorry, Mum...." Edith was close to tears.
Cadence wondered if she was too harsh to Edith, she did not want to scream at Edith but just can't helped doing so.
Cadence's bump was getting bigger and bigger. This definitely looked like it was more than one baby inside in the huge tummy!
It looked like Cadence's worries were uncalled for. Edith was back to her usual self the next day and did not appear anyway unusual towards Cadence. In fact, she was having a great bonding session with the unborn baby 66!
OH! Labour time! "Mum! Don't worry, everything is going to be alright." Edith tried to comfort Cadence who was as calm as a cat.
The kids freaked out as Cadence went into labour. The cab arrived shortly after to send Cadence to the hospital.
It was a swift labour. Out popped two adorable little girls. It was twins! Welcome to the world, Baby 66 Mckenzie Sierra (thanks to Jessi!).
Baby 67 Pridwyn Sierra! (thanks to Spychip!) Pridwyn was of darker skin colour. You girls would definitely  blossom under the care of Cadence!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. Aww, you used my name!! I feel special now! =-D The reason I like that name so much is because it's my puppy's name, so thanks for using it.

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      That is a really cute name <3


  3. Hi Jessamine, glad it made u feel special...sure. No problem!

  4. Hey Harmony, loving the challenge!

    Are you still open to name suggestions?

  5. Where did u get Cadence red outfit from...and could u name one of ur girls Christine!

  6. Which red outfit? U might want to hop by

    I load most of my stuff there:)

  7. I've been re-reading Cadence's challenge and this is my favorite submission. Lady GaGa is my role model. At first I just liked her music and songs, but after going to her concert in summer called "The Monster Ball" I am really fond of her now. She talked about never giving up and going for your dreams, etc. It reminded me of what Cadence would tell her kids. Now to finish re-reading the rest of Cadence's challenge. ^__^

  8. Hi Lufferkinz! Thanks for re-reading Cadence's challenge! Yup! I love Lady gaga too! Hope u enjoy the music together with the blog!

  9. I really like this challenge. I read and re read it a lot! I congratulate you and I am very fond of you. Great job!


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