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Fly Baby Fly! Fly to the Sky....Baby 69!

Thank you lbklwslg for the Spiky and Suave hair!
Many thanks to xXSims3XxX for your second gift of Huan-yue Panda Doll!! Woohoo..Kungfu fighting! 
"Mama..Mama..." Little Pridwyn seeked the attention of Cadence.
"Steady does it..." Pridwyn balanced herself as she took her first steps.
Noel Sierra, daughter of Baby 12 Anako & Wayne Paul Louie celebrated her young adulthood with a huge birthday bash. Grandma Cadence baked her a huge cake for her party. She was a lovely lady with sharp facial features. She had purple hair and eyes.  
Shortly after her birthday bash, she announced her marriage with Zorion Zeno. They held a little marriage celebration at the sandy beaches.
"Grandma, let you on a secret! I'm pregnant!!!!" Noel whispered to Cadence. Cadence was thrilled. She was going to have her first great grandchild! She was really excited!
Zorion and Noel loved each other deeply and were totally made for one another.
Mr and Mrs Zeno exchanging their rings and vows as their elders looked on.
"Noel, your grandma plays great music! You probably have the youngest and coolest grandma around!" Zorion jested as he enjoyed Cadence's music.
"Wooo lala!!" The party goers dance as Cadence belted out song after song.
"Man! That was pain at its maximum degree...Labour is so tough! I don't want anymore kids..I wonder how grandma does it with the 100 baby challenge..." Noel grimaced and muttered under her breath as she walked out of the hospital with her babies. YES! She had a set of multi-gendered twins! Cadence Sierra welcomed her first great grandchild, Cadence II Zeno who was named after her.
Cadence's second great grandchild, Sierra Zeno! Both had inherited their father's skin.
To find out how to get multi-gendered twins or triplets, you can read

"Argh! Mum! Help!" Cameron was at a loss with Tierra who couldn't stop crying as Cadence was out to see her great grandkids. He had fed her, changeg her diapers and rocked her to bed but Tierra just would not stop wailing.
"I'm listening to my music, but I can't hear it! Bro, can you stop her from crying?"
Hana-Hoseki could not take it anymore and blasted at the innocent Cameron.
Sexy Baby 62 Emerson Sierra with his tousled hair as a young adult. He has received rather rave reviews from the readers!
Baby 63 Cameron Sierra chose a "Zac Efron" hair for his young adulthood. Ain't he cute too?
"Bye Mum! We will be back!" Emerson and Cameron's voices faded in the background as they moved out.
Baby 68 Tierra Sierra as a toddler. She had the cutest pigtails and loved sucking on her Winnie the Pooh pacifier.
"Ar Brr GHg" Tierra gurgled as she entertained herself.
Lots of birthdays in the Sierra family. Time for the twins to grow up. Sloan looked on as he witnessed his sister Baby 64 Hana-Hoseki turned into a teenager.
Baby 65 Sloan Sierra's turn to grow up! YAHOO!!
Hana-Hoseki as a pretty teen. She was a devout christian and had lovely green eyes and brows.
The back view of her hair. She was often late for school as she took up lots of time to bun up her hair into this manner.
Sloan as a teenager. He had the brightest orange skin that you would spot from miles away.  
The Yin-Yang twins, all grown up as teens!
"Not another birthday party?" Sloan pondered as he witnessed another celebration in the family.
It was Baby 67 Pridwyn's turn. She had myopia and was the first one in the family to wear spectacles at such a young age.  
Her twin sister, Baby 66 Mckenzie Sierra as a long hair lass. She had the straightest hair and bangs.
Check out the twins' matching shoes!
The girls weren't the best of friends when they grew up. Even though they were twins, they had differing views on certain issues and matters like their favourite television programmes.
"Mckenzie! Can we change to the Discovery Channel? I don't like kids programmes, we are too big for that." Pridwyn retorted. "You can just go to bed, Mum said you shouldn't be watching so much television, its bad for your eyes." Mckenzie reasoned back.
Pridwyn snatched the remote and changed to her favorite discovery channel. "UGH! That frog is so yucky. I don't understand why you like to watch such icky stuff!" Mckenzie nearly puked when she saw the frog sticking out its tongue.
Cadence's 100 baby challenge was so popular and famous that a secret agent named Knight Legend had descend onto Sunset Valley to take part in the 100 baby challenge. He was from the planet Alamgeefu (Pronouced: A-fung-gee) sent to earth on a top secret mission, to create a hybrid of his species and ours.
He had a halo on his head, will Baby 69 have wings too?
His wings was so huge that it couldn't fit into a normal cab.
"You can't take the kid with you when she or he is born. That's the rule of the challenge." Cadence explained to Knight Legend. "That's fine with me, but I can drop by to visit right?" Knight Legend asked.
Cadence nodded and Knight Legend hugged her tightly," I can't wait to see the kid!"
They kissed and locked in an embrace.
Not before long, sweet sounds of the lullaby floated in the air....
Hana-Hoseki was concerned in keeping herself fit, she stuck to a strict fitness regimen.
Little Tierra Sierra with Mummy dearest.
"I love you, mama" Mckenzie hugged Cadence.
"Stop standing in my way.." Pridwyn scolded her twin sister.
"Did you ask Bro Sloan that I am evil and naughty? I overheard your conversation with him the other day! You are the evil one, not ME!" Pridwyn shouted at the top of her voice.  
"Girls! Quit that, you girls got along so well when you were toddlers!" Cadence tried to stop their quarrel as Hana-Hoseki looked on.
"You bespectacled four eyes! You are so unreasonable that I am declaring you a nemesis, right here! Right NOW!!" Mckenzie said angrily.
"Fine! Get out of my sight then before I start to pull your hair out!" Pridwyn growled in anger.
Mckenzie stomped away angrily as Cadence shook her head and sighed.
Just then, Pridwyn grabbed Mckenzie from the back and pinned her back. In a fit of anger, Mckenzie fought back. Cadence was so shocked that she could not react.
"You girls are going to get hurt!" Cadence cried out. "Hmph!! Let's see who is the LOSER!" Mckenzie said in triumph as she beat Pridwyn hands down.
Pridwyn did not admit to the loss and picked up a fight with her twin sister again. "Go Pridwyn go!" Sloan cheered Pridwyn on.
"Come on, Mckenzie! You can do better!" Sloan egged both his sisters on.
"Oh! Poor Pridwyn, you had better give up." Sloan said as he saw Pridwyn lost the fight the second time. "Let's see who is the stronger one!" Mckenzie said with pride as she won the fight.
Cadence tried to ask Hana-Hoseki to talk to Pridwyn and Mckenzie about their hatred. "These girls can't carry on like this! They are twin sisters!" Cadence said to Hana. "Mum! I'll know what to do." Hana-Hoseki assured Cadence.
Hana-Hoseki tried to spend more time with the sisters.
"She called me a bespectacled four eyes! How evil can she get?" Pridwyn complained to her sister.
"I can sue her for that comment! You know!" Pridwyn said as Hana-Hoseki laughed. "Sisters are always sisters, she is your sister for life." Hana tried to talk some sense into Pridwyn.
Meanwhile, the obedient little Tierra entertained herself quietly with a yellow sports car.
She had recently took her first steps but was not too steady in her footwork.
OPPS! She took a fall and fell with a loud thud. "Come on baby! Pick yourself up and you will be good!" Cadence encouraged her.
Sloan helped around the house with the leaky tap as Cadence's tummy became bigger and bigger.
Cadence and her favourite game.
She was all ready for labour!
She went to the beach for some quiet moments and to mediate before delivery.
She caught some fish while taking a breather at the beach.
That was when labour pains struck her!! Time for baby 69!
"YawnZzz..." Knight Legend was so bushed after accompanying Cadence through a whole night long of labour. Cadence, on the other hand was still bright and alert after a long birth. She was used to the whole process of giving birth and long labours.
Welcome to the world! Baby 69 Alejandero Sierra (thanks to craazygirl!). Will he grow a pair of wings when he grows up? Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. Tee hee hee, you used him!! Dunno how the hell I came up with that planet name!! I'm a total weirdo! Hopefully, Alejandero can become a super smart human/alien mutant!!! Tee hee hee...

    Hana-Hoseki's so gorgeous as a teen! Very smexy! And McKenzie and Prid are sweeties too!! Candence certainly has cute kiddies!!

  2. Yup! Cadence do really have good genes!


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