Friday, April 23, 2010

The Perfect Blend of Yin and Yang: Baby 64 and 65!!

Many thanks to Havana123 for the Felicia Flamingo Wall Growth Chart!
Thanks to JessDiane for the Peter's Safari Mobile! The Sierras totally felt the love of the Simmers out there.
Time for celebration!!
"Wooo Woo..." Baby 57 Essence Sierra tingled as she slowly "evolved" into a young adult.
Baby 58 Noah's turn to grow into a young adult. Everyone...clap!!
Noah grew into a confident young man who was all ready to embrace young adulthood!
Essence had a little makeover. She sported a more mature hairstyle now.
"Can I continue to stay at the Sierras? I will miss you so much, Mum!" Essence pleaded with Cadence. "No, baby. This is the rule of the 100 baby challenge. All Sierra kids have to shift out once you hit young adult stage." Cadence said firmly even though her heart was aching badly as she said that.
Woohoo..! Baby 61 Edith's turn to grow into a little kid!
Edith Sierra turned out to be a ravishing beauty with huge brown eyes and lovely silky hair. Even though Cadence was slightly disappointed that Edith did not inherit Westin Bakker's purple violet hair and eyes, she was surprised that Edith had turned out to be a little beauty.
Sweet Edith in the sweetest dress with flowery patterns.
A close-up of Edith's exquisite features.
She was the perfect candidate to wear this fairy dress.
"I believe I can fly....I believe I can touch the sky........" Edith hummed as she twirled and spinned around in her fairy dress.
What a lovely fairy girl on the swing! Edith shared a pensive moment on the indoor little swing.
Baby 62 Emerson Sierra as a toddler. He was a cheerful toddler who loved to shriek on top of his voice. He had inherited Cadence's hair and brows.
This was his brother, Cameron Sierra as a toddler. Yes, he is a boy not a little girl. Do not mistaken him for a girl because of his long hair.
Cadence was really excited to hear that Harmonysims had created someone specially for this 100 baby challenge. She woke up early in the morning and met up with the special someone in his house. When she saw him, he was indeed very unique with neon green eyes, bright orange skin and a green-orange coloured co-ordinated outfit. "I owe my life to you. I am created solely for this 100 baby challenge and I dedicate my life to you, Cadence." Orangie Orange said seriously. "Wow, that's too much for me to take. Its such a honour that you are solely created for this 100 baby challenge." Cadence said.  
He had a huge earing on left ear and had thick black eyeliner which made him looked emo.
Seeing that Orangie was slightly nervous about meeting her, Cadence tried to break the ice by making silly faces.
This seemed to help Orangie become less nervous about this 100 baby challenge.
"I think a little music would help jazz up things a little." Cadence said as she proceeded to turn on the music.
Shortly after, they shared a deep kiss.
"Hmm..time for the moment of my life!! I'm practically created for this purpose." Orangie said. "Don't say that, you are very special. I'm sure you are here for greater things and purpose." Cadence comforted Orangie who seemed to be suffering from low self esteem.
This was how Orangie Orange looked in his sleepwear. Much to Cadence's astonishment, he was wearing a wig! The wig fell off during the baby making process. He had huge ears too. Cadence wondered how would Baby 64 turn out.
"Thank you for this lifetime experience! You gave me this chance to live in Sunset Valley." Orangie kissed Cadence passionately.
The twins, Harley and Marley grew up into teenagers. Sadly though, their hair did not grow as fast and they were still bald.
"Bros, join me in this game! It's really fun!!" Edith egged on her brothers to join in the fun. Both of them were so engrossed discussing their school project.
"Hmm...Edith. What game are you playing?" Marley asked his sister curiously. "Racing cars, can't you see?" Edith replied impatiently. "Girls should play girl's games like dollhouse and not racing cars, you know." Harley raised his brows and said disapprovingly. "Bro..who said that? Are you living in the prehistoric century where girls can only stay in the kitchen to cook?" Edith rolled her eyes.
"Oh no, Mum gonna puke...let me put you down" Cadence said to Emerson.
She quickly ran to the toilet and let everything all out.
Cadence went for a routine checkup with Dr Blueflame. "Looking good, as always.." Dr Blueflame proclaimed.
"Cadence, it's gonna be a girl this time!" Dr Blueflame ascertained the gender of baby 64.
Cadence decided to try for a multi-gendered twins/triplets this time round. She visited the local grocery store to buy ten apples and took them at one go. If you have following the 100 baby challenge, you would have know that this formula has had a 100% success rate thus far. You can read the success stories at

Cadence bombarded herself with lots of kids television and music all at the same time!
Baby 62 Emerson loved sunbathing in his little pram outdoors. "Time to go in, Emerson! Too much sun is going to hurt your skin." Cadence told her little boy. 
Having a huge family would mean that there would be very little time and attention given to each kid. However, Cadence always tried to squeeze in some personal time for each kid no matter how tired or busy she was.
"Will baby 64 be as pretty as Edith?" Cadence wondered as her bump got bigger and bigger as the days went by.  
"MUM!!! Are you alright?" The kids screamed and  freaked out as Cadence went into labour.
After a long labour wait, Baby 64 finally arrived. She was a precious little girl with light brown brows and sharp nose. She was named Hana-Hoseki Sierra (thanks to Lufferkinz!)
And yes! The formula worked again. Baby 65 was a baby boy and an orange one to boot! Welcome to the world. Baby 65 Sloan Sierra! (Thanks to Madelyn!) Both of them were the exact opposites of one another. One was a baby girl, the other was a baby boy. One was beige in colour while the other inherited Orangie's bright orange skin. They were the Yin-Yang babies of the 100 baby challenge! 

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. Great update Harmony, as always! I bet the Sierra family tree is huge now! Has Candence got any great-grandkids yet?

  2. Thanks! Jess. Not yet, but i guess soon! haha...

  3. What a fun goal...what's your current rate of baby-making?

  4. Hi Darcy! That depends...normal 2 babies a week?

  5. @shelby:

  6. the furniture is so awesome i luv the stroller cause they can nap in them it is great


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