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Double Joy or Trouble?- Baby 59 & 60!

Many thanks to the kind souls who have gifted to this 100 baby challenge. Thanks to Gindog6 for your fairyfly gift!
Thanks to xXSims3XxX for Jerry the Giraffe Wall Growth Chart! Cadence can now chart the Sierra kids' growth with this cute gift.
Baby 55 Little Casey grew up to be a little boy. He had seemingly inherited the fat gene, he looked slightly plump with his pudgy cheeks and little bulging tummy. He had inherited Cadence hair and brows colour.
Baby 56 Daemon Sierra looked more like Daddy. He was slightly plumper than Casey.
Cadence was worried that the twin boys would turn out to be grossly fat adults just like their dad. "Boys, exercise is good for health!" Cadence would always remind the boys to keep fit. "I'll play on the swing then!" Casey answered cheekily as Cadence shook her head in exasperation. It was so hard to teach the boys what was proper exercise.
Baby 54 Neko as a teenage girl! She had shiny and flowy brown hair which was the envy of her peers. This was how she looked if she was a normal sim.
Neko as her ghost self.
Baby 53 Miranda Sierra looked alot like Cadence! She had Cadence's big brown eyes, sharp nose and pink full lips.
This was Miranda as her ghost self. Miranda's favorite hobby was looking at the mirror.
"Mum, the neighbours said that you were really overweight when you gave birth to us. Is it true?" Daemon asked curiously. "Yup, it was all your dad's fault. He did not like stick thin girls. So to carry on with the challenge, I had to gorge myself silly and put on lots of weight." Cadence laughed as she remembered her fat self. "Wow, and you managed to slim down so fast?" Casey gasped at Cadence's lightning speed at slimming down.
The two little boys were afraid of their ghost siblings. "I can't understand their ghost language, they were always going wooo, eeee, oooooo, awwww" Casey complained to his brother.
"Me can't understand either." Daemon shrugged his shoulders.
"Even when they yawned, they made those ghostly noises at night, I'm so scared when I hear these voices at night." Little coward Casey said.
On the other hand, Baby 58 Noah Sierra had no problems with his ghost sister, Miranda.
He loved her company and enjoyed being carried by her.  
Next up! Updates on "Babies" who have left the Sierras to set up their own family or carve out a career. This was Baby 6 Jacob Sierra with his beloved wife, Momo and precious daughter, Starr Sierra (in grey jacket). Jacob seem fated to have no sons in the family. His sons, Marty, Irvin and Neil had all passed away from unknown and tragic reasons.  
Baby 37 Cordelia was now known officially as Cordelia Marlboro after Chuckles Marlboro proposed to her one fine day.
Cadence was invited to this very important event of Cordelia's.
As she witnessed the marriage of her little girl, Cordelia, Cadence can't help but weeped uncontrollably like all mothers do at their daughter's weddings. She was so touched at their love.
Mr and Mrs Chuckles Marlboro sharing their first kiss as a married couple.
"Woooo!" Cadence clapped and cheered on the newly wed. More grandkids on the way...!!
"Aww!!" Baby 35 Miley Sierra was lost for words when her long time beau, Walter proposed to her in the Central Park.
This was Baby 20 Levi and River McIrish in their little cosy abode.
The romantic Levi had their little wedding by the beach.
Their first moments as Mr and Mrs Levi Sierra.
Cadence helped them to liven the atmosphere by belting out her favorite love songs.
Another proposal! This time it was Baby 47 Candace Sierra. And look who was her beau? YES! It was Fargus McFlannagan, father of Baby 55 Casey and 56 Daemon.  
"Would you marry me?" Fargus asked Candace earnestly. Candace nodded and the rest is history.
More couples in the Sierra family. This was Baby 46 Owen Sierra gazing lovingly at his wife, Molly French.  
Baby 43 Ellie Sierra with his husband Roderick Hansley. They were a sweet little couple.
Baby 44 Callum Sierra and his wife, Madison VanWatson sharing an intense love gaze.
"Love you baby..." Callum whispered to Madison.
Cadence welcomed her latest grandkid, Joelle Sierra, daughter of Walter and Miley!
Cordelia and Chuckles had their little boy, Cliff Marlboro who had inherited his mum's hair and eyes!
With so much new additions to the Sierra family, Cadence decided that it was time to continue the 100 baby challenge! She had placed an advertisement on The Sunset Valley papers and was pretty successful. There were many applicants for the challenge and Antonio Renoit (thanks to xGlamorous!) was the lucky one who was handpicked by Cadence to take part in the challenge. Cadence went to his house with Baby 58 Noah Sierra in her arms.
"Noah is so adorable!" Antonio cooed as he droved Cadence back home. "Well, you can have your own cute baby in my 100 baby challenge!" Cadence jested.
"This will be the crib for Baby 59!" Cadence showed Antonio the crib that Cadence had prepared. Just then, Antonio grabbed Cadence from the back and gave her a warm kiss.
Minutes later, sweet sounds of the lullaby floated in the air. Antonio was indeed fast in his actions.
It was definitely in the genes. Daemon's favorite activity was eating.
He relished every moment whenever he ate. He loved closing his eyes when he ate to enjoy that moment.
Time for the boys to grow up! Will they grow fatter?
It was very obvious that the twin boys had different personalites. For their birthdays, Daemon dressed up to the nines with a dashing formal suit while Casey wore a pyjamas for his cake cutting event.
YAHOO!! The boys screamed excitedly as they morphed into young teens.
Daemon Sierra as a bright eyed teenager whose favorite place was the dining table where he could savour Mum's dishes.
Casey Sierra grew up to be a plump teenager. "Hmm..I need to get my hands on the cakes before Daemon does!" Casey thought greedily as he eyed on both cakes.
Presenting to you The Sierra Twins!
The twin boys were similar in physique, slightly plump and short.
Baby 57 Essence Sierra as a little toddler! Like many of her siblings, she loved her Minnie Mouse pacifier.
Cadence was glad that Casey was a great help around home, he took the initiative to help look after his little siblings.
Cadence wanted to wean Essence off the pacifier, so she tried to take off her pacifier off to try out for a day. With nothing in the mouth, Essence decided to shove the toy into her mouth instead!!
Baby 58 Noah as a toddler boy!
The twin boys, Casey and Daemon were often teased in school due to their weight. They decided to take things in their hands by exercising hard.
"Mum, what's the best way to slim down?" Casey asked Cadence who had experiences in slimming down successfully.
Grandkids Galore! Cadence was carrying Nelson Sierra who had inherited the cool green skin from his dad Callum Sierra. Callum was carrying his niece, Genevieve, daughter of Ellie Sierra and Roderick Hansley.
Daemon was  frustrated with the fact that no matter how hard he tried at slimming down, he kept gaining weight. He hated himself for not able to control his eating habits.
He tried to swim even though he was hydrophobic. He was really scared and lost in the water.
"Can someone help me?" Daemon tried to calm down and concentrate on swimming.
Casey jumped into the pool and told him, "Bro, you are not in the correct gear for swimming! Where are your trunks?"
Click on the video to watch their hilarious actions in the pool!
If you experienced errors in watching the video, please go to
The twins held a breath contest in the pool.
Surprisingly, Daemon won the contest.
Visibly thinner, Daemon worked hard at his goal despite hard falls at the exercise machine.
"I must! I must! I must persevere on!" He encouraged himself.
He was practically going mad with his packed exercise routine and little food he had for his meals. On top of that, he had to juggle school and homework.
"Aha! Baby 59 on the way!" Cadence smiled as her body showed the first signs of pregnancy.
The twin boys went for a jog around town to train their stamina. Daemon was obviously the weaker one, with him lagging way behind Casey.
"Wait for me! Wait for me, Bro!" Daemon said breathlessly as he increased his speed to close up the gap.
Casey did not answer him and continued to run. By this time, Daemon had ran out of energy and decided to give up.
The energetic Casey continued to run uphill effortlessly.
"Come to Mummy, babe...." Cadence patiently taught Essence her first steps.
"Hmph, you are finally back from the jog." Daemon said to his brother, Casey.
"Why didn't you wait for me when I was calling you from the back?" Tempers flarred at the Sierras.
"You were so slow at the back, slowpoke! Don't expect me to wait for you." Casey retorted.
"What?!?! What did you call me?" Daemon shouted. "I SAID  SLOWPOKE! Can't understand? Let me spell it out for you...." Casey said angrily. Before Casey could finish his sentence, Daemon reached out his hand and gave him a tight slap.
Casey was stunned beyond words. He quickly recovered and gave Daemon a punch.
Daemon fought back hard. "I'll show you who is the stronger one!!" Daemon grunted angrily. "OWUchh!" Casey let out a yelp as Daemon threw him onto the ground.  
"So, who is the stronger one? Who is slowpoke?" Daemon challenged Casey.
"Admit defeat, I want YOU to say sorry!" Daemon demanded. "No! I did no wrong, why must I say sorry?" Casey rejected and walked away.
Daemon complained to Cadence about Casey. "Blood is thicker than water." Cadence offered a nugget of wisdom to Daemon.
Casey's favorite sibling was Noah, he especially loved to teach Noah the basics of music.
Daemon worked hard at achieving a slim and fit figure. "I must not lose to Casey!" He said as he huffed and puffed breathlessly.
The twin brothers were at loggerheads with one another. They could not stand the sight of each other.
To get back at Casey, the naughty Daemon copied his homework while he was hard at work.  
Cadence spoke to Casey about his relationship with his brother. "Casey, being the elder brother, you should always give way to Daemon." Casey obediently nodded but in his mind he was wondering, "I am only about a minute older than Daemon..."
"Woah Mum, is it a he or she?" Casey talked to Cadence's tummy.
"Well, you will know in due time!!" Cadence laughed.
Casey saw Daemon exercising hard while grooving to the music. He did not want to lose out to him and joined in the exercise.
The heavily pregnant Cadence having her own set of fun at the footsie game.
"Oouch!!" Cadence whimpered as the contractions kicked in. She quickly checked into the hospital.
The Sierras were pleased to announce the arrival of two bouncing boys. Baby 59 Harley Sierra (Thanks to Sophiona!)
Baby 60 Marley Sierra (Thanks to Sophiona!) Another 40 babies to go!!
"Thats all for now!" A sleepy Essence waves goodbye to the readers of the 100 baby challenge.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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