Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cool Winter Babies! Welcome Baby 62 and 63!

More toys added to the Sierra family. There was hula hoops, soft toys, helicopters, skating board, robots as well as a little swing which little Essence Sierra was sitting on.
"Cool! I love this swing! Mum!" Essence loved her new favourite spot of the house.
A new toy giraffe added to the princess corner.
A lovely robot which the boys would definitely love.
Cadence also acquired a new shelf to keep the stuff more organised. Spotted the soft toys and barbie dolls at the shelves?
Yes! They are so cute! The Sierra kids were so lucky to be living in a toy paradise and a mum who doted on them so much.
"Bro, I heard from Mum that you are an avid jogger, what the best and correct method to jog? "Baby 58 Noah asked his brother Casey curiously.
" can't poke your nose like this. It is rude to do so." Cadence educated her kids from young as she would want her kids to grow up right.
Time for a night birthday party!!
"Woohoo!!" Daemon clapped and cheered as Casey looked on sadly. He was sad to leave the Sierras.
A little spin and some glitter. Casey and Daemon were all ready to charge into the uncharted waters of young adulthood.
The two brothers as young adults. They had inherited their dad's receding hairline and they weren't too happy about that. Casey had shed off all baby fats while Daemon remained slightly plump.
"Mum! I'll miss you so much!" Casey said. "Don't be silly, dear! You can always swing by anytime!" Cadence comforted his little boy. In her eyes, her kids would always be her little babies no matter how old they might be. Daemon, on the other hand, was all raring to leave and start his "brand new life".  
The twins, Noah and Essence had something in common. They were both left-handers and loved cakes. They were the most excited whenever there were any birthday parties in the house.
"Bro, this is your third cake, are you sure you are not full yet?" Essence quizzed Noah who just could not stop at those cakes.
Cadence met a unique guy at the coffeehouse downtown and took up the courage to ask him to be part of the 100 baby challenge. She took a long time to explain about the rules of the challenge. "No commitment, no love involved..." Cadence rattered on. "But why me?" The guy with pale skin asked. He was aptly called Winter (Thanks to cupcake!). "If you have been following my challenge, I like to have daddies of different and unique features. I really like your skin colour and hair! I sincerely hope that you can be part of my 100 baby challenge." Cadence pleaded with Winter. "Well....." Winter pondered. Cadence blinked her doe eyes and Winter's heart melted and said yes relucantly.   
Soon after, Cadence invited Winter to her house.
"Hmm...What have I gotten myself into?" Winter had regretted his decision but did not want to disappoint Cadence.
"Thank you so much for being part of the challenge.." Cadence gave Winter a warm embrace.
She proceeded on to give Winter a little peck on his lips. "What are you doing?!?" Winter pushed Cadence away angrily.
"Sorry, no kisses please...I only kiss the one girl that I love the most. I'm so sorry for this sudden outburst." Winter said.
"Alright, fine...lets proceed with baby 62 then.." Cadence was taken aback with Winter's hostile behaviour.
Winter was so carried away that he made out with Cadence and actually kissed her! He had totally forgotten about his earlier words that he would only kiss the girl that he loved deeply.
Finally, it was Noah and Essence's birthday party. They had been talking about their birthday party for ages!
Baby 58 Noah had inherited his dad's hairstyle!
Baby 57 Essence as a sweet teenager with light purple eyes. She had thick brows which she tried to cover with this new hairstyle.
Check out her thick brows when she pulled her hair back!
Her brother, Noah had the coolest hairstyle!
The grownup kids were a great help around house. Here was Essence giving Marley his nightly snack.
Baby 61 Edith Sierra as a toddler. She had eyes as round as saucepans and was one of the prettiest toddler that Cadence had ever had. Judging from her toddler's look, she looked like she would grow up to be one ravishing beauty! 
"Come on..come to mama." Cadence encouraged Edith as she took on her first steps.
Edith was walking slowly but surely. The Sierras would have an additional toddler running around the house soon!
The twins Harley and Marley grew up into little boys! This was Baby 60 Marley as a little boy.
Baby 59 Harley as a little boy.
"I want to be an artist when I grow up..." Marley proudly proclaimed his ambition to his brother who was  busy playing with his blocks.
"Or maybe I would want to be an astronaut!" Marley changed his mind as he played with the little toy astronaut.
" are forever changing your mind...shan't bother with you..." Harley ignored Marley and laughed.
The multi-gendered twins Noah and Essence loved to unwind with their favourite activity: Videogames. "I'm gonna beat you in this game! I have more strength and muscles. Haha" Noah challenged his sister.
"We are not playing tug-of-war here. Don't you know that videogames do not require strength and muscles? All you need is skills and wits!" Essence laughed at his brother who seemed to be losing in the game.
"Blearghhhhh...." Nausea never fail to strike for all pregnancies.
Essence was totally addicted to her video game and challenged her younger brother to the games.
On the other hand, Harley had shown a keen interest in the arts and painting arena.
"Keep it up Harley! Your painting is great..." Cadence praised her little boy.
Edith showed her love for boy's toys like helicopters and toy cars.
"Bro, you need some fresh air, don't be cooped up in the house doing your painting! Let's go for a jog!" Marley asked his brother to accompany him for a jog.
The twins went jogging around the house compounds.
Notice their similarities and spot their difference!
In her free time, Cadence indulged in a game of footsie.
The footsie game was a great game where Mum and daughter Essence could bond over.
Cadence was one cool mum. Even with a huge bump, she could play a game of rugby with Noah. "There you go! Catch!!! Noah...Look out!" Cadence shouted out to Noah.
"Hold on...WAIT!! I'm not ready yet!" Noah tried to stop Cadence from throwing the ball.
"Wooo...that's a lousy attempt at catching the ball!" Noah said and he was disappointed with his performance.
"Come on! I'm sure you can do better...." Cadence encouraged Noah.
"HEYYYYYYYY YOO" Cadence shouted as she showed off her best moves. This was her "Flamingo" pose where she could stand with one foot.
This was pretty amazing for a lady who was heavily pregnant and could deliver any minute.
"LOOK OUT!!" Cadence spinned and used all her might to throw the ball.
Noah missed the ball. "Opps..." Cadence shrugged her shoulders.
"Yahoo..." After a few throws, Noah seemed to be able to get the hang of it.
"YEOWCH!" It was time to make way for the grand arrival of Baby 62.
OH wait! Its was twins!
Welcome to the world. Baby 62 Emerson Sierra! (Thanks to keanu!)
"Yup! Its twins! You can pop by to take a look at them. They are my winter babies! They inherited your skin colour!" Cadence said to Winter who called to ask if the babies were fine.
Next up! Baby 63 Cameron Sierra! (thanks to keanu!)

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.
If you are wondering where to download certain objects like cribs or new toys that you have seen in my challenge, do visit to find out.


  1. I'm totally following this now that I've got my own started :)

  2. Hi rainstar11! Congrats and good luck!!

  3. Hi just wondering where you got all the cool hair styles and clothes from..?? I love them :) And would love to download them if possible :) xx

  4. I f you are on epic life span, then how come the babies become toddlers before a new baby is born

  5. @Stealingkisses: I get them from all over, but i do post some of them on
    Do take a look.

    @Anonymous: I use the birthday cake to age them.


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