Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby 61! A Pink Bundle of Joy!

There was a man, Westin Bakker (Thanks to mojot89!) who stood out from all applications of the 100 baby challenge. He had promised Cadence that he would produce babies with purple violet hair. With purple as her favorite colour, Cadence was keen to enrol him as a daddy of her baby challenge.
"Yippee!" Daemon Sierra bellowed as he was all prepared to charge into the unknown world of teenhood. He was sick of his diets and exercising. He had finally acknowledged his weight and was confident and comfortable in his own skin.
Casey, on the other hand, had successfully lost his weight. Let us all give him a pat on his back!
"Shall we proceed with baby 61 right now?" Westin asked. "Woah! You are fast! That's great. That would definitely help to speed up my 100 baby challenge!" Cadence jested.
Westin was excited that he was going to have a baby soon. He was proud that he had taken part in this 100 baby challenge and had babies with the legendary Cadence Sierra of Sunset Valley.
Time for some growth spurt!
Cheeky little Baby 58 Noah Sierra doing a little spin as he grew into a little kid.
Little Baby 57 Essence Sierra's turn!
Essence grew up into an exotic girl with huge light purple eyes, glistening dark skin and cute braids.
It was definitely true that twins would have the same actions!
Baby 60 Marley in his cute designer jeans.
Baby 59 Harley Sierra as a bald little toddler. Cadence wondered where did their bald gene come from. Apparently, alot of Sierra kids were bald when they were toddlers or kids. " there something lacking in my diet and I have missed during my pregancy? Shall consult Dr Blueflame on that...." Cadence pondered.
"BOO!" Essence loved playing with her younger siblings. Cadence was glad that her kids could get along so well.
"HAR...ley......." Essence played happily with her younger brother, Harley who was obviously thrilled.
He ain't heavy. He is my brother. Essence gave Harley a warm family hug.
Noah, on the other hand was having a tough time with his elder brothers. "Leave me alone!! Mum! Casey and Daemon are bullying me" Noah shouted as his two brother tried to corner him for some extra pocket money to buy their video games.
Harley and Marley loved playing with their blocks. This was definitely in the Sierra's genes. The Sierra kids had a penchant for blocks. Future architects and engineers in the making?
"Mum, why do I have a different skin colour as you? Am I not your kid? " Essence had took a long time before picking up the courage to ask Cadence about her skin colour. She had always wondered why she was different from her brothers and sisters. "Dear, your dad is of the same skin colour as you." Cadence was taken aback that Essence had asked such a question. "Then why is my twin brother, Noah not of the same skin colour as me?" Essencse asked curiously. "Both of you are fraternal twins which means non-identical twins, so it is very common for non-identical twins to look completely different from one another." Cadence explained then proceeded on to show Essence her dad's photo.
Harley hard at work with the blocks while Marley took a little break with his bottle.
Doting sister Essence joined them for some fun.
Soon after, Noah also joined in. "Bro, do you know we are fraternal twins?" Essence quipped. "Frater...what?" Noah was puzzled. "FRATERNAL TWINS! Which means we are non-identical twins." Essence laughed. "Wow! Thats a pretty cool term. We are fraternal twins, shall tell my friends about that." Noah was amazed at this fact.
The kids played as Cadence looked on. To Cadence, this was family bliss.
Granddaughter, Noel Sierra came by to visit her grandma Cadence. She was the daughter of Anako and Wayne Paul Louie "Grandma! I am the top graduating student of my class!" Noel said excitedly as she broke the great news to her grandma. "Grandma is so proud of you!" Cadence swelled up with pride and joy.
"Hmm...what shall I reward my dilligent granddaughter Noel?" Cadence pondered quietly as Noel and her enjoyed a episode of funny sitcom.
Cadence preening in front of the mirror. She was trying on the latest makeup colours from the Spring Edition 2010 makeup series.
Time to earn some dough for the family! In this 100 baby challenge, there would be constant additions to the family and more mouths to feed.
Cadence carried Harley to the Central Park as there were no babysitters available for him.
As Cadence belted out songs after songs, Baby 2 Bryce Sierra walked past and saw that no one was attending to his brother, Harley. He picked him up and tossed him into the air. "Do you know I'm Baby 2 Bryce, your brother! Ahah!" Bryce laughed as Harley gurgled as if he understood what he was saying.  
He helped to look after Harley as Cadence worked hard to earn her keeps.
"Wooooo hooooo...." Cadence's sweet voice floated in the air...
Kind souls helped to look after Harley and changed his diapers.
Poor little Harley fell asleep on the cold hard ground at the Central Park while Mum tried her best to earn as much as she could.
As the crowds slowly dispersed, it was time for Cadence to pack up for the day. "Wake up, my dear! You are such a good boy!" Cadence nudged Harley and carried him back him to his cosy crib.
"Mum! When is the next baby coming out? I want to play with him or her!" Noah asked.
"Ahh...the wonders of pregnancy!" Cadence was pregnant almost half of her young adult time and was still loving every moment of her pregnancy. She loved to feel the baby's kicks!
In the relaxing and idyllic afternoon, Cadence fell asleep on a reclining chair along the sandy beaches.  
OH! The part that Cadence hated the most! Labour pains and contractions.
Noah freaked out when he saw Cadence yelping in pain.
So did Casey....
For this birth, everything happened so quickly that Cadence had no time to think or react. A bright shimmering glitter surrounded her. She was having a home birth!!
She did a magical spin and out popped a little girl whose eyes was tightly shut.
Cadence held on to her pink bundle of joy tightly. She was exhausted from the birth.
Let us put our hands together to welcome Baby 61 Edith Sierra! (thanks to Elinha!) Its been a long time since Cadence had a single birth!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. I really love this story! You have done an amazing job! Where dd you get Essence's hairstyle? It's so lovely. =)

  2. Después de tantos años y me sigue gustando esta historia 😁


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