Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome to The Sierras! You are invited to their housewarming!

Little insane girl Candace Sierra swam in her casual clothes! *Gasp** She had better not let her mum see this!
The little vampire girls grew up!! This was baby 51 Allegra Sierra. "Opps! Another bald little girl!" Cadence thought. Cheeky little Allegra did not seem to mind a little bit.
Halfway mark Baby 50 Cleo looked like a typical ittle asian beauty with single eyelids and black hair.
Baby 52 Tasha Sierra looked like a little vampire girl with her red hot fiery eyes and jet black hair.
"Girl, you gotta go to bed now..its getting late! You've got school tomorrow!" Cadence told Candace who was looking through the telescope late into the night.
While all the kids were asleep, Cadence took a tour around the house. She had been wanting to move for some time due to the lack of space and entertainment areas for her kids. But she was unable to do so as she had grown so familiar and attached to this house where she had given birth to so many babies. As she walked past each part and corner of the house, memories of the past came to her mind. She could not bear to move but it was time for the Sierras to move into a bigger abode.
Finally, she took a deep breath and sat in front of the laptop. "Alright, let's do it!" She muttered to herself as her mouse cursor hovered around the "MOVE" button. She closed her eyes, clicked on the button and chosed the dream home that she had eyed on a long time ago.
The next morning, baby 46 Owen woke up bright and early for the big house moving. He immediately sprang from the bed when he heard Cadence saying, "There's gonna be video games there!"
Cadence carrying the sleepy Baby 48 Spencer to their new house! Cadence was feeling a little grumpy and sad as she had mixed feelings about moving. However, deep in her heart, she knew this was the dream home that she had been yearning for.
WOOHOO!! Brand new glass house! Welcome! Cadence can't wait to bring you on a little tour around the house. She was mighty proud of the renovations and decorations that she had visualised and thought hard about.
This house was taken from the exchange (Thanks to sparkle!) and was modified specially by me for this 100 baby challenge.
The new glass house sat beside the sandy beaches of Sunset Valley with the address 477 Sunny Side Blvd. The Sierras could hear the crashing of waves at night. What was more unique about this house was that all the bedrooms enjoyed 360 degrees panoramic views of the deep blue ocean. AND!! Cadence finally had a car to do her grocery shopping and go downtown! She no longer had to rely on the little yellow taxi.
Cadence and the kids all ready to explore the new house!
This was the slide specially customised for the Sierra's kids. The heart shapes on the slide represented the love that Cadence had for her kids.
A tranquil and picturesque area for the Sierras to hold their big birthday bashes. It was a poolside cum seaside venue, how wonderful can that be?
A serene and cool blue theme for the living room. Its the perfect hangout for any couch potato Sierra!
Having meals at the dining room defined a different and unique experience for the Sierra as they would be able to see the sunset and sunrise of Sunset Valley. The Sierras were totally living the Sims 3 dream, any residents at Sunset Valley would love to own such a house.
A modern and contemporary kitchen complemented the dining room. The view overlooked the pool and the birthday celebration arena.
This was a new addition to the Sierra family. The football game! The family would definitely spend hours bonding over this game.
Next up: The most interesting concept of the house. The second level was two huge rooms. One was Cadence's master room and the other was the kids/nursery room. The kids room adopted a thematic zone concept. Each part of the space was of different themes where it would catered for kids of different age group and gender.
This zone was the Kids zone where school going kids can do their homework, surf the net and have a good night's rest.
This zone had a great view of the sandy beaches and sea. It was called the Wilderness Lodge. It had a cheeky monkey as a decoration, panda's crib and frog dresser. It was a place for the kids to go wild and crazy with the little tiger plush toys and rocking horses. The boys would definitely love this area.
This was the Learning Corner. It had all the educational toys like the globe, alphabet chart and chalkboard where Cadence could teach them all about the world.
This area would be the girl's favourite zone. It was named the Princess's Hideaway. All things princessy were being found here. The princess crib, the dolls, the cute pink mobiles...and all things pink and pastel purple.
More of the Princess's Hideaway. The beautiful and exquisite crib was specially made to order for the Sierras.
Candace was especially excited about the Princess's hideaway. She had always imagined that she was one of the princesses in those fairytales. She felt like she was living in a little castle of her own.
"Hmm...whats that?" Candace said as she saw something that caught her eye. She walked closer to take a good look at it.
"Wow! I love this doll!" Candace cheered and clapped! She loved this house, she had totally forgotten about the previous house and how sad she was when she left the house.
Cadence's master bedroom and the all important bed which would help her to complete her 100 baby challenge.
A relaxing corner for Cadence to unwind after a long day of work.
Owen can't wait to lay his hands on his favorite video games.
Cadence looked around the house and gave a satisfied smile. She had bought this house after much scrimping, saving and playing long hours at the guitar for tips. She was so proud that she had done it.
" call that art?" Owen frowned at his twin sister, Candace's painting. "This is know. Art cannot be explained..." Candace retorted.
Spencer had a great time at Wilderness Lodge. His favourite toy was the Xing the Lunar Year Tiger. Thanks to SPANETTE for the gift! The gift was a perfect one to usher in the year of the tiger!
"Wooooo....gooo.....!" Cadence shrieked in excitement as she joined her son, Owen in a videogame of football. "This way, Mum! This way!" Owen tried to guide her mum in the game. Both mother and son had good fun over it.
Sincere thanks to SPANETTE for another gift of the Grassy frog Dresser. It was perfect to place it in the Wilderness Lodge.
Owen had his go at the "Love" Slide. "Weeeee!!" He screamed as he slided down.
Candace and her great obsession with telescope. This house enjoyed a better view and she was totally loving it.
The glass house at night.
The back view of the house. That's the end of the house tour. Hope that you have enjoyed this tour and would look forward to the new babies and adventures in this new home!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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