Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Sims 3 Tots

Hello guys!!

Thank you for your support thus far for my 100 baby challenge. I guess many of you have queries as to where I download some of my kids items in my challenge. I have set up a little site specially dedicated to the little simmies. Hope its helps, especially those who have your own 100 baby challenge.

Here is the site. Enjoy:)



  1. Thanks, I really love the rainbow skins!!

  2. Hi, Can u please help me. I CAN'T download any peggyzone hairs i follow the stepss it says to do but it doesn't work :( can u show me how


  3. harmony u rule how do u get the hair ive got prydwyn mikolaj jewel diamand pearl leah keyra and raileigh hair how do u get the others

  4. Hi harmonysims

    U rule your my biggest fan raileigh rules so much but u rule more I hope sakari can be a name? from your biggest fan Fufill

  5. Can you put up a sim toddler and child with that bun hairstyle that Mikolaj had when she was a child? I've been looking everywhere!

  6. @Anon: Did u install the packages into my computer..then the sims 3?

    Hi guys, those hairstyles that I did not post on sims 3 tots means I have conveniently downloaded them and forgotten where I got them..so sorry:(


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