Sunday, March 14, 2010

First set of Ghost twin babies!! Baby 53 and 54!!

In Cadence's quest to get ghost babies for her 100 baby challenge, she search high and low for a ghost daddy in Sunset Valley. She tried all methods to advertise for a ghost daddy. Newspapers, mass emails, magazines, online search just to name a few. She heaved a huge sigh of relief when she finally found Damien LeBau (Thanks to Izziebelle!) who was willing to volunteer for the baby challenge.
"I'm trying hard for a ghost baby! Will I be successful?" Cadence asked Damien. She was happy to hear that Damien has fathered some ghost babies himself. She was optimistic that she would get a ghost baby and look forward to cuddling one!
Deep into their conversation, Cadence can't help but feel sad. Damien reminded her of Baby 32 Darcie Sierra, her dear teenage child who died of drowning many years back. Just like Darcie, Damien died of drowning at the public pool. He was a blue ghost just like Darcie.
Seeing that Cadence was feeling down, Damien comforted her,"Come on, cheer up. Darcie does not want to see you sad like this." Cadence was overwhelmed with emotions that she was unable to continue her quest for her ghost baby. She told Damien that she would be back tomorrow to conceive her next baby.
Onto happier events: The multi-gendered twins rite of passage to teens! Cadence held a big birthday bash for them.
Owen was really happy to grow up while Candace was in a pensive mood, she hoped that her teenage years would be a memorable and great one.
Owen Sierra as a teenager!
Candace also inherited Cadence's brows and hair. She had a slightly more rounder face than Owen.
The twins got along really well and their favorite game was the chess. They loved to challenge each other in this game. "I really love this house, sis. Don't you think its really cool?" Owen asked his sis.
"Stop talking! Will you. I need to concentrate on my moves!" Candace chided Owen as she pondered on her next step.
Time for baby 48 Spencer Sierra to grow up.
"Wow! You really look like a elf boy!" Cadence gasped as she told Spencer that he looked alot like his dad.
Baby 49 Jewel Sierra was tickled by the tingling sensation that a sim would experienced when they grew up.
The twins looked identical except for their hair colour. Jewel had inherited her mum's hair and brows. But she had her dad's eye colour.
Candace loved talking to herself. To make way for more babies for the 100 baby challenge, Candace and Owen had to grow up and move out of the Sierras. This change proved to be too tough for Candace to take, her condition aggravated and she started talking to herself more often.
"Yada Yada da..." She spoke to herself again.
"I'll miss this house....and this sofa where I played my video game" young adult Owen looked around the house one last time before their move. This was definitely their dream home. Candace looked on and tried to surpress her sadness. " are always welcome to come back to visit..." Cadence tried to cheer up the twins and lighten the atmosphere.
To continue with the 100 baby challenge, Cadence took special efforts to send Damien to the new home. The new ride was indeed handy for Cadence to pick up her kids, do grocery shopping etc.
"Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge, I had a hard time trying to find a ghost daddy." Cadence gave Damien a warm hug to thank him.
"You are welcome! Cadence." Damien proceeded to give Cadence a peck on her lips.
"I hope I can fulfil your dream of having a ghost baby." Damien said. "I really hope so..." Cadence replied.
And there they went....the makings of Baby 53...
Both vampire girls Cleo and Tasha had something in common. They loved to bite on their toys as much as they loved them.
They were indeed showing signs of the true makings of a vampire girl.
Their sister, Allegra was tamer. She loved to sit near the television to watch her favorite cartoon series. She could sit still for many hours with her eyes fixed intently on the telly.
Cadence putting sleepyhead Tasha to bed.
Jewel Sierra loved her little cosy corner. She practically slept in front of the window where one can see the vast blue ocean and the white sandy beaches. How's that for inspiration?
The Sierras at their favourite activity: Watching kid's television programmes.
Princess Cleo at her Princess's Hideaway. She adored her little teddy and cannot fall asleep without the teddy.  
Cadence looked around her house, being very pleased with her masterpiece. She was proud that she had done this all with much scrimping and saving. She loved the princess area the most, with all things pink and pastel purple. These two were her favorite colours.
"Hmm...I wonder if I would really get ghost babies." Cadence kept her fingers crossed.
Spencer was a hardworking and sensible boy. He knew that Cadence was having a hard time juggling the kids, pregnancies and earning money for bread and butter. He worked hard to hone his writing skills, hoping that one day he can sell his works to relieve Cadence's financial burdens. Cadence was so touched when she saw Spencer working on his writing skills late into the night that she teared a little.  
The bump is showing! Cadence stroked her bump proudly.
"Mum, I really really need a perfect and beautiful spade for my school craftwork." Spencer told Cadence animatedly. Being a drama mama, Spencer would have dramatic actions and speech to emphasize his points and what he was trying to convey.
Cadence had some time to herself. She loved the sounds of the ocean. They never failed to calm her down.
She pelted some songs and enjoyed herself thoroughly.
Cadence waited patiently for the arrival of Baby 53. She hoped for the best.
Baby 53 was coming anytime soon!!
Have you ever seen a pregnant lady in labour driving herself to the hospital for delivery? There you have it, Cadence Sierra, the mother of the 100 baby challenge driving herself for delivery.
"WHHHHHEeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Cadence shrieked as she saw Baby 53. It was a ghost baby indeed! Her wish had came true! Introducing Baby 53 Miranda Sierra (Thanks to Izziebelle!).
Another pleasant surprise. Its was twin girls!! Another ghost baby! Baby 54 Neko Sierra (Thanks to Lufferkinz!). Delivering ghost babies was a unique and different experience for Cadence. The delivery was especially fast, painless and fuss free. Cadence had a new role at hand: to learn the needs and wants of ghost babies! They do not cry like normal sims babies!

Stay tuned for the next post, there will be some shocking developments. The next post will definitely make you gasp and go...Opps!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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