Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fat Babies in the making? Baby 55 & 56!!

The birth of ghost babies Miranda and Neko evoked memories of Cadence's dead child, baby 32  Darcie Sierra. Tearness of sadness flowed freely as she mourned her passing.
The Sierras had acquired a new brand new stroller. It was really useful for Cadence. She could enjoy her book and at the same time look after her kids. She would place the most sleepy kid into the stroller for an afternoon nap.
This was Cadence with Allegra in the stroller. She refused to get down the stroller as she hated to have her feet touch the grass. She could sit there for hours looking at  her sisters play with blocks.
Then it was Cadence's turn to take a short nap while the kids kept themselves entertained!
Baby 49 Elf girl Jewel felt a tingle in her spine. Did she see anything scary? No! It was time to grow up!
Jewel as a teenager! She had the weirdest hair that resembled two huge meat buns. She also had a piercing stare with her elfy bright yellow eyes.
She had an evil trait so Cadence did not allow her to carry her siblings lest she bullied them. Jewel carried Neko when Cadence was busy whipping up a meal in the kitchen.
Jewel put down Neko and rubbed her hands with glee. She had a glint of mischief in her eyes.
She quickly stole a candy from Neko who gave out a loud cry. Jewel was satisfied with her loot and licked the lollipop happily.
Just then, Cadence heard the loud cries from Miranda and Neko. She walked up the stairs to pick up Miranda. She saw poor Neko on the floor crying real hard and Jewel trying to run away from the scene. She knew that something was wrong. "Jewel!! What did you do to Neko??" Cadence's voice faded away as Jewel fled from the scene.
The triplets grew up! Baby 52 Tasha Sierra as a child. She was a sweet looking vampire girl with huge red eyes and jet black hair.
This was Baby 48 Elf boy Spencer pumping his fists into the air to indicate triumph as he became a teenager. "Are you ok? Bro?" Jewel asked her brother curiously and sarcastically. She did not understand why he had to be so happy becoming a teenager.
The triplet girls as kids! From left to right: Tasha, Cleo and Allegra.
"Girls, would you like to attend art lessons?" Cadence asked the triplets girls. Cadence was always on the lookout for lessons that would enhance and improve her kids' skills.
This was Allegra's favorite toy, the warrior princess. She would play and talk to it for hours!
"Ahhh!!...Wooo!" Jewel cried excitedly as the Sierras bonded over a game of footsie.
"ARgh!!!" Owen hit the machine angrily as he lost the game to his mum and sis. "Well, Owen! Its just a game!" Cadence laughed.
Time for the ghost babies' big birthday bash!!
Siblings would always be siblings. Boy girl twins Owen and Jewel had the same actions and expressions!
This was how Neko would looked like if she was not a ghost baby. She loved her pacifier and could not sleep without it.
This was Miranda as a toddler. She inherited Cadence's looks!
The twin ghost girls playing with blocks. The Sierra kids were trained to play with blocks as Cadence felt that playing with blocks would help with their imagination, creativity and analytical skills.
Owen and Jewel had to grow up to make some space for new babies for Cadence's 100 baby challenge! Owen was sad that he had to left the Sierras.
Jewel as a young adult, all ready to embrace anything that would come along her way!
Baby 39 Cloudie Sierra introduced a potential daddy to Cadence. He was Cloudie's housemate. "Mum, be prepared for a shocker when you see him!" Cloudie warned. "No worries! I have seen too many weird daddies in my challenge! Bring it on!" Cadence jested.
Everyone! Meet Fargus McFlannagan (thanks to Erthymamma!). He was the big friendly giant of Sunset Valley. Alot of people were intimated by his humongous figure and were afraid to talk to him. Deep down in his heart, he yearned for company and kids.
"Hi! You must be Cloudie's mum, Cadence. I'm Fargus. Wow, you are so well preserved, you looked like her sister!" Fargus greeted Cadence with a firm handshake. He used so much strength that Cadence's hands hurt alittle.  
" really cut an imposing figure." Cadence's mind was full of thoughts. She was thinking how would Fargus and her kid would turn out.
Cadence worked on her charms and flirted with Fargus.
However, it did not seemed to be working on Fargus who pushed Cadence slightly away.
"Hmm! Let me carry you." Cadence thought that Fargus had accepted her, little did she know that Fargus was doing a little test.
"Nah! You are way too light! " Fargus said.
"Huh? What has it got to do with accepting the baby challenge?" Cadence was stumped. "Sorry, I really do not like stick thin girls. Especially girls who are as light as feathers (referring to Cadence)! I like plump girls. I don't mind fat girls!" Fargus said.
"What?!? Who do you think you are? How dare you insult me! Look at your gross large tummy!" Cadence pointed to Fargus's huge tummy.
"Do you know why everyone hates you? Come on! Take a good look at yourself." Cadence was so angry that she started to hurl insulting words at Fargus.
"Get out! Stop your nonsense!" Fargus shouted.
"Why do I have to get out? This is my daughter Cloudie's house." Cadence retorted.
"Is it your problem that I don't like stick thin girls? What has it got to do with you and why are you so worked up?" Fargus asked Cadence. "I hate the fact that you call me stick thin and light as a feather. I am a heavyweight figure in my house, I am the mother of the 100 baby challenge and no daddies in my challenge has rejected me before." Cadence said in a firm tone. "Well, I can only accept your challenge if you are a fat lady. No thin girls for me! And I'm throwing you a challenge to be fat, its not easy to gain weight, especially for a stick like you." Fargus said.
"Get on my car right now! I'll show you that I can be fat, right NOW!!" Cadence used all her strength and might to push and shove Fargus into her car. "Where are you taking me to?" Fargus was puzzled. "Don't ask! Just be quiet!" Cadence blew her top at Fargus. She was determined to become fat.
"I gotta say this is a pretty nice house for a stick like you!" Fargus laughed as he insulted Cadence once again.
Upon taking a tour around the house, Fargus fell asleep on the kitchen's floor. Few minutes later, he quietly crept out of Cadence's house while she was busy on a mission to increase her weight.
Cadence ate everything that she could lay her hands on. She had to gain weight fast and quick to prove Fargus wrong. She feasted on icecream. She ate....
and ate.....
and ate....
and drank.....
and drank....
and cooked....
and ate....
She stuffed and gorged herself silly. Look at her heaving bosom! Is this Cadence?
"Mum? What happened?" Allegra was shocked to see her mum gained so much weight.
Tasha, on the other hand like Cadence's new image,"Mum, you looked good this way!" She applauded and cheered while Allegra looked on.
This was Cadence in her trademark casual gear. Her old clothes were so tight that they were about to burst at their seams. She gained so much weight that she even boasted a double chin! She looked like she was pregnant even though she was not!
Little Miranda almost couldn't recognise her dear mum.
With her successful weight gain, she was pretty sure that she would "conquer" Fargus. He no longer had any excuse to reject her.
"Hmmph..I'll look for Fargus tomorrow!" Cadence thought.
Check out those thunder thighs. Pity those little red heels that looked like they were about to give way under Cadence's heavy weight.
Her weight gain brought about one advantage: she had lots of strength to do her household chores.
The next day, Cadence trooped to Cloudie's house to find Fargus. "Wow, Mum! What did you do?" Cloudie gasped. "Well, ask your housemate, Fargus. But no worries, I'm sure I will be able to slim down in lightning speed. " Cadence said.
"Here, have some pastries!" In Fargus's fashion, he shoved Cadence some food once he saw her. Food was definitely one of his first love.
They went to the Central Park for a chat. But Fargus kept repeating the fact that he was hungry and needed some food.
Cadence leaned over to cuddle Fargus.
"Shall we have some food first?" Fargus said to Cadence. "Can you put aside that first? I need to continue my 100 baby challenge!" Cadence replied.
"Fine, fine! Let's talk about the water in the pond then!" Fargus said. They were chatting about anything under the sun when a previous daddy Ember Fetchstorm saw Cadence from the back. He did a double take as he thought that he had seen wrongly. "My gosh! Is that the pretty lovely gorgeous Cadence that I knew? What happened to her svelte hot mama figure?" Ember gasped.
Cadence invited Fargus home so that she could continue her challenge. It was a funny sight to see their protruding tummies almost hitting each other!
They held hands....
and embraced one another...
Cadence gave Fargus a kiss but it proved to be a mammoth task with their tummies in the way.
Before they knew it, they were in bed for some action!
They cuddled and Cadence held Fargus's clammy hands..
Ahah! Sweet sounds of the lullaby! Baby on the way!
"I really think you look good this way! Don't slim down, stay this way, Cadence!" Fargus told Cadence that he liked her figure. "Welll....Thank you! But I prefer my stick thin figure. I get exhausted easily when I gain weight." Cadence said.
Toddler Neko enjoying a snack at the high chair.
Neko loved the outdoors, she loved to bask in the sun.
So the stroller would come in handy for Cadence as she could enjoy her book and looked after Neko at the same time.
Baby 32 Darcie came back to visit the Sierras!
Cadence was thrilled to see her! "Mum! You have grown alot in the chest area! Haha..." Darcie said as she looked at Cadence's heaving bosom.
"You are doing great! I'm so proud to have the legendary Cadence Sierra as my mum!" Darcie said. Upon hearing that, tears welled up in Cadence eyes. "Take care of yourself, darling!" Cadence tried to fight back her tears.
"Thanks for finally accepting my baby challenge!" Cadence thanked Fargus as she showed Fargus her pregnant bump. One could no longer tell if it was a pregnant bump or her protruding tummy.
Cadence spent some time fishing. She loved fishing as it helped her earn some money, it brought her enjoyment and she could bask in the lovely sunset scenery.
From her back, One could tell that Cadence was indeed at her heaviest. She had never been so fat in her life.
She was especially hungry for this pregancy. She happily helped herself to the food, totally oblivious to the ants that were crawling into the picnic basket. Is that a sign that her impending baby would be a fat one too?
She met her "babies" at the beach and they were thrilled to see Cadence. This was Baby 41 and 42 Princess and Princess II Sierra suntaning at the beach.
"Woah! anytime soon, Mum!" Baby 42 Princess II Sierra gushed as she rubbed Cadence's tummy.
It was almost like a self fulfiling prophecy. Just as she finished her sentence, Cadence experienced contractions! The onlookers at the beach all freaked out.
Except for Baby 49 Jewel Sierra who had an evil trait. "AHaha, Mum is gonna have more babies! Which means I get to steal more candy from the baby!" Jewel entertained a vicious thought.
"Get me an ambulance! The baby is coming out! I can feel it!" Cadence screamed in pain.
Hours later, Cadence and Fargus carried two bouncing boys. Yes, its twins! Baby 55 Casey Sierra! (Thanks to Ashley745!) His face was slightly covered by Cadence's heaving bosom.
Baby 56 Daemon Sierra! (thanks to Ellie101!) Will they become fat like their father? Are they fat babies in the making? Will Cadence ever slim down? Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. Glad that you used one of the names that I suggested. Hope little Casey turns out to be a cutie.

    Poor Cadence...thinking that she has to make herself fat just to get a father to participate in her challenge. Fargus should feel privileged to take part

  2. Hi Ashley! I sure hope so, but i wonder if they would inherit Fargus genes...

    Yup..Cadence is one gungho lady, she would do anything for the challenge!

  3. can u actually eat a TON to gain weight?

  4. @Anon: Yup, you could in sims 3

  5. Did you just guess what the ghost twins would look like? or was there something you did to see them as a normal Sim? (I really want to see what my ghost baby looks like as a normal Sim.)

    1. I'm a bit late but you edit them in CAS (testingcheatsenabled true can do that) and turn them from a ghost to a human and then back in the basics section.


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