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Dark and White Chocolate! Another set of girl boy twins! Baby 57 & 58

 "Hmm...I think I need to lose these flab. It seemed that I am getting breathless these days." Cadence decided to fight the flab to look more energetic and attractive for her 100 baby challenge.
"The pool seemed to be quite a good start.." Cadence pondered on where to start and decided that the pool was a starting point for her.
Lock this image in your memory. You will never get to see Cadence at this size ever again.
Cadence was determined to lose the weight. She swam for hours and hours...
She hit on the treadmills at night....
....while the girls entertained themselves with some telly time.
Baby 32 Darcie's ghost came back to visit! This time she was so sleepy that she slept like a log on the kids bed.
She visited her young siblings as well.
Visibily thinner, Cadence went for a power jog around town, she was close to getting back her previous slim and svelte figure! Kudos to Cadence! Run Cadence Run!
Cadence got back just in time for the triplets birthday. "Yahoo!! Time to grow up girls!" Cadence cheered on Cleo, Tasha and Allegra.
"Err...Mum..This is so scary! I don't like the shimmer glittery thing around my body! Can I not grow up?" Tasha looked on as she saw Allegra's body started to shimmer and glow. "Don't be silly, my child! Every sim has to go through this! You went through this when you were a baby and you were so brave!" Cadence comforted Tasha who had butterfiles in her stomach.
Baby 51 Allegra Sierra as a teenager. She was the only one who had inherited Cadence's hair and brows colour.
Baby 50 Cleo Sierra looking like a pretty asian lady with her slity eyes and sharp profile. Both Allegra and Cleo had similar features save for their hair colour.
Baby 52 Tasha Sierra was a true blue vampire girl with her fiery red eyes and black hair. However, she seemed to look alot like Cadence with her round face and huge eyes.
"This is the way to......" Cadence shared her slimming tips with Allegra who was amazed at her lightning speed at losing all her flab.
"But no worries, girl, you have fantastic genes like your mum. So even if you put on weight, you will lose them quickly too." Cadence laughed at her own joke.
"Hmmpph...looking good for the next baby!" Cadence was relieved and proud that she had shed off the kilos. She had heard lots of horror stories where the sims gained weight and would never lose the weight ever again.
"Good job, Cadence!" Cadence praised herself and gave herself a pat on the back.
With the triplets girls as teenage girls, they proved to be a great help around house. This was Tasha helping her lil' sister Neko with her snack.
Its time for the ghost babies to grow up! This was Miranda as a child.
This was how Baby 54 Neko Sierra would look if she was not a ghost baby. She had an air of eerieness especially with those eyes of hers that seemed to be staring straight at you.
The mirror was her best friend, she loved to look at herself in the mirror and often asked Cadence why her sister Miranda and her were so different from her other siblings.
Both Miranda and Neko were the best of friends and the girls often kept to themselves and seldom interacted with their siblings unless necessary. They had an inferiority complex and they found it hard to communicate to them in ghost language.
This was how Baby 53 Miranda Sierra looked if she was an ordinary sim. Another splitting image of Cadence! Her genes were pretty dominant in this 100 baby challenge!
"Mum said we had a ghost teenage sister who died from drowning." Neko told her sister, Miranda. "Really?!? Would love to meet her one day! I guess she would understand our fears, difficulties and obstacles on living in an ordinary sim world." Miranda said.
Sometimes, when Miranda was asleep and Neko had no companion and confidante to speak to, she would start talking to herself.
The vampire girl trio, Cleo, Allegra and Tasha enjoying their weekly sitcom.
Cadence made sure she paid special attention to the ghost babies. She realised that they were not interacting with their other siblings.
Miranda's middle name was Mischievous. She loved to play pranks on people and seeing how they react to them. This was Miranda trying to pull a fast one on her Mum.
"BOOOOO!!!" Miranda bellowed loudly. "AHHHH!!" Cadence gave a loud shriek.
"MIRANDA!! You gave me a big scare! Don't do that again!" Cadence warned her.
Time for "fat" babies Casey and Daemon to grow up. Cadence awaited with bated breath to see if they would inherit the plump gene.
She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw two cute little boy toddlers in front of her. Baby 55 Casey Sierra with his shaggy hair and little Micky pacifier.
Another cuteness overload! Baby 56 Daemon Sierra had those huge brown eyes that would melt hearts and souls.
The twin boys with their blocks.
The Sierra girls loved their television time. They were often lost in the world of telly.
To make way for Baby 57, the triplet vampire girls had to grow up and leave the Sierras.
Though she was glad that the girls had gained independence and were about to carve their own careers, Cadence couldn't help but felt a tinge of sadness that they were about to leave home.
As usual, brave Allegra took on the lead and grew up first while Tasha and Cleo looked on.  
Cleo was pretty relucant to grow up and leave the house.
Check out her forlorn expression as she got ready to grow up.
Cutie Daemon Sierra having his own little adventure in the treasure chest.
His twin brother would very much prefer to play with Xing the Tiger.
Cadence gave the twin ghost girls a prep talk on her 100 baby challenge and the impending Baby 57. They seemed alright with the idea and promised to get along well with their new siblings. With this in place, it was time for Cadence to look for a daddy!
Fargus recommended a perfect candidate for her challenge. "Cadence! Wow, you have reverted to your slim figure. Not exactly my cup of tea now! I like it when you were pudgy. Here, meet Walter Kronn! (Thanks to Sophiona!) He loves your 100 baby challenge and would love to be part of it!"
"Hi Cadence, I really love your challenge. Do I have the honour of being part of it?" Walter asked.
"You are so welcomed to this challenge!" Cadence took the initiative to hold Walter's hands.
Shortly after, Cadence invited Walter home. "Oh! Thats too fast, I'm so shy as much as I want to be part of the challenge." Walter shy away as Cadence gave him a kiss.
"Aww...thats so cute! You are so shy! Alright then, I'll go slow and steady." Cadence said.
Cadence pulled Walter gently and closer to her body. "I really like your skin colour, it resembles my favorite chocolate milk. Can I call you Chocolate Milk?" Cadence jested.
Walter laughed and said,"Sure!" Cadence swiftly gave a peck on his lips while he was caught off guard. Walter then left for home at night.
"Hey, Walter! Are you free to come over?" Cadence asked as she was anxious to conceive Baby 57.
However, by the time Walter reached, Cadence had fallen asleep. Walter nudged her gently to wake her up.
"Here, have a coffee to boost your energy! You will need lots of energy later." Cadence winked at Walter as she busied herself with a leaking tap in the kitchen.
"Let me fix this first...ARGH!!!...." Cadence used her might to turn the screw.
"Hmm..Cadence. This coffee is really good!" Cadence explained that she had used imported coffee beans which were of superior quality to brew the coffee.
"I think I desperately need some sleep!" Walter exclaimed.
They retreated to bed for some forty winks and all Cadence dreamt about was home, family and her kids. Totally a devoted mum!
"Hmmph! This guy is really a heavy sleeper." Cadence muttered under her breath as she waited patiently for her "Chocolate Milk" to wake up.
WOOHOO!! Finally, Walter had some energy for some action in bed.
What an anti-climax to have the phone ring in the middle of baby making!!
"Woo! A ghost like me!! Did I see wrongly?" Darcie got a scare when she saw Miranda.
Miranda and Neko were really excited to see their sister, Darcie Sierra. Darcie explained that she died from drowning in the pool and Cadence was really devastated with her death. The twins listened intently to their sister Darcie.
The twins got along really well with Darcie. She had told the girls to act normally to integrate into the sims world. The girls told Darcie that they had a hard time in school and the teachers did not understand their ghost language and the kids tease them mercilessly.
The twin boys Casey and Daemon loved to sit in their strollers outdoors. They loved to be out in the sun, enjoying the ray of sunshine shining on their skin.
"Time for your feed! Boy." Cadence told Daemon as she lifted him from the stroller.
"YAHOO!!! Hurray!!" Cadence shouted as she won in her video game.
Neko loved her chess game, she seeked solace in her chess game whenever she was feeling lonely. She hoped to be a chess master someday.
Cadence with little Casey who refused to do anything without his pacifier. The pacifier was literally his life!
He even ate with his pacifier on. Cadence looked on, very puzzled with her little boy's weird habit.
"How's your kids getting along? Did you test out the multi-gendered twins/triplets formula after the elf babies?" Dr Blueflame asked Cadence one day when they saw each other at the Central Park. "Woah! I have not tried the formula since. I can try it on this one! By the way! I'm pregnant with baby 57!" Cadence laughed.
"Here, Look at this! Dr Blueflame!" Cadence stood up and tried to show Dr Blueflame her bump which was barely visible.
"Its a girl!" Dr Blueflame said with so much conviction. Her skills were so superb that she knew the gender of the baby when Cadence's bump was barely showing. "Its time for a trip to the grocery market!" Cadence said.
While Cadence was at the supermarket to get some apples, the ever helpful Dr Blueflame went to The Sierras to help out. She helped to clear all the toys that were on the floor and fed the kids.
This was Cadence trying to demonstrate how to get multi-gendered twins and triplets. After determining the gender from a great doctor, you buy the apples and watermelons from the grocery store. You would eat apples if the doctor said that your child would be a girl and watermelons if your child is a boy.
Do take note that you have to stuff yourself silly with 10 apples. "Chomp, nom, chomp, nom!" Cadence ate her apples heartily. After which, you have to go back to the house for lots of kids television and music. It worked best when you watch kids television and listen to kids music at the same time. This formula has had a 100% success rate for this 100 baby challenge. Do read  about the success at these pages.
Cadence relaxing herself by the pool, getting ready for labour.
She had some fun with the simulator while waiting for delivery.
"WOO AHH!! YAHOO!" Cadence shouted as she battled the monsters from the galaxy.
She had some time to herself at the beach. It was a quiet and tranquil evening for her.
Time to check into the hospital for labour. Cadence walked into the hospital coolly as if nothing was happening.
It was twins! "WOW! Cadence! Looking good huh! You have shed off those weight since I last saw you!" The babysitter said admirably. "Yup! thanks for taking good care of my kids while I'm away at the hospital!" Cadence thanked the babysitter.
Welcome to the world! Baby 57 Essence Sierra! (Thanks to Ashley745!) She had dark skin like Walter and she was affectionately known as "Dark Chocolate".
Next up! Baby 58 Noah Sierra! (Thanks to xglamorous!). He was known affectionately as "White Chocolate!" So the formula did worked. It was another pair of girl-boy twins! Because of this, the Sunset Valley hospital had appointed Cadence as the ambassador of multi-gendered twins/triplets. Cadence was so thrilled!
Another piece of  happy news when Cadence checked her mail. raiinbowz had gifted The Sierras Wild Wears! Thank you raiinbowz, you will be seeing the kids donning Wild Wears soon!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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