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Three lil' Vampire Babies! Baby 50, 51 and 52!!!

Time for the first set of multi-gendered triplet to move out of the house! Callum and Ellie were very happy to be able to grow up and pursue their dreams. Ted, on the other hand was sad that he had to leave the Sierras. He had lots of happy memories at this house.
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Ellie Sierra:
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Callum Sierra:

Cadence could not bear to see the triplets leaving the house. They were her pride and joy. Their birth created such a sensation in Sunset Valley. Though she was feeling uphappy, she was glad that they were finally independent to move out of the house and lead their own lives.
Ted Sierra was getting nervous seeing his brother, Callum going through the familiar sparkling glitter. He does not know what the future held for him.
Cadence's jaws dropped when she saw the young adult version of Ted. He had grown plumper and fatter as a young adult. She thought that he would be a suave looking young adult. Ted looked so different from the cute little boy that he once was.
Ellie looking very cool with her green skin and pink-yellow hair.
"Why am I so fat? I hate being fat!! Mum! Where did I get my fat gene from? Both you and dad are thin!" Ted cried out loud after his unsuccessful gyming session. His brother, Callum kept very quiet in the background as he did not inherit the fat gene.
Darcie made her appearance again at the Sierras. She adored her young siblings and took the chance to cuddle or hold them. This was little Jewel in her arms.
Baby 48 and 49 Spencer and Jewel as toddlers! They did not inherit Ember's strange pointy ears. But they had his yellow eyes which resembled the cat's eyes.
The blocks were their most favorite activity. Sometimes they refused to have their feed until they finished building their blocks.
The previous Elf daddy, Ember Fetchstorm introduced Cadence to a Vampire daddy, Alex Mane (Thanks to A4L100!) . Alex had fiery red eyes that were red hot! "Which baby are you at right now?" Alex asked curiously. "Baby number 50!" Cadence declared proudly and showed him a five.
"Oh! You are so fantastic!" Alex gave Cadence a warm embrace. "Thanks!" Cadence whispered.
"You mean you are giving me the honour to be the father of baby 50 in your 100 baby challenge?" Alex asked excitedly and could not believe his good luck. "That's right! You are so special, I'll love to have a vampire baby for baby 50! Its so unique." Cadence said in jest.
"Well, if you are agreeable to it, then lets have baby 50 now!" Cadence said excitedly. "I'm alittle shy in this area! Hope you can understand and help me ease my uneasiness." Alex the vampire said.
"Alright, I'll try. Please co-operate with me! Thanks Alex!" Cadence pleaded with the vampire.
Cadence tried holding Alex's hands and took small steps one at a time. Alex felt more at ease with her through the embracing and flirting...

and so...its baby making time! By then, Alex Mane was so exhausted but he promised Cadence that she would conceive baby 50 before he fell asleep.
"Wow! You seemed to be getting prettier, my girl!" Cadence said to Baby 29 Autumn Sierra who came by to visit Cadence and her siblings.

Cadence seldom had time to herself, let alone eating in peace. At home, she always had to eat with her kids all around her and in between feeds and diaper changing. Its was a refeshing break to have a meal at the cafe in town.

Candace had special interest in astronomy and spent her pastime looking through the telescope and poring through astronomy books. She hoped to be the first person from Sunset Valley to land on moon.

This was what a devoted and full-time mum would think about as she slept through the night. Cadence was still dreaming about the new blocks that she can get for the kids as presents.

She worked hard for her keeps. She had incorporated singing into her performance to earn more tips. Alot of residents enjoyed her performances and gave her more tips as they knew that she needed it to support a huge family.
This pregnancy was a rough and rocky ride for Cadence. She felt especially nauseous and giddy, this would get worst after her meals.
Little Candace Sierra had an insane trait, so she had a weird habit of talking to herself. "Eh? Yeah?" She started talking to herself when she was bored.
"Well, let us take a look at this? Not sure what it is? Ahah! That's the...." She continued to ramble on.
"No no no...don't show me can have it for yourself..." She was literally talking to the air or an imaginary friend.
Cadence saw that and confronted her,"Candace, what were you doing just now?" "I was talking to my teddy." Candace quickly grabbed her teddy and gave an excuse. "Are you sure? You weren't carrying your teddy just now..." Cadence said. She encouraged her to read astronomy books or look through the telescope whenever she had the urge to talk to herself.
The never ending bills continue to flood the Sierras. "Hmm...Time to cut down on the electricity bills!" Cadence said. She educated her kids on the importance of saving electricity, not just to cut down the bills and for greater environmental sustainability.
"WOoo..such lovely butterflies!" Cadence saw some butterflies in front of her house and tried to catch them to show her kids. She was fascinated with the different breeds of butterflies and loved their beautiful wings.
Time for the halfway mark! *Drumrolls!* The grand arrival of baby 50!
Ah! Its the all familiar baby carrier! So there was definitely more than one baby in the carrier.
The significant halfway mark baby! *Throws confetti!!*** Baby 50 Cleo Sierra (thanks to gerbilluv1!!)
The Sierras welcome Baby 51 Allegra Sierra! (thanks to xglamorous!)
Three vampire babies! It was triplets! Last but not least, Baby 52 Tasha Sierra (thanks to Chrysame!)
Cadence checked herself out at the mirror. "Teeth checked, hair checked, face checked, makeup checked!" She made sure that she would never ever become a old and frumpy mother, she ensured that she was always one hot mama!!

Next up, Cadence finally saved enough to move into a spanking new home! It was a unique glass house which overlooked the sandy beaches. The Sierras had a out of this world kids room cum nursery room. You are cordially invited for a tour at their new house! Do look out for the next update!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. L.O.V.E your kids
    the triplets weren't vampires they just had red eyes vampires come with late night and i don't think you have it

    1. Yes I agree! And vamps also come with supernatural!


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