Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Royalty babies- Baby 41 and 42!!

Rainie Sierra as a little girl! She loved her curls!
Cloudie Sierra as a child! She had blue eyes and fairer skin than Rainie.
Cadence Sierra had her chance to meet her greatest idol, King of Pop, Michael Jackson (Thanks to iMmEnWiLlB4eVa!). She really hoped that she can persuade him to join her 100 baby challenge. "Wow! I am really honoured to have this chance to meet you, the greatest idol on earth. I have your song, "Billie Jean" on repeat mode all the time when I'm pregnant for my baby challenge!" Cadence said, slightly hyperventiliating as she was so excited and nervous.
"What baby challenge is that? I love babies!" Michael said excitedly. Cadence proceeded on to explain about the 100 baby challenge animatedly.
"Can I play my part in it?" Michael asked. Cadence was pretty taken aback at Michael's enthusiasm, she was having butterflies in her stomach, cracking her head on how to ask Michael to be part of the 100 baby challenge. She was pleasantly surprised at Michael response.
"SURE! Why not! Its indeed my pleasure!" Cadence gave him the sweetest smile. "Thanks baby! Can you name him Prince if he is a boy and Princess if she is a girl? I want them to know that they are prince and princess in daddy's heart forever." Michael held Cadence close to his face, Cadence was so shy that she could feel her cheeks becoming flushed pink.
"Of course, thats a cool idea!" Cadence said. After she finished her sentence, Michael Jackson gave her a peck on the lips.
"Let's heal the world by making baby 41!!" Michael said excitedly.
"YAHOO!! This is a thriller!!" Michael remarked.
Sweet Cordelia all ready to embrace the young adult world!
Miley Sierra as a young adult, she kept her braids and had a nice and even exotic skin colour.
Olivia, looking alot like Cadence!
"Mum! We are moving out soon! Gonna miss you so much!!" Miley was happy yet relucant to leave the Sierras. She had spent her happiest childhood at the Sierras. However, she was glad that she would be moving together with Cordelia and Olivia, they can look out for one another.
"Tata, Mum! Love you lots!!" Cordelia waved goodbye.
The Sierra's fund was running out and Cadence had to find ways to replenish and top up the Sierra's milk and diapers fund. With a pregnant bump and Taylor in her arms, Cadence was all ready and determined to make some moolah at the Central Park, a place where all the cool sims congregrate and hang out!
Cadence whipped out her trusty guitar and started to play songs for tips. Though it may seemed cruel, Central Park was not exactly baby friendly. Taylor had to be placed on the cold hard pavement while Mum worked hard to make ends meet.
Cadence was one hardworking lady, she played till her fingers bled and till everyone left the place. In between playing the guitar, she fed Taylor and changed his diapers. The onlookers were impressed and in awe of her commitment to her family.
"Hey Cadence, this music is rockin' !! You have improved by leaps and bounds the last I heard your guitar skills." Morgana Wolff exclaimed as she danced and grooved to the music. "Thanks! Glad that you appreciate the music, I loved guitar as a hobby and I'm so happy that it has helped me earn a living as well!" Cadence responded happily.
"Wow, it must have been tough for you to be heavily pregnant and working at the same time! Admirable! Here's some tips for you!" A young lady who had just passed by said to Cadence. "Young lady, the feeling of being pregnant and having a large family is an indescribable feeling. It is so wonderful that nothing surpasses it in this world. You will understand it once you set up a family by yourself." Cadence explained as she strummed at her guitar.
Several minutes later, contraction kicked in fast and hard.
"Hufff Huff Puff puff!!!" Cadence tried to breathe in and out hard. "Hmm...huff puff? Doesn't it seem like the wolf in the story Three Little Pigs?" Morgana Wolff freaked out and gave a tiny laughter. "This is not the time to joke around, Morgana!" Lisa Bunch told her off.
Cadence could not hold it anymore, she had to check into the hospital fast and swift!
As usual, Cadence walked calmly and coolly for her 41st baby.
Wheee!! It was twins for the Sierras!!
The infamous baby carrier made its rare appearance at the Sierras.
Announcing the daughters of King of Pop, Baby 41 Princess Sierra.
The cute and adorable Baby 42 Princess II Sierra.



    -Purple Chickita

  2. I was wondering that myself. Where's Taylor? =)

  3. Omg, I just came across this and saw you use my MJ sim! Thank you so much, means a lot to me :)



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