Thursday, February 4, 2010

Return of Darcie's ghost: Baby 40 has arrived!!

Time for Baby 33 and 34 Ryder and Will to enter into adulthood! "Mum...Why does Ryder's cake look bigger than mine?" Will asked Cadence. "They are the same, my dear!" Cadence laughed at Will's silly comment. Siblings, especially twins loved to compare and compete with their siblings.
Spot the difference! Will on the left and Ryder on the right.
Any difference?
Cadence would like to take this opportunity to express her sincere thanks to miki9734 for this Wilderness Crib! The Sierra kids loved it!
Ryder and Will spent lots of time bonding at the playground. They would talk about anything and everything under the sun. Cadence was so glad that she bought this playground. Ryder and Will were the bestest of brothers. They did almost everything together from homework to same extra curricular activities.
Needless to say, the playground was their favourite hangout place.
Baby 35 Miley as a kid. She inherited Tristan Bold's hair, eyes and skin colour. She did not look a single bit like Cadence.
Baby 36 Olivia always donned the most fashionable togs. She was a vain little girl. She had tanned skin and huge blue eyes.
Baby 37 Cordelia had the fairest skin and blonde hair. All three of them looked different but they all had huge blue eyes. Tristan Bold do produce really cute kids!
Will and Ryder at the playground till late. They talked about their dreams and lofty ambitions.
"Wooo...ah...wooo...ahh...." Little Miley acquired a habit of making weird sounds and noises which Cadence was worried about. She had warned her against doing that but her words seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.
There she went again....
Baby 32 Darcie's ghost came back!! She came back to visit Cadence and her siblings. "Hey Rainie, I'm Darcie, your big sister..." Her ghostly voice trailed as Rainie gurgled at her.
Cadence was elated and excited beyond words! "DARCIE! Where have you been? How are you? Are you ok? Are you doing well?" Cadence was really worried and bombarded her with lots of questions. "Mum, I'm doing great! Don't worry about me...I'll come and visitttttttt....." Darcie's voice trailed behind.
Before Darcie could finish her sentence, she vanished into thin air. "DARCIE?!?!" Cadence screamed and waved her hands as if trying to grab hold of Darcie. All she felt was air and some smoke. She was upset that Darcie came back for only a short while. She muttered,"Come back and visit mama soon...yeah?" A single tear fell from Cadence's eyes.
Rainie Sierra as a toddler.
Cloudie Sierra as a toddler. Both twins inherited the bald streak.
The triplets, Miley, Olivia and Cordelia enjoyed playing at the playground too.
They would spend some time there after finishing their homework everyday.
"Miley, you should try this! Real fun! Cordelia recommended Miley to have a go at the slide.
Olivia was more afraid of falling. She clung on to the handle really tight before she tried on the slide. Miley and Cordelia encouraged her to slide down by cheering for her.
They played in a orderly manner. They took turns and queued up to play the slides.
"Look Olivia! no hands!" Miley was a daredevil and showed Olivia that she can slide down without holding on to anything.
Miley and Olivia looked on as Cordelia had a go at the slide.
Olivia tried to be more brave and looked at how Cordelia played on the slide.
"YAHOOO...Time to fulfill those dreams!!" Ryder whispered as the familiar glow of light surrounded him.
"Aha!" Ryder shouted as he checked out himself.
Ryder grew up to be a strong and muscular man, all ready to embrace the working society!
" happy for you, my son!" Cadence clapped as she looked on.
Will's turn to grow up!
Will looked pretty good as well!!
Cadence met the Rainbow brothers (Thanks to Izziebelle!) at the Central Park one night. She thought that they had bright and colourful personalities just like rainbows. Forrest Rainbow heard that Cadence would loved to see the rainbow one day to rid of her woes and sadness. 
"Hey, Cadence! I heard that you named your kids Rainie and Cloudie to depict the mood that you had been experiencing for the past few weeks. You had hoped that after the rainy weather and dark clouds, you would see the bright colourful rainbow right?" Forrest asked Cadence. "Yup..." Cadence nodded her head. "I can be your rainbow and I'm Forrest Rainbow anyway!" Forrest said happily!
"Aww....Thats so sweet of you, Forrest!" Cadence gave him a warm hug. "Could you be the father of Baby 40? Its really a significant one, I'll be just 60 babies away from my target!" Cadence asked Forrest of this favour.
"Why not?" Forrest agreed to her request and within minutes, they were all ready to "make" baby 40!
Sweet sounds of the lullaby floated in the air....
"Baby 40 on the way...." Cadence cheered up a little after the baby making process.
"Isn't it too early to puke? Looks like its not going to be aneasy pregnancy!" Cadence muttered under the breath.
More birthdays celebrations at the Sierras!
The three pretty ladies, Baby 37 Cordelia as a teenage girl. She had lovely eyes and smooth silky hair.
Baby 35 Miley and her blue brown braids.
Baby 36 Olivia surprisingly looked alot like Cadence, albeit different hair colour!
The three lovely triplet girls looked worlds apart but they were all pretty and beautiful in their own right.
Cadence's lookalike, Olivia Sierra closeup.
Miley Sierra's closeup.
Closeup of Cordelia Sierra.
Cordelia had a talent in music, she loved to play the guitar by the firepit.
"Daughter, you are doing good!" Cadence cheered Cordelia on. Cadence would teach her some tunes and music as her music skills were pretty good as well.
Darcie came back for a surprise visit!! "Wow, Mum! You are fantastic! Which baby are you at now?" Darcie touched her tummy in amazement. "40! 60 more to go!!" Cadence was happy that Darcie  came by to visit.
"Hey, baby, do take care. Mum loves you." Cadence came Darcie a tight embrace.
"Mum, I really miss you. I just been to see Nikki, she's doing great! Miss her too..." Darcie started to tear a little.
Mischievous Olivia tried to trick Darcie into believing that she was Cadence. She gave Darcie a bad shock when she scared her from the back.

Cadence had a hard time trying to teach Cloudie how to talk. Cloudie don't seem to be able to pronounce some words which made the usually patient Cadence alittle agitated.
Woo...Cadence's tummy getting bigger and bigger....
Olivia was cracking her brains hard over her homework while the sneaky Cordelia peeked at her homework from behind. Olivia was so serious that she did not notice.
Cordelia did her homework quickly and swiftly as she had seen Olivia's answers to the homework.
"Hmm...What's the sound?" Miley quizzed.
Miley found out that it was her sister, Cordelia playing at her guitar. She loved strumming on her guitar! "Wow...nice music...sis!" Miley praised Cordelia's music skills. 
"OOOO....she's giving birth!!! She giving birth!!!" a random stranger cried as he saw Cadence howling in pain when she entered the hospital for labour. "No worries, keep cool, this is the 40th time that she is giving birth!" Olivia said with Cloudie in her arms.
"He will be a strong man like me!! He is your rainbow!!" Forrest Rainbow jested as he went to The Sierras to look at his newborn.
Cadence was pleased to announce the arrival of BABY 40, Taylor Sierra (Thanks to iammyperson!).


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