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History in the Making! First Ever Multi Gendered Triplets for the Sierras - Baby 43, 44 and 45

Taylor as a toddler! He did not inherit Forrest Rainbow hair, but he had Cadence's signature pink brows!
Darcie's ghost came back to take a nap at the Sierras.
"Mum! I'm back!" Darcie gave Cadence a tap on the shoulder. "AHH!!" Cadence shouted with a startled voice, she was caught off guard by Darcie's ghostly voice. She was tucking in Taylor to bed. "Darcie, my lovely baby! You are back!" Cadence gave Darcie a tight hug.
More birthdays at the Sierras. It was time for Rainie and Cloudie to grow up!
Cloudie as a teenager. She was a bright and confident young lady who was all ready to make her mark in the corporate world.
Rainie as a teenage girl. Just like her name, she loved rainy days. She hoped that one day, she will eventually get to see rain in Sunset Valley.
Any resemblance between the twins?
The all familiar sparkling glitter..Time for Taylor to transform into.....
a frowning little boy in little boy briefs!!
"Mum, I heard that there is a way to have multi-gendered twins and triplets, alot of people in Sunset Valley are talking about it." Cloudie told Cadence excitedly. "Really?!?! I have been wanting to have multi-gendered twins and triplets for a long time but was rather unsuccessful." Cadence said dejectedly.
A royal birthday for the princesses!!
Princess II Sierra as a cute little bald toddler. She looked alot like Cadence!
Princess Sierra's turn! "WOOOOoooOOO!!" The kids cheered Cadence and Princess Sierra on.
"OH NO!! Mum!! FIRE!! WAtch out!!" Cloudie shouted and shrieked.
"" The kids went into hysterical states. They all stood rooted to the ground in shock.
"Kids!! Stay away from the fire!!" Cadence shouted as they signalled them to run from the fire. She quickly carried Princess Sierra away.
Quick witted Rainie quickly whipped out her mobile phone to call the firefighters,"Hurry! Sir, there is a huge fire at my house!" She said in a rushed tone.
The efficient firefighters came to put out the fire in no time.
"Woo...the smoke is hurting my eyes! Cadence quickly covered her eyes.
" I noticed your family has been having alot of fires. We have been coming to your house to put out the fire. Maybe you should cut down on your celebrations." The firefighter said in a matter of fact manner. "Cut down on celebrations? Do you know that I will have 100 babies? Kids love birthdays and celebrations, how can I reduce them?" Cadence was miffed at the firefighter's suggestion.
Though Princess Sierra had an eventful birthday, she grew up well. She looked alot like his father, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson!!
"Hey sis! Have you thought of where to move? We are becoming young adults tomorrow!" Rainie said to Cloudie excitedly.
And finally, she gotten her wish! Rainie as a young adult.
Cloudie Sierra as a young adult.
"Bye Mum! Bye Brothers and sisters! We will be back!" Rainie and Cloudie waved goodbye.
After hearing Cloudie saying about the formula to achieve multi-gendered twins and triplets, Cadence was very curious and went all the way to find out about it. She read about the Smith Legacy to get multi-gendered twins/triplets (Thanks to Aoxa! Go to to read all about it!) and got to know about Dr Blueflame (thanks to Adari!) who could predict the gender of the baby. Cadence tracked her down and finally found her in a quaint little house facing the beach. Though she was pretty skeptical about this formula, Cadence did not mind giving it a try.
At Dr Blueflame's house, she met someone who claimed that he has fathered multi-gendered twins before. Since he offered to be a father of the 100 baby challenge, Cadence did not see why she should reject him. This green skin man with blue hair was Jason Rockefeller (thanks to Kewll0ser!).
"You will definitely get what you want!" Jason assured Cadence. "Are you sure?" Cadence whispered into his ears.
"Alright, let's do the deed now!" Jason was getting impatient and suggested conceiving right there and then. "YAHOO!!" Cadence leaped into his arms.
"Let's make absolutely cool green babies!!" Jason said seductively.
As Cadence conceived, she chanted repeatedly in her heart, "Boy-girl twins, Boy-girl triplets, Boy-girl twins...."
"According to the Smith's legacy on how to have multi gendered twins/triplets, I have to buy the opposite gender fruit at the grocery store in town after you have predicted the gender of my baby. Watermelon for girls, apples for boys. Hmm...I wonder how true is that?" Cadence questioned Dr Blueflame. "Of course its  true, if you doubted my medical abilities, then do not come and look for me. I hate people who doubted me." Dr Blueflame was slightly offended.
"Fine, please don't be angry, I do not mean you. You have to understand, I have tried all sorts of method to conceive multi gendered twins and triplets but to no avail. Alright, let me visit the grocery store first before coming to look for you. Cya later, Dr Blueflame!! " Cadence explained.
Off she trooped off to the grocery store to get 10 of each fruit, watermelons and apples. Cadence left the grocery store, looking very satisfied.
"Hmm...let me take a look. Ah....very healthy bump you got there." Dr Blueflame did a little medical checkup for Cadence. She declared the baby in the pink of health.
"What about the gender?!? The gender? Whats the gender?" Cadence could not wait to find out. "Alright, wait! Wait! Let me see, from my experience, its a girl!" Dr Blueflame declared confidently.
"Hmm...watermelons for girls, apples for boys..." Cadence repeated the sentence and immediately whipped out the apples that she had bought earlier and ate them immediately. She ate 10 apples at one go and was super stuffed.
She did everything according. She went back home and bombarded herself with kids television and music. She almost went ballistic hearing them both at once. With the kids telly, music and her own kids chatter, crying and talking, Cadence's eardrums almost burst.
Ah..the moment that we have all been waiting for. We will see if the formula and experiment was successful.
The baby carrier made its appearance again. This time it was Triplets!! Lets all wait patiently to see if the experiment of different gendered triplets worked.
Announcing the arrival of Baby 43 Ellie Sierra (thanks to njanysetyoursails!) . She had inherited Daddy's cool green skin!
All readers, please take a deep breath and await with bated breath for the next baby!!!
Its a boy!!!! The experiment was successful!! Cadence was elated that she had finally gotten her wish of multi-gendered triplets. This was Green baby 44 Callum Sierra (thanks to kama674!)
Last but not least, the baby who had seemed to have inherited Cadence's genes, Baby 45 Ted Sierra!! (thanks to njanysetyoursails!)
Cadence visited Dr Blueflame and to tell her about the fantastic news. "Thanks Dr Blueflame! I really gotten multi-gendered triplets! " I'm so sorry and I shouldn't have doubted you for your superb medical skills! I salute you for your skills! Can I see you regularly for medical advice?" "Sure! No problem, this is my job as a doctor to do my best for my patients. I especially loved to attend to pregnant woman as I feel wonderful bring little lives into this world!" Dr Blueflame told Cadence. It looked like the Sierras would be having many multi-gendered twins/triplets in time to come! Hang on tight to this exciting adventure!!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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  2. Where did you get Dr. Blueflame? :)

  3. @Anon: here's the link:

  4. Dr. Blueflame is SOOOOOO cool!

    - Purple Chickita

  5. I had Girl-Boy-Girl triplets in one of my games without any cheats! In fact, in my 100 Baby Challenge, so far, I've had a Singleton Girl, Girl-Boy twins, Girl-Girl twins, Girl-Boy twins, a Singleton Girl and Boy-Boy twins, without any cheats! I used to get only Girl-Girls in my game, but now I often get multi-gendered multiples.


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