Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Formula worked! First boy-girl twins~!! Baby 46 & 47!!

Woohoo! Time for little Taylor to grow up!
"Taylor! You looked alot like your brother, Baby 1 Caleb!" Cadence gushed.
Baby 41 Princess Sierra grew up! She looked alot like her father, Michael Jackson. Just like her father, she loved to sing and dance, she hoped that one day, she would be able to stand on the world stage just like what her dad did.
Princess was a sweet little helper around the house. She helped Cadence with the household chores to relieve some of her burden.
Baby 42 Princess II Sierra as a little girl! She had gotten more of Cadence's genes. She had Cadence's skin, hair colour and huge round eyes.
Princess II was more fussy than Princess who was more accommodating. "Sis, what's up with this bathtub? Its been leaking for ages!" Princess II was very irritated at the fact that she can't bath in her favourite bathtub. "Mum have called the repairman and he will be here anytime. Come! Lets help out in moping the floor!" Princess said to her sister. "You can mop for all I care! I cannot wait anymore! I want to bath right now in this bathtub! MUM!!!!!!" Princess II called out to Cadence.
Cadence always tried her best for her kids so its "Super Mummy" to the rescue!!!
Cadence had sent a mass email to everyone she knew in Sunset Valley regarding getting a father for her next baby and experiment. She wanted to try out the formula for the multi-gendered twins/triplets.  Jason Rockefeller, the previous daddy said that he knew someone who was willing to be the next daddy of the 100 baby challenge. Cadence was thrilled and rushed down to introduce herself. "Hi! I'm Cadence! Nice meeting you! You are?" Cadence gave a polite introduction.  "Hi! I'm Jace (thanks Shelleybelly!)! Wow! Its my pleasure to meet the legendary Cadence Sierra, the mother of the 100 baby challenge!" Jace said.
"I heard from Jason that you are keen to take part in this challenge? Have Jason briefed you about the rules and regulations of this challenge?" Cadence asked. "Yup! I'm all ready!!" Jace said with conviction.
"Ahh...I see you guys are getting along fine!" Jason looked on in the background as Jace reached out for Cadence's hand.
Jace gave Cadence a tight kiss and whispered, "Wish you good luck in your multi-gendered twins and triplets experiment!"
"Ok! Let me take a deep breath first, kinda excited! This is my first time doing such challenges!" Jace said. "You'll be fine!" Cadence assured him.
YAHOOOooooooooo! Cadence shrieked under the sheets! In tandem with the year of the Tiger, may this experiment be a roaring success!!!
To show Jace her appreciation, Cadence serenaded him with her favorite song. "Wow! your guitar skills are great!" Jace said. "Of course, I have to use my guitar skills to raise 100 kids! So they better be good!" Cadence laughed.
The three adorable multi-gendered triplets grew up as toddlers! This was Taylor with baby 44 Callum Sierra! He looked like he would be the exact carbon copy of his father!
Baby 45 Ted Sierra, growing up to be a potential heartbreaker with his huge crystal clear eyes.
The little rose among the thorns! Little Baby 43 Ellie Sierra, she had pink brows just like Cadence!
Time for Taylor to grow into a young adult and live his own life! Just like all his siblings, Taylor had lots of dreams and hopes to fulfil. To which, Cadence gave him a wise nugget,"Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it all has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself... 'How did I get through all of that? "
"Mum..Thats a nice quote! I will always remember that and live my dreams!" Taylor told Cadence. "That's great!" Cadence cheered him on.
Baby 32 Darcie's ghost still came back time to time to see her mum and siblings. Darcie congratulated Cadence on having the first ever multi-gendered triplets and hope that her coming experiment would be a successful one.
On the first signs of the bump, Cadence wasted no time in consulting Dr Blueflame. "Doc! Pray tell! Girl or boy? Girl or boy?" Cadence was so excited that she started to stutter a little. "Its a boy this time round!" Dr Blueflame said confidently.
She took a trip to the grocery store and bought 10 watermelons. Cadence quietly chomped on the fruits even though she was stuffed. "Watermelons for girls and Apples for boys.....Watermelonss....." She chanted silently in her heart.
She went back to Dr Blueflame for subsequent checkups and she declared Cadence's bump as a healthy one.
Cadence loved spending quality time with her kids. She spent almost all her waking hours attending to the kids, feeding them, playing with them, teaching them, changing their diapers and educating them. Her life revolved around them.
And of course, the most admirable job of all: Giving birth to them! "WOOOoooo...OUCH!!!" Cadence screamed.
"Congrats! Cadence! Its twins!!! " Dr Blueflame declared proudly. The Sierras welcomed Baby 46 Owen Sierra! (thanks to mojot89!)
"What about the next one? Girl or boy??" Cadence asked excitedly. She closed her eyes real tight and held her breath. "Its a girl!!! Congrats! You have succeeded in your experiment! Go tell the rest of the residents of Sunset Valley that this method works!" Dr Blueflame said to Cadence. "Haha! I can be the ambassador of this multi-gendered twins/triplets for Sunset Valley!" Cadence said in glee. She was so happy that she nearly forgot to name her baby 47. Introducing to the world, Baby 47 of the Sierra family, Candace Sierra (thanks to iammyperson!)! The product of a boy-girl twins!


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