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Elf Boy-girl Twin! Baby 48 and 49!!

Baby 45 Ted Sierra looking good as a little boy! Look at those electrifying eyes, its enough to make any girls swoon over him.
Baby 43 Ellie Sierra as a cute little girl!
Baby 44 Callum Sierra was a sweet and thoughtful little boy. Both Ellie and Callum had inherit their father's green skin.
When they were born, they were almost like specimens in the zoo. They were the first set of multi-gender triplets that was ever born to Sunset Valley. Their arrival created such a stir in town that everyone started to visit the Sierras to see them. They were the poster boys and girl for many baby and parent magazines. They were interviewed by many journalists and were featured in the headlines of the Sims 3 newspapers. Ted was the only one who had inherited Cadence's skin. Ellie and Callum had similar features.
"I hate those people who come to our place to look at us, I mean gawk at us. What's so special about us? We are normal sims just like anyone else. Do we have three eyes or two noses? Why is everyone so obsessed with multi-gendered twins and triplets? We are not animals in the zoo! " Ted threw his temper at his sister, Ellie. He did not like the attention that he was getting. "Ted! Cool down!! Just treat them like friends! Its great to know more people in Sunset Valley too! I am so proud of the fact that we are the first multi-gendered triplet in the town and the 100 baby challenge! You should be honoured to be part of the limelight!" The amicable Ellie tried to knock some sense into Ted.
More birthday parties in the house. The princesses grew up!
Baby 41 and 42 Princess and Princess II's turning point! They were turning into teenagers in a minute. For their birthdays, their father, the King of Pop Michael Jackson gave them a gleaming car each to compensate for his absence at Sunset Valley. He was never there for their birthdays.
Baby 41 Princess Sierra had very strong features. She had a sharp chin, sunken cheeks and very deep double eyelids. She looked exactly like her dad.
Baby 42 Princess II Sierra, on the other hand looked exactly like Cadence! Her puppy eyes were enough to make any guys melt, she was a very popular character in school.
Another legendary set of twins, first set of multi-gendered twins Owen and Candace. This was little bald Owen as a toddler. Their birth confirmed that the formula that Cadence tried was accurate. After their births, Cadence's mailbox was flooded with email to know about the secret formula. She was bombarded by phonecalls all day long. In case you have missed it, read about their birth and on how to get multi-gendered triplets/twins in these two entries:
This was baby 47 Candace Sierra, obviously too young to know what is happening. They were completely oblivious to the attention that they were receiving and getting from the Sunset Valley residents.
"Owen...Do you know that you are famous? Candace and you proved that Mum was right in getting the formula for multi-gendered twins and triplets. YAHOO!!" Princess II said as she tossed Owen into the air. Owen chuckled at his sister not knowing what she was talking about.
"Ooh...little brown monkey swinging on the branch!" Ellie loved monkey the most of all animals. Sincere thanks to TheFluorescentHawk for this gift!
Another birthday? The princesses were forced to move out of their comfort zone as there were too many kids at the Sierras. Cadence was unable to continue with her 100 baby challenge as there were already eight sims living at the Sierras.
Seeing double? No, if you look carefully, this was not Cadence Sierra. Its her daughter, Baby Princess II Sierra looking exactly like her!! She was finally ready to spread her wings and soar as a young adult.
Cadence always felt that she was looking at the mirror when she saw Princess II. She was a carbon copy of Cadence!
They had the exact same expression! However, Princess II would want to carve a career in the music just like her dad instead of doing the 100 baby challenge. Cadence respected each and every kid's wishes and dreams. She had a simple wish that whatever path they chose, they would be happy.
This was Princess Sierra as a young adult.
Cadence devoting her time to her beloved kids.
This was cute little Candace trying her hand at blocks.
The bald streak in toddlers seemed to be quite strong at the Sierras. Cadence wondered if she missed out any vitamins or minerals when she was pregnant with them. This was bald little Owen.
Baby 46 Owen Sierra finally had his hair all grown out. He had the coolest hairstyle amongst his peers in school.
This was his sister, Baby 47 Candace Sierra. Both of them had the same round face shape! Look at her innocent expression on her face!
They received a large number of calls to be featured on magazines, papers and mass media. The most interesting fact about them was that they looked identical! They were a set of identical boy/girl twins. Cadence could spend hours looking at their similar expressions and features.
They even had the same expression when they watched the tv. This was fascinating as this was not even seen in other twins.
Their similar pokerface expressions had prompted many in the entertainment industry suggesting to Cadence that Owen and Candace become child models. However, Cadence do not want to determine their career at such a young age, she wanted them to choose their own paths when they grew older.
A huge party for the multi-gendered triplet!! WOOHOO! Cadence was excited to see how they would turned out.
Baby 45 Ted Sierra as a teenager. "Oh no! Where did my cute little boy go to?" Cadence cried as she saw Ted. He was one of those who looked really cute as a little boy but was a slight disappointment as he grew into a teenager. He no longer had his cool hairstyle. His only saving factor was his blue eyes.
Both Ted and Callum had their father's hair! Callum was the complete opposite. He looked better as a teenager. He was cool and suave with his multi-coloured hair and mint skin.
Their sister, Ellie grew up as a lovely lady who was poised and gentle in her mannerisms. Ted's paunch and slight plumpness could be seen clearly in the picture above.
Now we know where did Candace get her familiar pout from.
Cadence met an Elf at the Central Park one day. His name was Ember Fetchstorm (thanks to grace2006!), he was performing his circus act in the park. Cadence had became good friends with him as they had lots of topics in common, they could talk about anything and everything under the sun. "Care to have an elf baby with me?" Cadence asked casually at Ember's house one day. Ember was taken aback with the question, he did not know that residents at Sunset Valley were so open.
He rejected Cadence's advances immediately.
"Why not?" Cadence looked into his eyes and worked on her charms. Her flirty actions seemed to have some effects on Ember. He was mesmerized!
"You are so cute...I'm sure your kids will be cuter" Cadence whispered into Ember's eyes. At this point of the challenge, Cadence had reached the maximum charisma skills. Her charms were definitely irresistible to many guys out there. Ember seemed to be hypnotized into giving Cadence a tight warm hug.
"Let's have baby 48 now!" Cadence said in jest. Ember jerked and realised what was happening. "I said no...what do you want from me?" Ember said.
"Simple, I want a elf baby for my 100 baby challenge!" Cadence answered. "OUT! OUT you go. This way to the exit please. Before I get the broom and chase you out of my house." Ember pointed to his door.
"Come on, I know you are shy." Cadence forced a kiss onto Ember but was greeted by his unenthusiastic behaviour. Ember quickly stepped back and retreated. 
The word failure did not exist in Cadence's dictionary, she had never failed in getting any fathers to cooperate in the challenge. "I have to succeed this time round! I can't succumb to his rejections!" She muttered under her breath. She called and invited Ember umpteen times in a day till he could not take it anymore. He finally appeared at Cadence's house.
"I'm so glad to see you!" Cadence said in her sweetest ever voice. "Tell me..What can I do to stop you from pestering me?" Ember refused to look at Cadence. He was frustrated with Cadence's pestering ways.
"Give me a baby and I will not bother about you. That's the rule of my baby challenge, so don't worry! After conceiving, I will not ever look for you." Cadence said. 
"Your skin is so perfect! Your silty eyes are so sexy!" Cadence cooed. "Whatever! You want a baby right? Let's have it right now." Ember said impatiently as he ignored Cadence's sweet talk.
YAHOO! The making of Baby 48! Another step closer to the halfway mark.
"Thank you!" Cadence said to Ember in bed. Ember found it incredible that he actually agreed to such a strange baby challenge. He could not believe that a lady whom he did not know well was lying in bed with him.
"Hmm...Yums..." Pregnant Cadence was craving for some meat in her lunch.
Super mum repairing the laptop for her kids.
Ellie Sierra loved the slide, she would go on the slide whenever she had troubles or problems in school. How she wished that the problems would just slide away by itself.
In between looking after the kids, repairing the broken stuff at home and carrying on with her 100 baby challenge, Cadence also had to make sure that she earn enough to feed the kids. She hoped to save enough for a bigger house for the Sierras.
Cadence tried to stop the fight between Lilac Sierra and Wayne Paul Louie (Husband of Anako Sierra). They seemed to disagree on some trivial matters which Cadence thought was rather irrelevant.
Cadence was due for her medical checkup. "It's a boy!" Dr Blueflame declared proudly.
Its time for a trip to the grocery shop!
"Hmm...chomp chomp chomp...omm.." Cadence helped herself to lots of watermelon to obtain her multi-gendered twin or triplets!
This was Cadence trying very hard to explain to Ellie how she obtain multi-gendered twins/triplets. Ellie was interested in getting a boy/girl twin herself when she gets married eventually. A quote from her, "One boy, one girl! Just nice! It makes the family complete!"
Cadence had gotten a mail from baby 25 Androvik Sierra saying that he has taken part in another 100 baby challenge by Izziebelle. Cadence was so excited to see his kids and was mighty pleased that one of her "babies" had became a dad to another 100 baby challenge! Do read about his twins at
and.....the big moment! "OUCHHHHHH!!" Cadence cried out loud.
This birth happened so fast that Cadence could not rush in time to the hospital. Notice that Cadence's tummy was still huge after the delivery of Baby 48. YES! Its was twins!
Introducing Baby 48 Spencer Sierra! (Thanks to madiboo20!) He seemed to have inherited the elf fair skin!
Next! It was a girl! Welcome to the world! Baby 49 Jewel Sierra (Thanks to Sophiona!). One more baby to go before Cadence reaches the halfway way. She definitely deserved a pat on her shoulder! Hurray! Another pair of multi-gendered twin!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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