Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome to the World! Baby 27!!!

The Sierras was getting too crowded with six kids in the house. It was time for the triplet girls, Alura, Tara and Lilac to leave the house. This birthday celebration marked their last celebration at the Sierras. They had to step out to the brand new world and rough it out on their own.

Lilac was pondering what does she really want in life and what she wanted to achieve in her lifetime to make Cadence real proud. " time to think about that, lets blow the candle first." Lilac thought.

Cadence was happy for the triplet girls. She was glad that they got along really well and will look out for each other once the three sisters live together. They have came a long way since they were little toddlers playing at the blocks table. Notice that the Sierras have installed a smoke detector at the birthday celebrations area. No more wild fires anymore!! Everything is under control!

Alura really wanted to make her mark in the field that she was going to work in.

Sexy Tara was elated that she was of age that she can finally settle down and have lots of kids just like her mum did.

Alura as a young adult.

Lilac as a young adult. She was so happy that she had shed off all baby fats. She still kept to her strict exercise regime.

Tara, looking as sexy as ever as a young adult.

With more space at the Sierras, it was high time that Cadence continued with her 100 baby challenge. She met a bald broad-face guy while she was strolling one day. She suddenly thought about her bald little kids and giggled to herself, "Those little kids...." She went up and did a friendly introduction.

"Hi!! I'm Cadence! " Cadence reached her hands out to introduce herself. "Hi! I'm Chuckles Marlboro (Thanks to suicidespat). Cadence? The mother of the 100 baby challenge?" The guy replied. Cadence gave him a affirmative YES. "Chuckles Marlboro, so do u love to laugh all the time?" Cadence laughed as she asked a amusing question. "Not really, but u know babies cry when they draw their breath. For me, instead of crying, I let out a chuckle. So my parents named me Chuckles." Chuckles explained.

"Wow, thats really interesting!" Cadence was thinking of asking him to be the father of baby 27. She wanted to see if the baby would chuckle at his or her first breath. "Are you sure you are the legendary Cadence Sierra, the one who gave birth to 26 kids??" Chuckles doubted Cadence's identity. She definitely do not look like one who has given birth to 26 kids and a frumpy stay at home mum to her kids. Cadence looked like a modern and contemporary career lady.

" don't believe me? I'll show you my kids next time. Was thinking of inviting you to become the father of baby 27. But you are doubting me, so forget it!!" Cadence hated people who doubted her.

Upon hearing that, Chuckles's face immediately lit up. He had heard about the legendary 100 baby challenge. He thought that it was every guy's dream and honour to be part of this challenge. "Hold on!!  Cadence!" Chuckles stopped Cadence from going back.

"I'll take part!!!!" Chuckles shouted. Cadence was glad, she knew that her charisma and charm was irresistable. By now, she had maxed her charisma skills. Most guys would have fell for her charm, beauty and elegance.

"I bet you love jokes, don't you. And you would love a good chuckle." Cadence knew that the way to Chuckles's heart was to crack jokes and make him laugh. They shared a good long laugh.

Just then, Chuckles held Cadence's hand,"Your eyes are so attractive..." They basked romantically under the starlit sky.

This was one of Cadence's most romantic encounters. This picture seemed to be from the movie posters.

Cadence went over to Chuckles's house the next morning to try for baby 27. Being groggy and tired, Chuckles was in the bad mood and had no mood to try for baby 27. "Come on....I need to continue my challenge. I have no time to wait for your mood to be fantastic!" Cadence scrowled.

"Alright....Let me wash up..." Chuckles dragged his feet to the washroom. Cadence accompanied him to have his breakfast.

Chuckles was getting alittle slow in his actions. Cadence signalled to him,"My kids are waiting for me at home. They need their feed!" Within minutes, the very fertile Cadence Sierra smiled sweetly as she heard the sounds of the lullaby.

Hayden as a toddler, waiting patiently for Cadence for his nightly feed.

It was a exceptionally cold night at the Sunset Valley, especially so for the Sierras as they lived next to the beach. She kept himself warm at her favourite fire pit.

"Ahh....warm my little perky butt...." Cadence chuckled to herself as she turned her back towards the fire.

It was time for little Hollie to grow up. She loved birthday celebrations and of course, every kids' favourite, PRESENTS!

Hollie grew up into a elegant teen girl. She had black beady eyes and braided hair. She had the strangest and thinest set of eyebrows.

Hollie loved to check herself out at the huge mirror in their bathroom.

Cadence made sure she tucked each kid into bed everynight. This was a nightly ritual that Cadence always does to make sure each kid knew that they were important and very much loved.

Make a wild guess! Which kid is this?? No one would believe that this is little boy Androvik. He was a bald toddler. When he had hair, Cadence was so happy that she let it grow. It was so long that Androvik was always mistaken for a little girl.

Updates on Cadence's grandkids: Cadence adore her grandkids and brought little gifts for them all the time. Ayako and Bob Pink's Howard Pink as a toddler.

Bryce and Melody's Kristal grew up to be a plump little girl. She had inherited her fat genes from her mum. Cadence told her to cut down on sweet stuff and eat in moderation.

Jacob and Momo's little girl Starr was an active girl. She loved to rough it outdoors.

Cadence loved to read books on parenting. She constantly reviewed her parenting skills as she knew that there were more babies on the way. If she were to complete the 100 baby challenge. There would be another 73 more babies to teach and nurture.

Anako and Wayne's first daughter Caryn has unfortunately inherited Anako's looks.

Just like her mum Anako, Caryn was a strong little girl. Cadence was confident that she would be outstanding one day despite her looks.

This was Anako and Wayne's second girl, Noel. Though Caryn and Noel were twins, Noel had not inherited Anako's looks. She was a very sweet sister to Caryn. Whenever Caryn was teased and bullied in school, Noel was always the first person to fend off all irritating schoolmates.

With Cadence away to visit her grandkids, no one was at home to clear the dishes. Hollie was so lazy to lift her finger to do the dishes that she actually ate her cake in the midst of swarming flies.

When Cadence came home, she nearly puke when she saw the flies flying around. "Hollie!!! Why can't you clear the dishes???" Cadence complained. "I'm busy doing research for my homework!!!" Hollie shouted from upstairs. She was actually happily chatting online with her friends. She was too lazy to do household chores.

"Ahhh.....aching neck...sore back........" Cadence was worn out from doing the housework.

Cadence gave Hollie a little pep talk. She needed her to take the initiative to do housework and take care of her siblings while Cadence was away at labour.

It was as if Cadence had sixth sense. Shortly after the talk, Cadence went into labour. Androvik went hysterical.

Hollie, being the "big sister" of the family tried to stay composed and calm even though she was really frightened.

Out pop Baby 27, Jake Sierra (Thanks to XWoAHxiaAtEYouXo for the name!). Cadence whispered to him softly, "Welcome to the world, babe!"

Chuckles was so ecstatic when he saw that Jake inherited his dark skin. He secretly hoped that he would looked like him. However, Jake did not chuckle at his first breath. Like all babies, Jake gave out a loud cry.

Few days after the birth of Jake, Cadence attended Diamond and Mikal's private wedding. They were a perfect match in heaven. Diamond was insane and meanspirited while Mikal was insane and evil.

It was a lovely beach wedding for Diamond and Mikal. Diamond was relieved that she no longer had to live with Pearl. Living with her twin sister Pearl was the struggle for her as they argued all the time!

Cadence wished them a lifetime of marital bliss and would love to see their kids really soon!! It was indeed double happiness for the Sierras!!!


  1. What do you have the Lifespan set on? Just wondering.


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