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Two Bundles of Joy: Baby 33 and 34!!

Quinn Sierra found love in Lisa Bunch. After years of dating, they finally settled down and Cadence was thrilled to see another "baby" settling down with his loved one.

Cadence did another round of visitation to look at her kids and grandkids. She had prepared a huge bag of gifts for each and every of her grandkids. She visited the adorable Lakshmi - daughter of Anako and Wayne Paul Louie

This was little Eugene Sekemoto in cute designer jeans, the son of Blossom and Leighton Sekemoto

Baby 2 Bryce and Melody's eldest daughter Kristal was a carbon copy of Melody. She had inherited her fat gene from her mum.

Supermodel Sheila Sierra did an Angelina Jolie by adopting kids from developing countries. As a supermodel, she was concerned and conscious about her image. She did not want to gain any weight for her pregnancy. She adopted an adorable child named Sheena who had the nicest tanned skin and big round eyes.

Maternal instincts kicked in for her twin sister, Meredith Sierra as well. She could not find a suitable partner to marry, hence adoption seemed to be the best option for her. She adopted a little boy named Merill Sierra. He was a shy boy who had a cool hairdo.

Sheila loved being a mother and felt that another child would complete the family. Coming from a huge family, Sheila enjoyed having many siblings around her. She would want Sheena to have a little brother. Sheila made a call to the adoption service and TADA! Another little brother, Sheik Sierra!

Sheila strongly encouraged her twin sister, Meredith to adopt another child. Meredith was basking in the joy of motherhood, she heeded Sheila's advice to adopt another child. She adopted another little girl named Merry Sierra.

Hollie fell in love with Iqbal Alvi who had eyebrows that were joined together. Like all mothers, Cadence was very concerned with her kids' happiness. She felt that Iqbal was too old for Hollie.

More grandkids on the way......

A strange sight greeted Cadence early in the morning. This scared Cadence out of her wits! The triplet girls Summer, Autumn and Spring were all joined together as one. It was a really strange sight and fortunately, they managed to crawl of each other's way.

She received another shocking and devastating piece of news...
Four of her grandkids has passed away due to fires and drowning. With Spring Sierra cradled in her arms, she immediately sped down to the graveyard to see to their funeral. To her dismay, she could not find their tombstomes. She bravely venture  into the mausoleum to find their remains, this was something that Cadence had not done before. She came out of the mausoleum all dirty and scorched without any findings.

She stood in front of the rows of tombstones and was really upset that there was no memory or traces of her grandkids. She cried out loud,"The death of a child is the single most traumatic event in life. To lose a child is like losing a piece of myself....” Her cries trailed away.

She specially ordered a tombstone and engraved her thoughts there,
" You are always remembered and loved...
Daisy Louie, Daughter of Anako and Wayne Paul Louie
Howard Pink, Son of Ayako and Bob Pink
Carolyn Sierra, Daughter of Erik and Barbara Sierra
Marjorie Sierra, Daughter of Caleb and Coco Sierra.
Love, Grandma Cadence Sierra."
This was the most heartwrenching moment of the 100 baby challenge.

Cadence cried her heart out when she saw this final photo of Carolyn Sierra, second daughter of Erik and Barbara Sierra. This photo was taken last week when Cadence visited Erik. Cadence could not erase the image of Carolyn's sweet and tender smile when she carried her.

To overcome their grief and sadness, Bob Pink and Ayako had a brand new addition to their family, litttle Joyce Pink. Though it can be very tough, Cadence sincerely hoped that Ayako can overcome her grief in losing her firstborn, Howard Pink.

Sage and Lisa Bunch welcome their first little girl, Annette Sierra. She had fair skin and Cadence's brows!

Momo and Jacob Sierra's third kid, Irvin Sierra. He had huge eyes which always seemed to be fixed to the telly.

Now onto some happy events. Time for Hayden's birthday celebration!! Hayden was really excited to leave home and work with his father. His father, Lucky O' Charmer the rockstar gave him a gleaming new sports car to mark his stride into young adulthood.

Before he left the Sierras, Cadence gave him a word of advice, "Don't let fame get into your head. Follow your heart..." "Mum, no worries, I know how to differentiate from what is right and wrong..." Hayden assured Cadence.

Jake as a teenager with raging hormones. He looked exactly like Chuckles! He was disappointed that his hair did not grow a single bit.

"Mum, Why do I not have any hair? Is there something wrong? Did Dad have any hair when he was young?" Jake asked curiously. "Don't sweat over such trivial matters. The hair will grow eventually." Cadence replied. "But, the hair meant the whole world to me!!" Jake said. "It will grow, it will grow..." Cadence assured him.

Baby 29 Autumn Sierra as a little girl. She had blue almond shaped eyes.

Baby 30 Spring Sierra as a child. She had definitely inherited her dad, Gloop Roofoo's nose, skin and hair.

Baby 28 Summer Sierra looked like Spring. However, she had blue eyes and a chubby face.

Profile of Summer Sierra.

The bald streak seemed to be pretty dominant in the Sierras. Little Darcie Sierra had a short crop even though she was a little girl.

Nikki Sierra was luckier, she had green eyes and long brown black hair.

Time for celebration!! "I want to have a whole head of luscious hair!!" Jake Sierra secretly wished...

Voila.....Glitter glitter glitter.....

"Ahhh..........Why am I still bald???" Jake frowned real hard. He had inherited his father, Chuckles Marlboro's receding hairline. With his little hair, he certainly looked older than his peers.

Summer Sierra as a pretty teen. She had her dad's big big nose. She was really proud of her big nose that was different from the rest.

Her nose was not only huge, it was sharp and pointed.

Autumn Sierra was the odd one out of her triplet sisters. She had inherited more of Cadence's genes. She had the most unique pair of eyes.

Spring Sierra also had a huge nose. Her face was slimmer and thinner than Summer.

Side profile of Spring. Her nose was so huge that it covered her mouth.

The triplets sitting on the couch enjoying their television time. Any resemblance between them?

Cadence decided to go for a makeover. She wanted to change her hairdo. She tried on many hairstyles (feel free to comment on which hairdo suits her the most!!). Hairstyle 1: "Hmm....this doesn't look my style", Cadence said.

Hairstyle 2: "Kinda too mature for me...."

Hairstyle 3: "This would be inconvenient for me to look after the kids and do housework. Those kids would definitely tug at my hair!!"

Hairstyle 4: "This hairstyle is too high maintenance!! I need to style it every morning...Where can I find this time??"

Hairstyle 5: "Hmm....braids don't seem to suit me...."

Hairstyle 6: "Too childish for a mother of 100!! hehe..."

Hairstyle 7: "A definite no no..."

Hairstyle 8: "Hmm..I kinda like this, but the band around my head is getting a little uncomfortable....."

After a long long time, Cadence reverted back to her same old hairstyle. She decided this hairstyle suited her the most. "Ahh....This is still the best for me. This hairstyle defines Cadence Sierra!" She smiled and laughed at herself for going through the trouble of the hair makeover. In the end, she still had the same old hair.

Time for more growing up....Baby 31 Nikki Sierra as a little girl.

The twins looked pretty similar and it was tough to tell them apart. They both had cool green eyes! Baby 32 Darcie Sierra as a little girl.

After days of mourning and griefing for her grandkids, Cadence decided to step out of their gloom and doom by carrying on her 100 baby challenge. She was taking a walk in Sunset Valley when she met Bobby Blue (Thanks to typicalgemini!). Bobby noticed that Cadence was looking upset and decided to crack a little joke," Feeling blue? Fret not, Bobby Blue to the rescue!!!"

Though Cadence thought that it was a crappy joke, she appreciated the fact that Bobby took the effort to cheer her up.

"I'll cheer up if I'll have blue babies too!" Cadence said in jest. "Sure! No problem!!" Bobby replied. Cadence was pretty surprised at his response.

"Do you know what you are getting yourself into??" Cadence asked. "Well, the 100 baby challenge right? Everyone in Sunset Valley knows about that! No commitment, no feelings... Yadadada....right?" Bobby proceeded to wrap his arms around Cadence's neck.

"Okay, I want blue babies. NOW!" Cadence said jokingly.

Without any delay, Bobby grabbed Cadence's hand and led her into his bedroom.

"Woah! Thats a really hot sleepwear!" Bobby held Cadence's hand as he looked at her hot pink semi transparent sleepwear.

"Well, I need that for the 100 baby challenge, nobody would want to see a frumpy mum in grandmother's sleepwear, right?" Cadence said.

Just then, Bobby's housemate, Tristan Bold (Thanks to notshortfunsize!) walked into the room to get his bath essentials. "Wow..Bobby, you got yourself a sexy lady!"

"But your sleepwear is too revealing...too revealing...." conservative Tristan booed at Cadence's sexy sleepwear.

"Get some clothes on....This is a bachelors' pad! Come on...." Tristan said to Cadence.

He reached his hands so far out that it looked as if he was molesting her!

Cadence thought that Tristan Bold was the perfect candidate for her 100 baby challenge. She decided to break ice with him.

Tristan was pretty amused at Cadence's silly antics.

After some jokes and icebreakers, they became friends.

Their housemate, Roderick Hansley (Thanks to Sam7777777!)  also joined in their conversation of fun and laughter. Cadence seemed to be very popular with Bobby's friends!

The Sierra's sisters had a round of bonding session at the fire pit. This was a weekly affair for the Sierras.
Young adult Autumn Sierra with her signature almond shaped eyes. She loved huge dangling earings.

Vain Autumn checked herself in front of the mirror,"Woah, I love this glittery purple dress!"

Summer Sierra all ready to step into the young adult world!!

Spring Sierra and Autumn had something in common. Can you spot it? Yes! Their almond shaped eyes.

Spring had acquired a bad habit of talking to herself....

...and making funny faces, then laughing at herself.

Autumn was worried about her sister's condition and spoke to her about it one night.

"Not to worry, want to see my silly face??" Spring joked. Autumn was taken aback by her "ugly" silly face.

"Cool yeah??" Spring said.

"No....please don't do that. It is really unsightly!" Autumn tried to convey to her that doing silly faces and talking to herself was not funny, it was a serious medical condition.

"Who is the one with a problem? Look who is wearing lingerie at home? wearing so little..." Spring retorted. Autumn was angry beyond words.

Young adulthood marked a turning point for all the Sierra "babies", it was time for the triplets to leave the house now that they are young adults.

"Bye Mum, we will be back to visit you!!" Summer was happy yet relucant to leave the Sierras.

From behind, you could never tell that Cadence was heavily pregnant. She was the envy of all pregnant ladies. A big bump but slim and thin body and limbs. The best part was that she would not put on weight no matter how much she ate.

Cadence in her sexy pink glittery sleepwear.

"Hey baby...when will you be coming out?" Cadence stroked her tummy.

She went out to breathe some fresh air.

A few moments later, contractions kicked in. Fresh air really do wonders!!

Out popped Twins!!! Welcome the arrival of Baby 33 Ryder Sierra (Thanks to Jordyn Nadler!).

Welcome to the world! Baby 34 Will Sierra (Thanks to KittyKat6369!)!!

"Are you sure they are my babies?" Bobby was doubtful that Ryder and Will belonged to him. They did not look like him a single bit. "Wait till they grow up before you pass the verdict, Bobby..." Cadence was slightly agitated that Bobby did not believe that the twins belonged to him.


  1. I liked Cadence's first new hairstyle. It was really pretty...

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