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Triple Delight! Baby 21, 22 and 23!!

After the birth of Levi, Cadence carried Levi to meet up with Bernie Murphy (thanks to typicalgemini!). Cadence had heard that Bernie had longed to be a father but was unable to find a suitable partner to settle down. The 100 baby challenge was the best way for Bernie to be a father.

"Wow! You have a sexy mole! Can I call you Bernie the sexy mole?" Bernie blushed immediately as Cadence teased his mole. "Hmm.....alrightttttttt....." Bernie felt his face becoming a darker shade of pink.

Seeing that Bernie was shy and reserved, Cadence decided to do silly faces to break the ice.

Laughter was the best way to break barriers, Bernie became more at ease with Cadence after much silly faces and jokes.

Bernie suggested that they go downtown for a meal.

"Thanks for realising my dream of being a dad, Cadence!" Bernie gave Cadence a tight hug.

Cadence invited Bernie home for some woohoo fun. "Buttttt.......that's really too fast...." Bernie was uncomfortable with how fast this baby challenge is moving. "Then when? Till the cows come home?" Cadence laughed.

Cadence pulled Bernie towards her. Bernie had no time to react. By then, Cadence had her arms wrapped around him.

Cadence "forced" a kiss on Bernie's lips. In fact, Bernie was enjoying it but was too shy to voice it out. He felt so in love. Cadence gave him the feeling of the sweetness and tenderness one experienced when in love.

"My heart is with you, Cadence." Bernie mustered up the courage to profess his love for Cadence.She was the first lady that stirred his heart. "But you know the rules of the challenge, you are not supposed to fall in love with me......" Cadence explained.

Before Cadence could finish her sentence, Bernie puckered up and kissed Cadence passionately. Cadence, being flirty, charismatic and a great kisser, had the power to capture a man's heart.

"Alright, Sexy mole, it's time for some business. I have to proceed on with the challenge." Cadence said in a  slightly impatient tone.

Cadence invited Bernie home for some serious babymaking business.

Diamond was upset that Cadence neglected her for a while and did not change her diapers.

Bernie took a deep breath,"Let's go!" Cadence was slightly amused that Bernie was so nervous. She has never met a father of the 100 baby challenge who was so excited and shy over the baby making process.
After which Cadence promptly gave Bernie a goodbye kiss. "Cadence, I really love you, I want to be with you forever, until the end of time." Bernie stretched his hands to hug Cadence. Cadence pushed his hands away. "Bernie, I have told you that there is no love and commitment involved in this challenge. Please get this right!" Cadence told off Bernie sternly.

"You can't be that evil right? You mean there is no ounce of love when you kissed and hugged me?" Bernie was clearly disappointed.

Bernie tried to hug Cadence once again. "N-O NO!!" Cadence said in a very firm tone.

"You toyed with my heart and now you are calling it quits? I'm not a toy u know?" Bernie raised his voice.

"I did not toy with your heart. In the first place, there is no strings attached with this challenge.You were the one who wanted to fulfil your dream of becoming a father. I have done you a favour in that. If there is love involved for every father, does it mean that I have to marry 100 guys?" Cadence retorted.

"Fine! Now that you have conceived and gotten your aim, you are ditching me!!" Bernie was fuming mad.

"Whatever you like to say!" Cadence shrugged her shoulders and gave a nonchalent look. Bernie turned red in the face, this time due to anger, and stormed off. "Good riddance! Such a troublesome guy..." Cadence muttered under her breath.

Now onto happier events: Erik's birthday!

Erik as a teenager.

Diamond grew up to be a little wide-eyed girl. However, she had a little disorder. She loved talking to herself.

She had lots of dramatic actions when she talked to herself.

Sometimes, she was so angry that she spoke really loudly. It pained Cadence's heart to see Diamond talking to herself.

Other than this disorder, she was a sweet little girl with purple eyes.

Pearl loved red and white outfits. She looked more mature with her hair down.

"Crazy girl!" Pearl muttered as she saw her twin sister Diamond talking to herself again.

Diamond also loved making weird expressions.

The twin girls had inherited Parker's hair colour. They both had Cadence's huge eyes. Diamond looked more like Parker as she had Parker's lighter skin colour.

Unlike most twin sisters, Diamond and Pearl could not quite get along.

Diamond loved to scare Pearl while Pearl laughed at Diamond when she talked to herself.

Diamond loved to see Pearl's priceless expression when she was shocked.

"Will you stop it?!!?" Pearl could not take it anymore.

Pearl challenged Diamond to do it again. "You had better stop it or else....." Pearl warned Diamond.

"Or else what?" Diamond was not at all scared. She gave Pearl a fierce growl.

Before Pearl could react, Diamond attacked Pearl. It was so fast that Pearl could not retaliate.

The first fight between the siblings at the Sierras.

"Ouch!!" Pearl screamed as she lost the fight.

"MUM!!! Diamond is bullying me again!!" Pearl screamed out to Cadence for help. "You girls are so quarrelsome!" Cadence's voice echoed from the living room downstairs. Cadence attributed their quarrelsome behaviour to the fight that she had with Parker Mellott before she conceived them. If you can remember, it was a fight that produced Baby 18 and 19 Diamond and Pearl. It was no wonder they liked to argue all the time.

But kids being kids, they buried their hatchets quickly. They had forgotten about their fight once they played with their favourite toy: The Dollhouse.

Baby 20 Levi grew up to be a little toddler!

Cadence gave Pearl some advice, "Pearl, you have to understand and give way to Diamond. She is inborn with the insane trait. Sims with the insane trait talk to themselves all the time. Please do not provoke her if you do not want her to hit you."

Run Cadence Run!

She was having a tough pregnancy this time round. She was always nauseous and sleepy.

But she loved the feeling of having a little life inside her tummy. She thought that that was the most wonderful feeling ever.

Diamond got along well with her big brother as he always let her have her way.

The Sierras had a little warm gathering by the fire pit.

They loved roasting marshmellows and the family togetherness when they were sitting by the firepit.

They sang songs and cracked silly jokes.

It looked like Erik needed to hone his roasting skills. His marshmellows were all burned but he ate it up all the same.

Cadence changed her swimsuit and Levi also couldn't recognise her.

"Mum, you are doing good! " The sensible Erik encouraged and supported Cadence throughout her pregnancy. Cadence took comfort in the fact that her kids are all very fillial and sweet towards her.

Pearl took time to take morning walks with Cadence.

She gave Diamond a little pep talk before her labour,"Diamond, you have to control your temper. Try to take up a hobby so that you will not talk to yourself when you are bored." Diamond nodded in silence.

"Mum, is it a little brother or sister?" Diamond rubbed Cadence's tummy.

It was time for Baby 21 to appear!!

Cadence forbade Bernie to enter the hospital lest he developed attachment to baby 21. However, she allowed him to stand outside the hospital to wait for the arrival and see the baby for a brief moment. Cadence brought Erik along to the hospital as she was afraid that Bernie would do crazy things like snatching the baby away.

It was triple delight! Three babies at one go! Presenting Baby 21 Alura Sierra (Thanks to paco1200) ! She was a exotic beauty with darker skin like Bernie Murphy.

Baby 22 Tara Sierra (thanks to krvolleyball96!) was the one with fairer skin.

Last but not least, Baby 23 Lilac Sierra (Thanks to chichi56788). She had darker skin just like her sister, Alura.


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  2. Awesome blog! Just one question...
    What traits did Cadence have? I think it would be really hard to find a different dad each time!

  3. @Belle: Thanks!! Check out to see Cadence's traits. Thanks to all readers for "supplying" me with dads!


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