Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Quarter Mark!! Baby 25!

Diamond as a young adult all ready to move out of the house. She had her signature frown on her face.

She was agitated and all worked up when she knew that Cadence wanted the twin sisters to move in together. She hated Pearl, especially so that she had beaten her hands down  for the number of downloads in the Sims 3 community.

Cadence had wanted the sensible Pearl to help her look after Diamond. Though Pearl did not exactly get along with Diamond, Pearl still looked out for her from time to time.

Pearl was all excited to embrace young adulthood.

The bald little Levi grew up to look exactly like Bob Pink.

Anako gave birth to twin daughters. Cadence was so excited for her that she rushed to the maternity ward to give her the support. This was Caryn. She had deep set eyes and had Anako's lighter skin color.

This was Noel. She had darker skin like her dad. They looked perfectly normal as babies and did not seem to have inherit Anako's strange facial features. But only time can tell; when Anako was born, she looked like a normal healthy baby. All they could do was to pray really hard.

It was the season of settling down and marriage. Baby 1 Caleb Sierra finally tied the knot with long running girlfriend, Coco. She had a distinctive mole above her mouth and had a high pitched voice.

Aiko found her love with Beaker. It was strange that Beaker was the father of Baby 24 Hollie Sierra in the 100 baby challenge and now he is marrying Aiko Sierra, the product of the 100 baby challenge.

Bob Pink fell in love with the gentle Ayako Sierra. Cadence was happy that the unlucky triplets had finally settled down with their loves. They have gone through so much when they were young, the fires, the continuous teasing and bullying. She prayed that their offspring would not inherit any of their strange facial features.

"Mum, my teachers in school told me that eating lots of fruit and vegetables is healthy for the body." Levi loved to chat with Cadence. He would tell her about anything and everything under the sun.

Triplet girls, Baby 21 Alura Sierra grew up to be a brown eyed lass with Cadence's hair.

Baby 22 Tara Sierra had clear blue eyes. She had Bernie Murphy's brown hair.

Baby 23 Lilac Sierra looked exactly like Alura. It was hard to tell the difference between them. But if you looked carefully, Alura had thicker brows.

A leopard never changes it spot. This adage applied for the triplets sisters. They still enjoyed playing with blocks. They seemed to get along very well with one other. They shared their blocks, laughed and played many hours over the blocks table.

A significant event for Baby 24, Hollie Sierra!! It was time for her to grow up into a toddler!

With her short crop of hair, Hollie looked like any other little boy toddler. Cadence can't wait for her hair to grow so that she can tie little pigtails for her.

Niko Jordan (thanks to A4L100!)  had dropped an email to Cadence that he would love to be part of the 100 baby challenge. Cadence went down to meet him at his house. "Hi Cadence, you can call me Niko the grey old man." Niko Jordan introduced himself to Cadence. "Grey old man? But why? You are definitely one young man." Cadence was curious.

"Well, that is because of my white grey hair, everyone in Sunset Valley calls me Niko the grey old man! haha!" Niko quipped. "Oh! Thats so interesting. So lets get on with the making of grey old baby 25!" Cadence joked.

"Oooooh.....zebra prints, I loved zebra prints!!" Cadence gushed when she saw Niko's bedsheets. "You can have it if you want!!" Niko Jordan offered his bedsheet to Cadence.

"Hey old man, do you know that this is a really significant moment. We are making Baby 25. The quarter way mark for the 100 baby challenge!" Cadence told Niko excitedly. Niko was honoured and happy to the father of baby 25. Soon after, sweet sounds of lullaby floated in the room....

The Sierras had their weekly activity of roasting marshmallows over the fire. They sang songs, tell stories and bask under the moonlight.

Alura and Tara enjoyed each other's company.

They swam together and splashed water on each other, thoroughly enjoying themselves in the pool.

"Here's a big splash for you!! " Alura gave Tara a huge splash.

They competed in breath contests.

Now that the rest of the kids are all school-going children. Cadence had time to bring Hollie all around Sunset Valley.

They went to the Central park where little Hollie had a chance to meet big brother Erik Sierra. They seemed to hit off at their first meeting.

Cadence spent her time at the Central Park  fishing at the pond.

The Central Park was a great place for Cadence to see her kids. She saw the recently married and pregnant Ayako. She congratulated her and gave her some tips on a smooth pregnancy.

Cadence also had time to interact and chat with the residents of the Sunset Valley. It was refreshing for her to come out and meet some new friends instead of confining to the house and look after the kids whole day long.

Hollie was hungry and exhausted after a long day out at the Central Park.

Wayne and Anako invited Grandma Cadence to Caryn and Noel's first birthday. Caryn inherited Wayne's cool purple hair and Anako's strange facial features. Anako was upset and blamed herself for Caryn's looks. Cadence comforted her,"Anako, just like you, Caryn is beautiful at heart. She may be teased later on in life, but all the obstacles and troubles that she faced will only make her stronger than others."

Amazingly, Noel looked like a normal toddler. Anako and Wayne were relieved but worried that Caryn would compare her looks with her sisters. Seeing that Noel looked normal, they decided to try for more kids.

Aiko had a little baby boy, Nicolaus Beaker with Beaker.

"Mum, I heard that Anako's little girl, Caryn looked exactly like us. I'm so worried for my little baby. Will he or she looked like me?" Ayako confided her worries and troubles with her mum.

"Don't worry, girl. Everything will be fine. No matter what happens, I'll be by your side." Cadence gave her daughter a warm hug.

Cadence rubbed her stomach and talked to her "baby 25","25, when will you be coming out?" Just as she finished her sentence, contractions kicked in. "Wooooah....thats really fast!!" Cadence muttered to herself.

She checked herself into the hospital calmly. Niko rushed down to the hospital to see baby 25. The onlookers at the hospital were so worried for Cadence that they freaked out. Cadence did not even bat an eyelid and said,"Well, its really nothing. Don't have to be alarmed. After all, this is my 25th baby. The doctors and nurses know me all too well!!"

Introducing quarter mark baby 25, Androvik Sierra (Thanks to A4L100 for the name!)

Niko send Cadence home from the hospital. Cadence thanked Niko for helping her in the 100 baby challenge.


  1. I just now found this blog and I love it! I am so excited to finish the story! I reached the Reading Quarter Mark, too :)


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