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Lucky O Baby 26!

Ayako and Bob Pink had a little pink baby, Howard Pink. Upon hearing the news of his arrival, Cadence rushed down to see her little grandson.

Ayako was so glad to see Cadence. Howard had been crying non-stop and Ayako did not know what he exactly wanted. Cadence, being the experienced mum was able to pass some parenting tips to first time parents, Ayako and Bob.

Cadence got wind that her idol, Lucky O' Charmer (Thanks to kayllisti) was in town, she was so excited and quickly bought tickets to see his concert. When Cadence knew that they were holding a lucky draw contest where the winner would get to spend a day with Lucky, Cadence bought so many albums to enter the contest. She just had to meet him. True enough, Cadence won the contest and there she was, standing in front of Lucky's abode, all ready to spend a day with her idol.

Cadence was so excited that she had butterflies in her stomach and started to stammer when she spoke,"Hiiiii Lucky!!!.....I'mmmmmm Cadence! Nice!!" "Hi! My lucky fan, I heard you bought lots of my album, thanks so much for supporting me! What can I do for you today?" "Well......You could be the father of my 100 baby challenge!" Cadence was shocked that she blurted out such a request. She did not know how did she manage to muster the courage to ask Lucky. "Be the WHAT?" Lucky was surprised at such a request. Cadence swallowed her saliva and continued,"The father of my 100 baby challenge." She then continued to explain to him that there was no strings attached and no love commitment. Lucky listened intently and come to a final conclusion,"Why not? That would be interesting!" Cadence took some time to react to the fantastic news. Her biggest idol has agreed to the 100 baby challenge!!!

Cadence could not believe that this was happening. She pinched herself real hard to make sure that this wasn't a dream. As Lucky was on tight schedule, they wasted no time. She invited Lucky to her house for the challenge.

Cadence was slightly awkward and uncomfortable in her actions. She did not know how to go about kissing and hugging Lucky.

Lucky took the initiative in giving her a warm hug. Cadence was on cloud nine!

Thereafter, Lucky gave Cadence his lucky kiss. This was the kiss that fans around the world yearn for. Cadence was definitely the lucky one!

"Cadence, you are so pretty, I would have fallen in love with you if I do not need to travel around the world and hold concerts." Lucky worked his charms on Cadence.

Cadence could not resist stealing a kiss from Lucky.

They proceeded with the most important activity- the making of baby 26!

Cadence had a sneak peek of how Lucky looked like without his signature outfit. He had rosy cheeks, light freckles, thick manly brows and luminous green eyes.

"Do inform me when the little jellybean arrives!! I will fly over to see him or her!" Lucky promised Cadence.

Levi hated to do homework, he can't wait to grow into a young adult where he will be free from all the homework and school.

Levi Sierra finally waited for his day to become a young adult. No more homework!!

However, his transition to a young adult was very eventful. A huge blazing fire broke out at the Sierras once again. They ought to have a smoke detector near the celebrations area.

Cadence and Levi tried to extinguish the flames while the triplet sisters went hystercial.

"OUCH!!!" Cadence yelped as the fire licked the sleeve of her sleepwear. "Be careful!! Mum!" Levi screamed out to Cadence.

Levi had the brave trait and continued to fight the fire.
The three girls screamed and shouted with all their might. They were tramatised by the huge flame.

With great effort, they managed to put out the fire.

Levi scrubbed and cleaned up the mess that was left by the massive fire.

Though the birthday celebrations was slightly marred by the fire, Levi was still hopeful about becoming a young adult. He had lots of goals and aims to fulfil and he really looked forward to starting a brand new life by himself.

Levi as a young adult looking exactly like Bob Pink.

Cadence met up Aiko and Nicholaus Beaker at the Central Park. Like Caryn, Nicholaus had inherited Aiko's facial features.

Aiko was really upset about that and Cadence lent Aiko her listening ears.

"Wow, Mum! How did you manage to do it one after another. You are already onto Baby 26! I already had my hands full with one toddler." Aiko rubbed Cadence's tummy.

Cadence rushed back for the triplets' birthday. She kept her fingers crossed that there will be no fire. The girsl would be so upset if a fire ruined their birthday celebrations.


Alura Sierra as a teenager. She had Cadence's hair and hazel brown eyes.

This was Tara. She looked really sexy with her messy hair look and smothering eyes.

Tara loved kids and she would help Cadence around the house.

Lilac had inherited more of Cadence's features. She had pink hair and brows.

However, she was slightly pudgy. She did not fit into her sisters' "S" size clothes. She was slightly upset at this weight issue.

Alura the couch potato never failed to watch her favorites shows from 7 - 10 pm every night.

"Can't you politely cover your mouth when you yawn?" Tara chided Lilac. Though the triplets had their occasional squibble, they were best of buddies and could get along really well.

The couch was their best bonding place.
Tara was the most feminine one, where she would watch her mannerisms and ettiquette. For example, she would cover her mouth when she yawned and crossed her legs when watching television.

Hollie grew up to be a little girl. She had Cadence's girl and large round beady black eyes. She had a pretty round nose as well.

Lilac asked Alura to join her on the quest to burn all her fats. they started a strict exercise regime.

"One, two, three, four. Two, two, three, four...." Lilac was very serious in burning all her fats. She wanted to be as slim as Tara.

While they exercised, lucky stick thin Tara ate to their heart's content.

After a week of hard work, Lilac weighed herself on her weighing machine. To her dismay, she did not shed off any kilos and in fact gained a kilo. Upon seeing the weighing scale, she freaked out!

To encourage her sisters in their new exercise regime, Tara joined her sisters in working out. "Go, go....go...We must...We must...complete this."She chanted as they huffed and puffed through their exercises.

After their exercise, Lilac pulled Alura to one corner. "Hey, Alura! My friend told me about this slimming pill which worked wonders. I'm thinking of trying it, want to join me?"

"You better checked for the safety of the pills, you could die from eating the wrong pills! The best thing that we can do is the exercise and eat in moderation. There is no shortcuts." Alura said in a concerned tone. "Really?!?! Then I had better check it out." Lilac said.

Androvik grew up to be a little bald toddler. He defintely inherited Cadence's pink brows.

Cadence in her final trimster, waddling like a little duck.

Lilac was pleased with her exercise results. She had became much slimmer. She was glad that she listened to Alura'a advice. Her friend had suffered serious side effects from taking the slimming pills.

Alura cut a slim figure after the vigorous exercise.

Like what Lucky had promised, he had flown in specially for the arrival of baby 26. Cadence was so touched to tears.

Introducing Lucky Baby 26: Hayden Sierra!! The son of a rockstar!


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