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Kinder Surprise!! Triplets! Baby 28,29 and 30!!

Baby 17 Erik Sierra found love in dark skinned babe, Barbara Marrero.

Barbara was thrilled when Erik proposed to her. She couldn't believed her eyes when she saw the two carat diamond ring in front of her.

Baby 4 Blossom met Leighton Sekemoto at the Central Park. She fell in love with the fact that he loved and adored young kids. Leighton loved to bring along his son, Sam wherever he went.
Her twin sister Crimson's boyfriend was Parker Mellott.

Blossom spotted a strange looking brown man walking barefooted in the Central Park. "Hmph...who is that man? I think Mum would love to have him as the father of baby 28!!" With that, Blossom quickly called Cadence to take a look at this weird looking man.

Closeup of the weird looking man. However, by the time Cadence came down to the Central Park, this man had left the place.

Barbara was pregnant with her first child. Erik and Cadence were elated!! Erik can't wait to see his little kid.

Cadence was against Blossom and Leighton's marriage union as she did not want Blossom to be a stepmother to Sam. Cadence had warned her that it was really tough to be a stepmother. Blossom assured her that everything would be fine and Leighton and her were very much in love. They would conquer all odds together as Mr and Mrs Sekemoto.

"Will you marry me?" Leighton asked Blossom sincerely. Blossom gave him an astounding YES!!

Baby 1 Caleb Sierra and Coco had their first daughter, Alyssa. She was an exact carbon copy of her mum, Coco.

Cadence continued to go to the gym to work out. She was concerned with keeping her figure at the tiptop condition.

Hollie had finally tried to make herself useful in the house. She helped her little brother, Jake with his birthday celebrations. Woohooo....

Jake had inherited his father, Chuckles's eyes and round button nose. Cadence took comfort in the fact that he has gotten her hair instead of Chuckles's receding hairline.

A glittering sparkle surrounded Hayden. It was time for him to grow into a little kid!

The son of the rockstar, Hayden as a child. He does not seem to look like Lucky O' Charmer right now. But time will tell.

Cadence was thrilled when she knew Crimson was also pregnant. She would be expecting a bumper crop of grandkids soon!! Crimson and Barbara met each other at the gym to work out and do some prenatal exercises.

Cadence was jogging around the estate when she felt a tap on her shoulder. "Hey, lady!!" Cadence turned around and got a shock of her life. She saw a strange brown man with tattoos and recalled that Blossom had mentioned about this man. "Oh! Hi,  you do have a interesting face." Cadence replied. " You must be Cadence, the mother of the 100 baby challenge. I'm Gloop Roofoo (Thanks to dolphinz2121) ! Nice meeting you." Gloop introduced himself.

"How do you know I'm Cadence?" Cadence was pretty surprised. She have not seen this man before. "Well, I'm specially sent here because of PL's 100 baby challenge. After her challenge, I'm addicted to doing 100 baby challenge, so I stayed around to see if I could take part in other challenges as well. Care to recruit me for your next baby?" Gloop explained. "Why not? I really loved PL's 100 baby challenge too!!" Cadence whispered in Gloop's ear.

"Oh! Thank you!!!" Gloop gave Cadence a tight hug.

In return, Cadence gave Gloop a thank you kiss.

"Let's get this going!!!" Cadence signalled to Gloop Roofoo.

This was how Gloop looked like without any top.

Gloop held Cadence's hands, "Thanks for allowing me to be part of the 100 baby challenge, it's an honour and privilege. Thank you."

YAHOO!! Time for Hollie's significant moment. It was time for her to leave the Sierras.

Androvik loved birthdays. He received a gleaming bike from Cadence for his birthday.

Hollie as a young adult. She looked as if she did not aged.

Hollie was an independent lady, she was all ready to leave the house and carve a career on her own.

Androvik had a new haircut as he entered into teenhood. He looked spiffy with this new haircut.

He loved to spend hours in front of the mirror to style his hair.

"Androvik, your hair looks great! This hairstyle really suits you!" Cadence said. "Yeah, Mum, this hair feels so much lighter. Though I kinda miss my old long hair." Androvik sighed.

"At least you don't get people saying that you are a girl now! And you should spent less time on styling your hair. Spend more time on your homework and research. Your teacher called up to complain about your falling grades! What's happening?" Cadence was very concerned with his performance in school. "Mum...I really hate school..I can't wait to grow up and earn lots of money." Androvik complained. Cadence told him that school was the best time of one's life and he should cherish his remaining school days before he start his worklife.

" i wish toilet bowls were self cleaning!" Cadence muttered as she cleaned up after she vomited.

Barbara and Erik's baby boy Alonzo Sierra. Cadence loved her grandson to bits!

Crimson's baby boy Anson Mellott had inherited Crimson's red skin. Crimson had a really tough labour but she was glad that her mum was there to support her throughout the entire labour process.

"Ah....the lovely bump showing..." Cadence stroked her tummy. Though pregnancy can be tough at times, she loved the feeling of a life forming inside her. She thought that this was the most amazing feeling.

Baby 27 Jake loved his blocks.

Another few babies on the way. Jacob Sierra and Momo were expecting another kid soon.

Another happy news, Anako was pregnant again. From the bottom of Cadence's heart, she prayed hard that the kids would not inherit Anako's looks.

Anako was depressed and heartbroken when she knew her first daughter, Caryn had inherited her looks. "Hello, grandkid. Doing well inside? Grandma can't wait to see you!!" Cadence listened to Anako's tummy.

Both Mum and daughter exchanged pregnancy and parenting skills and tips. They had a good laugh over a funny joke.

Cadence also met Baby 13 Quinn Sierra at the Central Park. She urged him to settle down with her girlfriend soon. "I want to see your kid soon!" Cadence said in jest.

Baby 2 Bryce and Melody had their second girl, Rene Sierra. "Wow, Bryce, Rene looks exactly like you!" Cadence commented as she carried her granddaughter. Bryce thought that Rene looked like her mum, Cadence.

Close-up of little Rene Sierra.

Momo had given birth! Little Marty Sierra had inherited Jacob's cool blue-grey skin.

With Cadence's growing tummy, she was due to deliver anytime.

Uncle Androvik helped to look after his niece, Kristal Sierra while her parents, Bryce and Melody were away at the hospital welcoming their new daughter, Rene.

Kristal loved Androvik's silly faces.

"When's the baby due?" Cadence's daughter in law, Momo asked. "Anytime soon!" Cadence remarked.

Cadence rushed down to see Anako and Wayne's baby. Anako had twin girls again! This was Daisy.

This was Lakshmi. The girls seemed to look like Noel when she was borned. Anako carried the hope that they would get Wayne's genes.

Just as Cadence was carrying Lakshmi, she felt strong contractions. Wayne and the two girls, Caryn and Noel freaked out. Wayne quickly called for the ambulance to bring Cadence to the hospital.

It was indeed a surprise for Cadence when the nurses and doctors shouted,"Its triplets! Cadence!!"

Gloop Roofoo visited his little babies at Cadence's house. "Wow, they are sleeping!! Incredible! Well done Cadence!" Gloop congratulated Cadence.

Baby 28 Summer (Thanks to iMmEnWiLlB4eVa for the name and inspiration of the names Autumn and Spring). Summer had inherited Gloop's genes!

Baby 29 Autumn had Cadence's skin.

Baby 30 Spring Sierra looked like her sister, Summer. Cadence can't wait for them to grow up to see whether they would look like Gloop.

In the meantime, Mikal and Diamond had a brood of  kids. She had twin girls, Junior Cadence and Kierra and a little boy Lionel who had the coolest blue green hair!

This was them as teens.

Diamond and Mikal had another set of twin girls, Annie and Natalie.

Annie loved playing with her favorite red rocket.

Though Diamond was mean-spirited and insane, she was a loving and dedicated mum to her kids. She had also since toned down her temper, something which Cadence was very proud of.




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