Sunday, January 31, 2010

In time of test, family is best! The Arrival of Twins! Baby 38 and 39!!

Cadence seeked and yearned for a peaceful life that she had before all the deaths and calamities. Time for some celebration to cheer up the mood at the Sierras.
Baby 33 Ryder Sierra grew up into a little boy!
Next up: Baby 34 Will Sierra's turn!
"Woah woah woah.........." Will was tickled by the tingling sparkling sensation.
Baby 33 and 34 Ryder and Will Sierra were the most "identical" identical twins that Cadence had. They had similar skin, hair and facial features.
However, if you observed really closely, you would realised that Ryder had bluish purple eyes from his dad, Bobby Blue. So he cannot denied the fact that he was not their father.
Will Sierra had huge brown eyes just like Cadence. Their eyes seems to be lined with eyeliners. Both of them are looking to grow up as potential heartbreakers!!
From time to time, Cadence would still think of her grandkids and Darcie. She kept their memories etched deeply in her heart. She would remember fondly the time that she had shared with them.
Pearl Sierra and Adam had a little boy named Tyson. Pearl was one fierce babe, visitors who went over to see Tyson would be greeted by a not-so-nice Pearl. Now Cadence knew that that problem lies with Pearl and not Diamond. She used to scold Diamond for scaring and freaking Pearl out.
Pearl did not get along with her housemate. Adam would try to calm her down and improve the situation. Once Adam left them alone for two minutes, they got into three fights!! The little toddler in red is Tyson.
 However, Pearl was fierce but weak. She often lost in fights and would end up all bruised after that.
 "ARgh...not another one?!?" Adam muttered under his breath. Pearl got into yet another fight with the housemate.
Pearl won none of the fights....She seriously needed to train on her strength.
"Hey Roderick! It's your turn to take part in the 100 baby challenge! Your housemates, Bobby and Tristan had produced wonderful kids for me." Cadence said to Roderick Hansley (Thanks to Sam7777777!).
"I'm sure I can produce even better looking and cuter kids than them!" Roderick boasted. "Well, show me then!" Cadence challenged.
Bobby and Tristan were so jealous when they saw Cadence flirting with Roderick. Even though they knew she was doing her challenge, they can't help but felt jealous about it.
Bobby could not take it anymore and confronted Cadence,"Do u have to make use of all my housemates to do the 100 baby challenge?" Cadence was taken aback by his question, Bobby was the one who introduced her to his housemates.
"Argh! I can't be bothered with you guys. You guys are so weird. Just leave me alone, I have to proceed on my 100 baby challenge" Cadence growled in anger as Bobby and Tristan started to irritate her.
She continued kissing Roderick as Bobby and Tristan looked on.
"Let me cook you something! This is a must try dish!" Roderick Hansley totally spoiled the romantic atmosphere by whipping his favourite dish. Cadence pretended that nothing was wrong and played along with him, "OOHhh...that is so sweet, none of the fathers have cooked for me before. Thanks! Roderick!" Cadence cooed.
Cadence pulled Roderick to one side and worked her charms on him.
Roderick was captivated. Cadence gazed at him lovingly and tenderly. She whispered,"Thanks Roderick for helping me out in the challenge. I'm sure you will have really cute babies!"
Let the baby making begins.....
"Uhuh..Hmm...I don't feel good about this.." Roderick rejected Cadence's advances. "What?!? Now you are telling me that you do not want to take part in the challenge? What rubbish is this?" Cadence shouted at him.
Before Roderick could reply, Cadence pinned him down and minutes later, Baby 38 was conceived.
"Ahh..I need a sleep!" Roderick yawned. "Have a good rest! Anyway thanks for helping with the baby making!" Cadence said in jest!
Olivia as a toddler. She looked alot like Tristan Bold with her blue-brown hair and blue eyes.
Cordelia inherited Tristan's blue eyes but had a yellow short crop.
Miley was the female carbon copy of Tristan Bold. In fact, at this stage, she looked like a little boy.
Ryder and Will cracking their heads over their daily homework.
Cordelia and Miley maxing their skills with their toys.
Cadence was really upset over Darcie's death. She had heard from fellow residents that the ghost of the dead would come by to visit them. "Darcie! Where are you? Do come back and visit Mama!" Cadence cried.
Cadence tried to occupy herself with the daily housework and looking after of the Sierra kids.
Olivia's favorite brother was Ryder. Ryder spent alot of time playing with her.
"PeekaBOO!! Now you see me!..."
" you don't!" Ryder humoured Olivia. She watched in amazement and chuckled.
Cadence seeked solace in grilling her catch of the day. To her, grilling was a stress buster and relief.
"Mum, Can I have a science laboratory set?" Will asked Cadence politely. Cadence was glad that Will had shown alot of interest in the science arena and hope that one day he would become a world renowned scientist. Cadence's tummy was getting bigger and bigger.
With some extra cash on hand, Cadence bought a treetop playground set for the Sierra kids. The boys, Ryder and Will were absolutely thrilled when they saw the playground set. "MUM!! Is this for us? This is so cool! My school has this too!!" Ryder shouted in glee. "Yeah!! This playground is for all the kids to share. But I have some rules and regulations if you would love to play on it." Cadence said in a firm tone. "Yes? Mum." Will replied impatiently, he was itching to get his butts on the slide.
"Remember the three rules.
One, always finish your homework before playing
Two, take turns to share this new toy of yours.
Three, always remember safety first.
The great advantage of living in a large family is the early lessons of sharing, caring and loving.
"Weee....this is amazing fun!!" Ryder proclaimed at the top of his voice.
The boys spent lots of time at the playground, climbing and sliding, chasing each other around.
"Take turns, boys..." Cadence reminded them. She felt that home is the place where boys and girls first learn how to limit their wishes, abide by rules, and consider the rights and needs of others.
The boys were very obedient, they played by the rules and queue up for their turn at their slide.
Cadence fixed a water sprinker at the playground to add to the fun element.
Ryder had a great time getting himself wet and wild at the playground.
Cadence waited patiently for the arrival of Baby 38. It would be anytime soon!
Cadence came home with Twins!! Introducing Baby 38 Rainie Sierra...
...and Baby 39 Cloudie Sierra! Cadence named them Rainie and Cloudie to depict the mood that she had been experiencing for the past few weeks. She want to confront her sadness and not hide them. She hoped that by doing that, she would overcome her unhappiness and see the bright colourful rainbow after the rain and the stormy clouds.


  1. nice pics
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  2. Maybe Cadence should have named them Sunny and Happy, in hopes that they would make her feel that way?

    -Purple Chickita

  3. Hope Cadence feels better soon

    p.s all your kids are so cute and i love them all can't wait to read the next post to see Rainie and Cloudie As Toddlers!

  4. Cadence raped Roderick? That's terrible. Sometimes I don't like her because she can be very cold towards the fathers. Good story though.


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