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Double Misfortune befell onto the Sierras - Triplets, Baby 35, 36 and 37

Shortly after the birth of twins, Baby 33 and 34, Cadence was itching to have more babies. Time to look for Bobby Blue's housemate, Tristan Bold (thanks to notshortfunsize!) !
She put on her sexy hot pink outfit to meet Tristan Bold. "Hey, Tristan, I got a problem here..." Cadence began. "Yeah? Care to share?" Tristan Bold was concerned.
"I really need a father for my 100 baby challenge. Can you be the father of my baby 35?" Cadence Sierra pleaded.
"I would loved to!! I was so jealous of Bobby, he had gotten a chance to kiss and hug such a sexy lady like you. How could I have missed this chance?" Tristan touched Cadence's ear tenderly.
"GRrrrr....come on, baby!!" Tristan was so excited with the baby making process.
Cadence met up with her little grandkid, Luke who was the second son of Aiko and Beaker. Just like his brother, he had also inherited Aiko's facial features. Catching up with her grandkids brought Cadence more bad news. Cadence cried uncontrollably as she whispered a prayer for her grandkids who had passed away.
She carved her thoughts on the tombstone,
In loving memory of:
Marty Sierra - Son of Jacob and Momo Sierra
Irvin Sierra - Son of Jacob and Momo Sierra
Joyce Pink - Daughter of Ayako and Bob Pink.
She was very worried for Ayako and Bob who were very tramatised by the death of their two kids. After the death of Howard and Joyce Pink, they decided to stay childless for life. Cadence encouraged her to have some kids to forget this upsetting ordeal.
Nikki Sierra as a teenage girl! She loved the retro look and her green eyes. She piled on thick green eyeshadow everyday.
Darcie Sierra as a teenager. Darcie had thick and sexy pouty lips which she loved to paint it bright pink. Nikki and Darcie both have bright light green eyes just like their dad, Demitri.
Nikki Sierra was a blur girl who loved to scratch her head whenever she encountered a problem. She scratched her head all the time when she did her homework.
The twins, Nikki and Darcie enjoyed each other's company. They loved to gossip about the latest news around Sunset Valley and often shared a good laugh over them.
Darcie especially loved to see Nikki impersonating famous hollywood celebrities. "Hey Darcie, look! Do I look like that famous supermodel. Watch me strut down the runway!" Nikki showed off her moves to Darcie. "Haha!! That's a really silly pose!!" Darcie laughed till her sides ached.
"What about this pose? Better?" Nikki tried again. "Hmm...slightly better, getting there I guess." Darcie was a constant encouragement and support to Nikki.
"One day, I'm going make it to Hollywood!" Nikki said to Darcie. "Let's go there together! We will be the supermodel twins!!" Nikki suggested. "Ok!!" Darcie replied.
They looked pretty identical, don't they?
Darcie was a waterbaby. Her favourite place in the house was the swimming pool. She would take a dip every afternoon when she was back from school. She was a really strong swimmer who knew many swimming strokes.
That fateful day, Darcie was so excited to jump into the cooling blue pool that she forgot to do warm-up exercises beforehand. "Argh!! Leg cramps!! Oh No!!" Darcie struggled in the water for a while. She tried to stay afloat by treading the water. "Calm down, Darcie! Calm down...breathe...breathe..." She muttered under her breath. She tried to hold on to some handhold but to no avail.
"Mum!! Nikki!!! Help!!" Darcie's leg cramps grew worst and she used all her strength and might to scream for help. She then realised that no one was home. She had never felt so vulnerable and helpless in her life. She was such a strong swimmer but her legs refused to listen to her, they just refused to budge!
"Help...!!!! Anyone around?!?!?" Darcie choked on the water and cried desperately for help,"PLEASEEEE!!! Will anyone help me???" The last thing Darcie wanted was to drown and die at her favourite spot of the house.
"Arghhhhhhh....HELPPppppppppppp" Her voice was muffled by the water as she continued to swallow the pool water. She had used up all her strength to try to reach for the handle.
After about ten minutes, she was exhausted and her cries of help softened. She had lost all her strength. She tried to let herself float in the water with natural buoyancy but found herself sinking deeper and deeper into the pool.
Darcie stretched her hand out one last time to plead for help.
Darcie sank down pitifully. She has lost the fight. At the age of eighteen, she had died young and pretty. She had looked forward to a life full of meaning and purpose. She had not done many things that many of the Sierra babies would. This was the first Sierra "baby" death.
Cadence and the kids had just returned home from grocery shopping when she saw the Grim Reaper at her house. She was totally dazed and confused when she saw him. Millions of thoughts went through her mind,"What exactly happened? Who died? Why is the Grim Reaper here?"
Cadence went into a completely hysterical mode when she saw Darcie's lifeless body in the pool. "NO! NO! This can't be.....DARCIE!!!!! DARCIE!!!!!!!!!!!" She could not believe her eyes that Darcie was a lifeless corpse in the pool.
"What have I done to deserve this? My grandkids passed away...and now my teenage daughter pass away! WHY?!?!?" Cadence said in between sobs.
"My poor Darcie, you loved the pool so much. How could you die inside the pool??" Cadence cried out loud. She couldn't accept the fact that Darcie had passed away.
"Grim Reaper...take my life and save my daughter. Will you?" Cadence was willing to exchange her life for Darcie's. "Everything in life is predestined. You are sent to earth to do the 100 baby challenge, you have to continue to do the challenge. This will accumulate good karma for Darcie. Darcie has to go." The Grim Reaper said without any emotion.
"Please, Please....She is really too young....." Cadence pleaded. "Her fate is sealed...." Grim Reaper said in a monotone manner.
Cadence watched on as the Grim Reaper did his job. The Grim Reaper was the most unpopular person in Sunset Valley. Seeing him meant that there was huge trouble.
Cadence spent hours and days in front of Darcie's tombstone mourning and talking to her.
Twin sister, Nikki was devastated. Both mother and daughter could not get over Darcie's death.
Baby 34 Will Sierra as a toddler.
Cadence was not in the mood to celebrate birthdays but she thought that it would be unfair to the boys , Ryder and Will. She forced herself to be more happy for the celebrations.
Little Baby 33 Ryder as a toddler.
Ryder and Will looked like identical twins at this stage. Cadence wondered if they would still look identical when they grow up. Both of them did not inherit any of Bobby Blue's genetics. They looked exactly like Cadence!
Nikki spent many hours poring over the photo albums. She had shared so much memories and milestones with Darcie. To Nikki, Darcie was more than just a twin sister. She was her companion, gossip partner, best friend, schoolmate, buddy, confidante and soulmate.
Nikki had a talk with Cadence one night. "Mum, I had been dreaming about Darcie these few days. I just can't stop thinking about her." As she talked, tears rolled down her cheeks.
Cadence suggested that she quickly grow up and move out of the house to start afresh. Nikki was really upset that Darcie was not there to move out with her. She held on to the memories she shared with Nikki close to her heart, these are things that she would never ever forget.
Cadence's tummy was growing bigger and bigger. Whenever she thought of Darcie, she could not concentrate on the things that she was doing.
She tried to keep herself busy by exercising and visiting her kids to forget about her worries and woes. These days, you will find Cadence frowning all the time.
She also kept herself occupied by focusing on the boys. She used her free time to teach Ryder and Will how to walk and talk.
She tried to cheer up by warming herself next to her favorite firepit.
" 35 is coming to the world!!" Contractions kicked in fast and hard this time round.
Everything happened so quickly that Cadence had no time to go to the hospital.
"Hello!! Baby 35 Miley Sierra!! (Thanks to c65495!). Cadence's tummy looked like there were more babies in there.
Closeup of Miley, she definitely gotten Tristan's skin colour.
True enough, it was TRIPLETS!! Introducing Baby 36 Olivia Sierra (Thanks to KittyKat6369!)
Last but not least, Baby 37 Cordelia Sierra (Thanks to mojot89!). This was one of Cadence's happiest moments after so much unhappiness and misfortune at the Sierras.


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