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Double Delight...The Arrival of Baby 31 and 32!

Androvik was a great help around house. He helped to supervise the kids and made sure that they are well looked after.

He also made sure that they were tucked in bed. This was the Sierra's brand new Panda Crib. It was a lovely gift from Izziebelle and the Sierra kids were delighted with the new cot.

Jake loved playing with blocks, he may grow up to be a man who would be handy with electonics and machines!

Ah!! Time to grow up! Jake was really excited.

That all familiar tingling sensation that all sims experienced as they embraced the next stage of life!

Jake as a child, he was not too happy with his "baldness"

"When will I ever have hair?" He frowned and pondered.

Birthday celebration for the triplet girls!! This was Cadence with baby 28 Summer Sierra.

Baby 29 Autumn Sierra!!

Last but not least, the little baby 30 Spring Sierra!

Spring looked exactly like Gloop Roofoo. She had a short crop and tanned skin.

Summer looked almost the same as Spring, except the fact that her eyes were blue.

Being a sweet brother, Jake helped Cadence with Summer's night feed.

Autumn had inherited more of Cadence's genes. She had shaggy hair, huge eyes and fair skin.

The Sierra siblings got along well with one another, this was something that Cadence took pride in.

Another celebration? With so many kids in the house, there was a celebration almost every other day.

It was Hayden's turn! His father, Lucky O' Charmer the rockstar send him a huge gift for his birthday to make up for his absence. Hayden was thrilled with his new laptop.

A flash of glittering sparkle shone upon Hayden. Grow! Grow! Grow!

"YAHOO!" Hayden pumped his fists into the air as if indicating a victory.

Hayden bore resemblance to Lucky O' Charmer. He was the younger and better looking version of Lucky. However, he had to work on his lanky figure. He was too thin.

Having a rockstar father made Hayden very proud and snobbish. Androvik hated Hayden's arrogant ways. They could not get along well and often got into tiffs.

"Why did you touch my new laptop?" Hayden shouted at Androvik. " I DID NOT!" Androvik felt so insulted. Hayden loved to accuse people of things that they did not do.

"You did, if not why is it not switched off?" Hayden retorted. "You are the absent minded one, stop accusing me!! Will you?" Androvik pointed at Hayden.

"You are simply jealous that my rockstar dad gave me the laptop!! And you are so jealous that my dad is a rockstar while your dad is not" Hayden said. "So what if your dad is a rockstar? He have not visited you since you were a baby. My dad visits me all the time!" Androvik challenged Hayden.

Upon hearing that, Hayden was fuming mad! He gave Androvik a tight slap. His actions were so swift that Androvik could not dodge his moves.

Cadence quickly stepped in to stop them. "HAYDEN! Stop that!" Cadence screamed. Though he did not show it, Androvik was so happy that Hayden was scolded.

Cadence gave Androvik a little pep talk. "Please stay away from Hayden's personal belongings. He does not like people to touch his things."

"But I did not!! I swear!" Androvik felt so sad that Cadence did not believe him. "You are older than him, please give way to your younger brother. You guys are giving me a real headache!!" Cadence said.

Though Hayden did not get along with Androvik, he got along really well with the triplet girls. He loved to tickle little Autumn.

Autumn having her night snack.

Summer also loved the same night snack.

With not enough time on her hands, Cadence sent an email announcement to all residents of Sunset Valley regarding her 100 baby challenge. She wanted to source for the next father. True enough, this channel worked and a guy called Demitri Styx (Thanks to Heart3!) responded. Cadence brought along Autumn to met Demitri.

Once again, Cadence worked on her charms on Demitri. It always worked!

Demitri gave Cadence a long gaze, he was smitten!

Demitri was one lonely soul, he took part in this challenge as he wanted some company. Joining the 100 baby challenge would meant that he would have a kid to carry down the family line. He did not mind the fact that the kid would be following the Sierra surname.

"Ah...your hands are so tender.." Demitri tenderly stroked Cadence's hands.

Demitri could not resist giving Cadence a kiss.

"Let's not waste time, I need to conceive as soon a possible!" Cadence whispered to Demitri.

"Hmm...Hayden is sleeping..." Cadence said to Demitri. "I don't think it is a very good idea to do it in the kids room..." Demitri was uncomfortable with the idea.

"Oh...come on...." Cadence took the lead as Hayden woke up and left the room.

Demitri was nauseous after doing the deed. "Are you sure you are not the one conceiving? Haha..." Cadence joked. She should be the one who would be nauseous.

Androvik was already to leave the house. Time for young adulthood!!

Androvik morphed to this fierce looking man with lots of tattoos on the body. "Your mum would definitely disapprove of this. You had better have some clothes on..." Demitri warned Androvik.

Hayden and Jake looked upon his brother disapprovingly. "The tattoo on your back is so ugly!!!" Hayden snorted.

WEEEEE!!!!! Cadence enjoyed some time with the triplet girls. Summer loved being tossed in the air.

With some time on her hands, Cadence went to visit her brood of grandkids. This was Anson, the child of Parker and Crimson. He had inherited Crimson's skin and Parker's blond hair.

Cadence was heartened to see Parker and Crimson very much in love.

Cadence also visited Alonzo Sierra.

He was the child of Erik Sierra and Barbara. He was an active little boy. He would run to the doorstep whenever Grandma Cadence visited.

AHh......the joys of being pregnant. Cadence was the talking point and the envy of many ladies in Sunset Valley, especially those who had problems conceiving. She had after all had 30 kids and counting...

Baby 1 Caleb Sierra and Coco welcomed their second girl, Marjorie Sierra. Alyssa and Marjorie 's favourite pastime was to play the dollhouse.

Closeup of Marjorie Sierra.

Autumn loved to look at the Koala bear at the Panda crib. The simpoints that Izziebelle spent was indeed worthwhile!

"Congrats! Well done!! You are doing great!" Demitri gave Cadence the thumbs up.

"I can't wait to see the kid! I hope he or she would look like us!" Demitri was really excited about the impending arrival of baby 31.

Cadence continued to exercise during her pregnancy.

She was definitely one hot mama. Her svelte figure was the envy of many.

She also visited Baby 2 Bryce and Melody's new daughter, Rene. Rene had Cadence's hair! Cadence hoped that Rene would not inherit her mum's fat gene just like what her elder sister, Kristal did.

Cadence also dropped by Baby 6 Jacob and Momo's house. Only granddaughter Starr was at home.

Little Starr was also really excited to see her new uncle or auntie. It was really strange that her auntie or uncle would be so much younger than her!!

And then..the contractions kicked in! It was a fuss free labour. Two babies popped out!!! Cadence was proud to announce the arrival of Baby 31 Nikki Sierra! (Thanks to LingXiaoyu for the name!)

....and Baby 32 Darcie Sierra! (Thanks to EmilyLouisexo!)

Another good piece of news! Pearl found her love of her life: Adam.

They had a romantic proposal by the cliff. More grandkids on the way.....!


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