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Baby 24!

Cadence was overjoyed when she met this purple hair guy for the first time, not because he was the father of Baby 24. But.... it was because he was Wayne Paul Louie, the husband of Baby 12 Anako.

Cadence was extremely touched that Anako was able to find her true love, someone who was able to accept her strange looks and not worried that her genes would pass down to future generations. Like all mothers, Cadence placed her kids' happiness on the top of her priority list. When Wayne proposed to Anako, Cadence had shedded true tears of joy. She hoped that Anako's triplet sisters Aiko and Ayako would be able to find the one.

It was time for Levi's birthday celebrations!!

Levi was relucant to leave Cadence and the Sierras. He loved the feeling of family togetherness and he had no twin or triplets siblings to shift out with. "Booohooo...I'm going to be so lonely..." He sighed.

When it was time for him to pack his things and move out of the house, he refused to budge and wanted to stay on. "Mum, can i stay in the house forever?" "Of course not, everyone has to learn independence and learn how to fend for himself. Be strong, boy..." Cadence encouraged him.

Cadence was slightly surprised when she saw Levi wiping off his tears quietly. She suggested that Levi shift to the house next door so that he can come over for a sleepover anytime.

Upon hearing that, Levi was so much more cheerful. He packed his stuff and left for the house next door.

Knowing that Cadence was finding a suitable father for Baby 24, Bob Pink introduced Beaker (Thanks to Silversarah). "No worries, Cadence, I have explained the rules to him, no feelings involved, no strings attached." Bob assured Cadence.

"That's great! The previous father was alittle sticky and had put in too much emotions and feelings into the relationship." Cadence told Beaker. They chatted for a while and Cadence thought that Beaker was a straightforward and a no-nonsense kind of guy. This was the kind of man she was looking for the 100 baby challenge.

They wasted no time in making Baby 24. Cadence invited Beaker home.

For a little warm up, Cadence gave Beaker a thank you hug," Thanks for being part of the challenge."

Cadence shut off her mobile phone to avoid any disruptions.

Beaker gave Cadence a peck on her lips.

And then, Voila! Beaker was the fastest and swiftest father for this challenge. No flirting, no cuddling, no chatting, just straight to the point and to meet Cadence's objective: Baby Number 24.


Diamond and Pearl were about to start their birthday celebrations when a third fire broke out at the Sierras. Cadence noticed that birthday cakes seemed to be a sitting duck for fires.

This time round, Cadence was much wiser and better at handling the fire. She had placed the fire extinguisher near the birthday dining table. She quickly whipped it out and in the meantime screamed for the girls to stay out of the way. "Diamond and Pearl! Get away from the fire!!!" Cadence screamed at the girls who stood rooted to the spot in shock.

With some effort, Cadence managed to put away the fire all by herself. This time she did not even called for the fire emergency. "Wow! Mum! You are the wonder woman who put off the fire!!" Pearl exclaimed.

Pearl was visibly shaken by the fire. She was even more upset by her burnt birthday cake.

Cadence immediately ordered a new one and they resumed their birthday celebrations.


A circle of light surrounded Diamond as she grew into a pretty teenager.

It was Pearl's turn.

She was really excited about growing up and the things she would experienced and can do as a teen.

The pretty Diamond as a teenager. She looked exactly like a Barbie Doll. She had translucent fair skin, purple eyes, blond hair and the most perfect shiny slick hair. She had the most beautiful smile but seeing her smile is like striking lottery.

Her twin sister Pearl was exactly opposite. She loved to smile and enjoyed a good laugh every now and then. She had the kindest heart, big brown eyes and beautiful flowing hair.

The twins still did not get along when they grew up. In fact, they were comparing about anything and everything from looks to school results. Some people may think that a little competition might be healthy for them. But for the twins, it soured their relationship further.

They would start arguing once they started to talk to each other. Diamond always frowned real hard when she saw Pearl in the same room. She was really unhappy when she knew that Pearl had a much higher download rate than her in the Sims 3 website. This showed that Pearl was more likeable and popular than her.

Pearl would often choose to walk away to avoid any trouble.

Diamond, being mean spirited loved to scare Pearl. She enjoyed herself thoroughly when she saw Pearl's shocked face.

"You insane Brat! Stop it will you?!?" Pearl could not tolerate anymore. She had suppressed her anger for a very long time.

"Who are you calling insane brat?" Diamond shouted. "YOU! Diamond Sierra." Pearl retorted and gave her a silly face.

"Say that again? Insane what? " Diamond asked Pearl to repeat herself. "Girls!! Stop it! Sisters are the most wonderful things in the world, learn to cherish and treasure one another!" Cadence tried to knock some sense into them. "But Mum! She called me names!" Diamond complained. Cadence shook her head and left them to sort things out by themselved.

"Am I wrong? YOU ARE AN INSANE AND MEAN BRAT!" Pearl screamed to Diamond's face. In a fit of anger, Diamond gave her twin sister a tight slap.

Pearl saw stars after the tight slap. She was dazed.

To show her prowess, Pearl grabbed Diamond by the neck and scratched her back. CATFIGHT!!

"OWWUCHHHH......" Pearl yelped in pain. She lost the fight again.

"Hmph....See if you dare to call me names again." Diamond said. Pearl was slightly afraid of her mean twin sister.

Erik grew up to be a bald little boy. He was unhappy that he was lacking in the hair department.

Baby 24 bun baking in the oven!

The triplet girls grew up to be toddlers. Tara hated to be carried by Diamond. She was rough in handling the toddlers.

"Hush Hush!!" Diamond told Tara. With her piercing eyes, Diamond looked as if she wanted to hit Tara. Tara immediately quieten down. The triplets were unindentical triplets. All of them had different features and hair colour. Tara inherited Bernie Murphy's hair.

Lilac Sierra inherited Cadence's pink brows. Both Tara and Lilac were bald. It seemed like the Sierras had a bald streak. Now, Erik, Tara and Lilac were all bald.

Alura had some hair on her head. She definitely got Cadence's hair colour.

They had one thing in common. They loved playing at the blocks table. They looked more like three little boys than girls.

From left to right: Alura, Tara and Lilac. The triplets seemed to get along well at this toddler stage.

Diamond still enjoyed talking to herself.

Sometimes she had such a heated conversation with herself that she would do dramatic actions.

Pearl was more sensible. As Cadence advanced into the second trimester, she helped around the house.

Erik helped to entertain his little sisters. Tara loved to play peekaboo with Erik. Cadence laughed when she saw her two bald kids hitting off so well.

Erik also tried to teach Tara how to stand properly.

Cadence had some time to herself at the beach. She enjoyed herself thoroughly catching the fish in the sea.

To keep herself happy throughout her pregnancy, Cadence tried to keep herself in the best condition so as to have a smooth delivery as well as to deliver a healthy bouncy baby.

She grilled her catch over the pot of fire.

The fire was a great place for the Sierras to bond.

Diamond also had an annoying problem which Cadence would want to correct. She would rummaged through the rubbish bin when she felt upset. She seeked solace in burying her head in the rubbish bin, hiding away from all problems and sadness.

"What is she doing??" Pearl thought to herself. Though Pearl hated Diamond for arguing with her and scaring her, she can't help but pitied Diamond for having such an illness where she cannot control herself to stop doing certain things.

It was a strange sight to see such a pretty barbie like young girl rummaging through the bins as if she was a beggar on the streets.

Just then, Pearl heard a loud thud. She turned around and screamed,"MUM!!!"

Cadence had fainted of exhaustion. This was the first time that she had fainted in her entire life. Pearl quickly ran over to wake her up. Worried that she had hurt herself while fainting, Pearl sent her mum to the hospital. She was relieved when the doctors assured her that nothing was wrong.

The labour date was drawing near and Erik could not wait to see his new sibling.

New baby on the way!!!

Introducing Baby 24 Hollie Sierra (thanks to PL or peaceluverr for the lovely name!) ! She had inherited Cadence's skin and seemed to have obvious double eyelids.

Now that the triplets have became toddlers, Bernie still continued to harrass Cadence. "Can you stop calling me on the mobile phone?" Cadence warned Bernie angrily as she showed him the number of missed calls from him. "Wouldn't you give me a chance?" Bernie pleaded. "If I see you ever again at my house, I will call the police to escort you away." Cadence gave him a stern warning.


  1. I totally agree: Diamond does look like a Barbie. Pearl is also really pretty.


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