Saturday, December 19, 2009

Twins Baby 15 and 16!! Misfortune strike the Sierras...

The Sierras began their morning with a little birthday celebration for the twins Quinn and Sage. The three girls were thrilled as they loved cakes! Twins' birthday would meant that there were two cakes to go around!

Baby 14: Little Sage in designer jeans.

Baby 13: Quinn had the most fashionable and coolest toddler hairstyle.

While the babies grew up, Cadence found more time to continue the challenge. It was father hunting time again. She remembered seeing a suave young man in The Joker's house. He had something that Cadence could not forget, his smouldering crystal blue eyes. Though it may sound superficial, Cadence would loved her baby 15 to have those blue eyes.

Cadence took the initiative to introduce herself. "Hi, I'm Cadence!" She said in her sweetest voice. He introduced himself as James and has just shifted from Riverview to Sunset Valley to seek better job opportunities.

Cadence went on and on about her 100 baby challenge and beat around the bush, she did not know how to approach him to be the father of baby 15. James let out a loud yawn as Cadence droned on. "Goodnight Buddy! Nice meeting you, Cadence." James wanted to retreat for the night. "Hey, wait wait! Could you be the father of my baby 15? Please??" Cadence mustered up the courage to ask him.

James rejected her but Cadence talked about how she wanted him to be part of the challenge continuously. To stop her incessant talking, James finally relented and gave her a hug, " Alright...i'll agree to it. But I do not want the kid to know that I'm the father."

Cadence was pleased that James agreed to her request. "Lets do it now then!!" Cadence said in jest. "NOW?!?! I'm really tired..." James pleaded with her. Cadence worked on her charisma skills and flirted with him to get her ways. The Joker was thinking of barring Cadence from coming to his house, he was sick of her flirting with almost all the guys in his house.

The Joker talked to himself,"WHY oh Why does she have to come to my house all the time for the challenge?" The Joker totally cannot understand the reason why. He definitely will get female housemates the next time.

James wanted this baby making process to end as soon and possible.

He pulled Cadence under the sheets and there they went....Cadence has conceived!

"I need to pee...." James told Cadence. Cadence have never met a guy like James who wanted the baby making process to be as short as possible. Most guys enjoyed the process. The weirder James was, Cadence found herself liking him more. Cadence muttered to herself," I'm in a challenge, I can't fall in love with any fathers of my babies."

This was the hot bod that Cadence could not resist.

James's crystal clear blue eyes.

The triplet girls' favorite time has arrived, it was time for them to enter teenhood. With their looks, it would definitely be a tough and rocky ride ahead. However, Cadence was confident that with their upbringing, they would definitely handle all obstacles with poise and grace. They were "pretty and beautiful" at heart.
"Congratulations Girls! Welcome to teenhood!!" Cadence cheered!

All of a sudden, there was flash of light. It was coming from under the table. Tragedy has striked the triplets again. The celebration that they loved the most was ruined! The Sierra's kids had so many birthday celebrations in the house but nothing like this has happened before.

Ayako was oblivious to the fire beneath the table, she was getting ready to blow the candles on her cake.

Seeing that Aiko's cake was burnt, Anako wanted to save her birthday cake.
Cadence screamed at her,"NO! Its too dangerous, you will get burnt!" Anako quickly withdrew her hands from the cake.

Aiko looking at her birthday cake sadly, she was disappointed that her cake was ruined by the fire.

Before the fire started to spread, Cadence quickly called for the firefighters. She tried to stay calm and composed.

As the fire grew bigger and bigger, she panicked alittle as the firefighters have not arrived. "Girls! Stay away from the fire!!" Cadence warned them. They were standing way too close to the fire.

What a way to start a new phase of life. It was literally a blazing fiery hot start to their teenage life. Their birthday cakes were all burnt.

Ayako became a teenager while Anako stood rooted to the spot in shock. Cadence suddenly remembered that she kept a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. She quickly ran back to the house to help extinguish the flames.

By then, the firefighters have arrived. There were many curious onlookers and neighbours at the fire scene.

The firefighters fought hard to extinguish the flames. It was a harrowing experience for Cadence and the triplets. Cadence was glad that all of them escaped unscathed. Only Aiko had slight burns on her hands and legs, it was indeed a bumpy ride and journey for her.

"This is one of the biggest fires that we have seen in Sunset Valley. Please be more careful in future, especially with so many kids around." The firefighters told Cadence in a firm tone.

Cadence wondered what the future held for the triplets. They seem to be friends with misfortune, trouble and anything negative. She can only pray that they can lead a normal and happy life. She hoped that with every adversity that they meet in life, they can become stronger indivduals.

Twins Baby 13 and 14 seemed oblivious to the fire scene. Quinn and Sage played happily with their toys.

After a eventful celebration without their birthday cakes, the triplets finally grew up. This is Aiko with her cute little bob. She was fashion conscious and loved accessories.

Ayako had big hair and her eyes were barely visible.

Anako looked like Ayako, albeit different hairstyles.

Contrary to what the doctor said about them becoming more normal when they grow up, the triplets' facial features became more pronounced and serious as they grew.

Ayako loved kids, she liked to play with Quinn and Sage. She was also really excited about the impending arrival of her new sibling.

As usual, Cadence puked her guts out for her pregnancy.

"Such a sweet girl...who says she is ugly?" Cadence thought to herself as she saw Ayako playing with Quinn and Sage.

Quinn loved to play hide and seek in the toybox. Quinn had such pretty eyes that he can be passed off as a little girl. They looked like he had eyeliner on.

Quinn calling out to Sage to play with him.

Cadence took time off to play computer games while listening to kids music. She had not have much time for herself since she took part in the challenge.

The triplets grew up to make space for their impending sibling. After experiencing so much in their childhood and teenagehood, they were ready to leave the comforts of home and rough it out there.

Ugly came to send them off. He wished them all the best and told them that he would always be behind them. suppporting them.

Time for labour! Out pop two baby girls. Baby 15 and 16!!

Baby 15 Meredith Sierra. She had a cute button nose.

Baby 16: Sheila Sierra.

Cadence gave James a polite call to thank him as well as to inform him that the twins have arrived. James was really rude and said,"Leave me out of this. Thank you. "


  1. I love Ayako's hair! Where did you get it?

  2. You're babies are all so cute :)! You're my new idol!! You go girl :)!

  3. OMG, I totally love James!! Do you think you could put him up on the exchange?? He is SMOKIN' HOT!!
    From sim username: Karobb

  4. He is from here:

  5. James is a jerk! Why does Cadence like him so much?! brains matter more than beauty.

    from- Purple Chickita

  6. Poor Aiko, Anako and Ayako...Not only do they look so ugly but they have to be the first ones to have a ruined birthday party! Quinn is just like the cutest kid ever! :)

  7. @James: Well...I would say love is blind!

    @Summer: Yeah..poor girls to have their party ruined!


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