Sunday, December 13, 2009

Three Bundles of Joy: Baby 10, 11 and 12!

Cadence met an interesting character at The Joker's house. She went up to introduce herself as the mother of the 100 baby challenge. "Hi, I'm Ugly!" the interesting character introduced himself.

"Ugly?!?! Your name is Ugly? Thats so interesting." Cadence did not know how to react to his unique name. Ugly told Cadence that he would want to be the father of her baby 10. Cadence probed further to ask the reason why. "No one in Sunset Valley likes me, i'm never gonna be a father in my lifetime." Ugly said in the most pathetic tone. Cadence was worried that her baby 10 would have Ugly's strange genetics but being softhearted and sorry at Ugly's plight, she agreed to his request.

Off they went...within an hour, Ugly was in Cadence's house in Cadence's bed.

Ugly was so moved to tears when he received his first kiss from Cadence. He thought that he would never be kissed till the day he dies.

Their babymaking was interrupted by the loud crying from the triplets. Nevertheless, the sounds of the lullaby floated in the air.

Its time for celebration! Birthdays for the triplets!

Its such sweet moments that Cadence loved to see in this 100 baby challenge. Such moments made all the nausea and pain from the labour all worthwhile.

The three triplets from left to right: Skye, Flynn and Shawn. The very noticeable difference between them is their hair. Skye practically has nothing on his head. Flynn has some hair while Shawn was more developed in the hair department.

Baby 7: Skye Sierra

Baby 9: Flynn Sierra

Baby 8: Shawn Sierra

Cutie Flynn playing in the toybox. Toddlers at this stage can be a handful but they are really adorable at well.

Baby 6 Jacob Sierra reached young adulthood. Wow, looking alot like elder brother Bryce.

Jacob was comtemplating whether to shift out of the house and strike out on his own. Being the sensible boy that he always was, he decided to stay in the house to help out for the time being till the triplets grow up.

Skye as a child, he had Cadence's huge eyes.

Flynn and Skye looked pretty the same.

Except for the shaggy dark hair, Shawn looked different from his two twin brothers. He had his father's eyes, albeit bigger. Shawn had a perpetual sad puppy eyes look all the time. He had a slight frown too.

The Sierra's first set of triplets!

"Mum bought a new swing for us!!" Skye screamed excitedly to his brothers as he ran to try the new swing.

Flynn and Shawn ran out of the house quickly to see their new toy.

The Sierra triplets loved the swing and played on it for the entire day.

Cadence had a go on the swing as well.

She loved swinging on the swing too...swing swing swing...swing all the worries and troubles away. "Kids, don't it seem like we are flying?" Cadence was glad that her kids enjoyed the swing.

Ugly called up to ask about Cadence's pregnancy progress. "Well...anytime soon! You are free to drop by my house when baby 10 arrives! My tummy is unusually big this time round, so it might be twins!" chirped Cadence. Ugly was real excited to see his offspring.

The next morning, Cadence was making breakfast as usual.

When all of a sudden, there was uncontrollable pain in her tummy. She quickly checked in herself into the hospital. The nurse congratulated her," Cadence! Congrats on your second set of triplets!!! How did u manage to do it without any fertility help?!" Cadence was exhausted from the long labour and told a quick peek at her triplets. She was relieved that they did not inherit Ugly's genetics and had normal facial features just like all her kids.

Baby 10, Ayako Sierra. (Thanks to IntentionalEyez for this meaningful name) Ayako means pretty child in japanese.

Baby 10: Aiko Sierra. Aiko means love child in japanese.

Baby 11: Anako Sierra. Looks like Cadence was progressing real fast in the 100 baby challenge. Within a short span, she produced 2 sets of triplets, six babies in total! Amazing!


  1. thanks nick! :)

  2. The boys look so cute as toddlers! Such innocent little faces! I like how you always put the toodlers either by the block table or into the chairs for their tot photos... and gosh, Jacob is soo handsome! :)

  3. @Summer: The Sierra kids love the blocks table!


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