Friday, December 18, 2009

The Stork has arrived...Baby 13 and 14

Rejoice!! Its time for celebration! Birthdays for the triplets, Skye Flynn and Shawn.

This is Skye, Baby 7.

This is Shawn, Baby 9 laughing at Skye's bathrobe.

Shawn had the smallest eyes and different eye colour from his brothers. He still had his perpetual sad from look on his face. He looked more like his father. Cheer up boy!

With his huge eyes and high bridged nose, Flynn looked more like Cadence.

Cadence was at the central park with the kids when this man with purple and green skin greeted her," Hi, you must be the legendary Cadence Sierra doing the 100 baby challenge. My wife and I have heard about you since we shifted to Sunset Valley. Nice meeting you, I'm Dfujhfkmslz NoGreenbvc (Thanks Sims234 for the nice creation). " "Dfu...what?" Cadence could not quite pronounce his name. "Well, just call me D. It doesn't matter. The point is that I would like to be part of the challenge." D said in jest.
"I thought I heard you said about your wife, you mean she does not mind?" Cadence was puzzled. D told her that she was the one who encouraged him to take part in the challenge. They had a son and were unsuccessful in trying to conceive after that. They loved kids but had problems conceiving so D's wife suggested that he takes part in the challenge to have more offpring. "But you can't take them away, you can only visit them." Cadence explained. D reassured Cadence that he knew the rules of the challenge and would abide to it.

Cadence invited D back home. She found it awkward and strange to do the challenge with a married man.

D took the first move and said excitedly," Let's go.......Let there be woohoo!!!" The sweet sounds of the lullaby trails softly. D told Cadence," are indeed fertile, perfect candidate for the 100 baby challenge, I have never heard the lullaby after a thousand times of woohoo with my wife." Cadence was flattered but did not know how to react,"hmm..thanks, spare me the details though. Thanks for helping me in this challenge."

With Cadence getting pregnant and new babies on the way, the triplet boys have to grow up quickly to make room for more kids.

Skye was thinking," WOw...with the amount of birthday celebration and cakes, I'm gonna get fat in no time! Better exercise hard."

Cadence was glad that the triplets get along really well with one another. "Go boys, be brave and go forth, carve out a career and settle down. Always remember your roots and be happy in whatever you do. That's the most important." Cadence's words of wisdom for the boys.

Skye and Flynn Sierra

Shawn and his sad look.

Then the shocker that almost gave Cadence a heart attack. Ayako, Aiko and Anako grew up! Nothing wrong with growing up, but they looked extremely weird. Cadence was heartbroken, she had regretted to accede to Ugly's request of having kids. With these looks, they are going to scare the residents of Sunset Valley. From left to right: Baby 10 Ayako Sierra, Baby 11 Aiko and Baby 12 Anako Sierra.

Ayako had her tongue and teeth protuding out and her eyes barely visible.

Aiko's eyes was also hidden and had huge ears too.

Anako was bald and had real short eyebrows.

Aiko and Anako in their highchair. Cadence was depressed for a while over their looks and couldn't bear to see them. She was so happy when they were born with normal facial features.

The triplets took care of the toddlers while Cadence took a break and breather from the kids.

After a long thought, Cadence straightened her thoughts and began to accept the reality that her daughters' looks. As Cadence did not spend so much time with her daughters when they were babies, the triplet girls were not absolutely comfortable with Cadence. Anako initally did not even want Cadence to carry her. Cadence brought them to the doctor to check on their health, the doctor assured her that they are perfectly normal and their features would be more normal when they grow up. Cadence was relieved and anxious to see them grow up.

The day has finally arrived for the triplet girls to grow up. Anako had double eyelids, prettty large eyes and a frontal that looked like a dog. She would be a pretty little girl if not for the fact that her features are all messed up.

Aiko had huge ears, thick brows, the same protuding nose and tongue. But she had the most beautiful braids.

Ayako had slightly squinty eyes.

Ayako was real upset by how she looked and bawled her eyes out when she was teased for her weird looks in school. Anako comforted and said," Remember what Mum said? She will love us no matter what happens and we will always be her precious. She named us Ayako, Aiko and Anako as they means pretty child and love child. We are beautiful in character and virtues regardless of what people said about us. We have to prove that we are stronger, faster and better than the rest so that no one will look down on us." Aiko nodded in agreement,"We are special and unique, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder."

Cadence made sure that she paid extra attention to the girls as she was aware that the kids in school are teasing them. Ayako was always the sensitive one while the other two girls often stand up to her and protected her in school. Thats the power of family ties, always standing by you no matter what happens.

Ugly came by to visit the three girls. He was glad that he has offsprings, but at the same time, he was sad that he passed on his strange genetics to them. Ugly was afraid that they would lose any opportunity along the way in their lives due to their strange looks. "I want to be the best politician in Sunset Valley!! I want to give equal chances and opportunity to everyone, regardless of looks, age, size, weight and colour." Ayako told Ugly about his aspiration. Ugly was touched and supportive of his girl's aspiration. He was mighty proud of his girl's lofty ambition.

ooooWWw....Huuufffff....pufffffffff.....Its time for labour!! Cadence knew the techniques to breathe correctly to ease pain. This time it was an labour. Out came two babies, its twins!

Baby 13 Quinn Sierra, he had huge eyes and double eyelids just like Cadence.

Baby 14 Sage Sierra (Thanks to MarblesTheMoose for both names!), he had a cool skin colour, green! Now we know that D's skin colour is green not purple, he only had a purple mask on.

Cadence's first green baby, she was pretty intrigued by the cool colour!


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  2. The name Sage sure matches the baby nicely. After all, Sage is a green plant! :) The mask is such a funny download.. does the nose come with it, since neither of the babies inherited it?

  3. @Summer: Which mask are u referring to?

  4. The pink mask that the father was wearing that was discovered a mask after the birth of Sage.

  5. D looks like a sim in a Black light.


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