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First set of Triplets: Baby 7, 8 and 9!!

After the birth of Jacob Sierra, Cadence decided to change her image for a cool sexy one. She put a glittery shiny red sequinned dress to visit The Joker and thank him for taking up the challenge.

At The Joker's house, Cadence met The Joker's new tenant, Daniel ( thanks firestar77_2). Daniel is a guy from exotic origins, has slightly tanned skin, dark hair and sexy slitty eyes. Cadence thought," Ah, perfect genetics for my baby 7!"

Cadence wasted no time and made her advances. Her charisma skills and levels were at the max, so its easy for her to handle any awkward situations and rejections. Kevin Rockwell (Father of Baby 4 and 5 Blossom and Crimson Sierra) in the background thinking, "Wow...Cadence works real fast and hard in this 100 baby challenge."

Within minutes, they were kissing....In Cadence's mind, she was focused in making baby 7 and the words surrounded her mind," Baby 7, 100 baby challenge, Baby 7, 100 baby challenge."

She managed to get Daniel in bed in record time. She was getting good at this challenge.

Woohoo...bed rocking and baby making!

In the meantime, the kids grew up. Baby 1 and 2 are ready for independence and to leave the house! Time flies. It is heartening for Cadence to see them grow up from crying babies and now on to young adulthood. She would love to have them all in one household and felt a tinge of sadness that they are leaving the house to set up their own family. Baby 1. Caleb Sierra celebrating his new life as a young adult.

Bryce was dress inappropriately for the occasion. He was in briefs for his birthday celebration.

Bryce grew up to be one potential heartbreaker. Look at those muscular arms!

Closeup of Bryce: Those huge sparkling eyes are enough to melt any girl's heart.

Even though Caleb was older by a minute, he was more scrawny and smaller in size. He looked more like a teenager who refused to grow up. He had smaller eyes compared to his twin brother.

Caleb thought," We are definitely not identical twins." Caleb envied Bryce for his well toned arms and huge round eyes.

Daddy's girl Bliss Sierra is growing up too....

Waiting with bated breath to see how Bliss looked like as a teenager.

Wow...looking good. Scott Krumpe do make pretty kids! No fat gene alert for Bliss Sierra.

Bliss Sierra has all it takes to be a model: nice flowy silky hair, well arched brows, round marble eyes, well defined nose and full plump lips! Cadence was pleasantly surprised and secretly hoped that all her baby girls will turn out like Bliss.

Closeup of Bliss.

Baby 1 and 2 Twins Caleb and Bryce all ready to shift out and embrace a brand new life by themselves.

Little Jacob as a toddler.

Cadence invested alot of time in her kids and played with them all the time. Opps, thats a very far toss in the air! Luckily with her great parenting experience, Cadence managed to catch Jacob swiftly and accurately.

Bliss tried to kick her habit of stealing candy from her siblings but to no avail. Due to this, she wasn't very popular with her siblings. They found her evil and irritating, always bullying them whenever there is a chance to.

Cadence teaching Jacob to talk. "Say picture, PIC...TURE....." Cadence repeated herself for the umpteen time. She found joy and pleasure in teaching the kids.

Woah...another heartthrob alert. Jacob as a kid. Hope Jacob stays this way during his puberty years as well. He has Cadence's eyes.

Such a cutie, everyone in Sunset Valley could not resist but give him a pinch on his chubby pink cheeks when they see him.

Jacob was also a little sweetheart, always helping Cadence around with the housework. None of the kids has helped out around the house before. Being such an absolute darling, Cadence loves him to bits.

Baby 4 and 5 Twins Blossom and Crimson preparing for their party. They were not too happy with growing up. They wanted to be little girls forever, always under the care of Cadence. But well, facing up with reality, everyone has to grow up one day.

Cadence was thrilled that she fulfilled her wish of raising 5 kids from babies to teenagers.

Baby 5 Crimson Sierra with her trademark red dress. Its funny how Cadence still calls them by Baby 4 Baby 5 even though they are grown up. Blossom and Crimson does not mind though, they loved to be "little babies" forever.

Closeup of Baby 4 Blossom Sierra. Just like her name, she loved all things flowery and girly. She was always dressed in cute dresses with lovely flower prints. Cadence was also mighty proud of this little girl. She had a high record of downloads as a child in The Sims 3 community.

Another very obvious difference between the twins girls was their hair. Crimson had lighter hair while Blossom had brown hair.

Other than that, it was difficult even for Cadence to tell them apart. Try spotting the difference in this picture!

Puke..puke puke. This meant that baby 7 is along the way!!!

Bliss has been thinking of some issues for a very long time but has not gotten the courage to speak to Cadence personally. Bliss approached Cadence and let everything off her chest, "Mum, I been thinking about this for a long time, I want to grow up and move out as soon as possible." Cadence was not surprised, she knew Bliss could not get along with her siblings due to her bullying habits like stealing lollipops from them and snatching toys from them. Even good natured Jacob avoided her whenever possible. She was treated like the "outcast" of the family. Cadence suggested," Why don't you try to get along with them?" "But mum, i'm born with the evil trait, its inborn!" Bliss explained. Cadence couldn't help but blamed herself for the inborn evil trait, she relented and Bliss finally got her wish: To move out on her own.

Bliss as a young adult, all ready to start a fresh life on her own.

Bliss Sierra and her new outfit.

What?!?! Its time to grow up again? I thought I just grew up?? Jacob Sierra was surprised at how time flies.

His sisters all cheering and celebrating for him as he steps into the brand new phase of life: Teenhood.

Jacob seems to be a cross between Caleb and Bryce, leaning towards Bryce's genetics.

Cadence sat in bed reading her book. However, she could not concentrate on her book. Her mind was wandering and her conversation with Bliss kept floating in her thoughts. She was relucant to allow Bliss to live alone and fend for herself. She wanted her kids to live in groups to experience family life. She finally straightened out her thoughts and told Bliss to shift out together with Blossom and Crimson once they reached the young adult stage. If they do not get along,

Cadence gave Jacob a little prep talk about how his sisters will all be leaving the house to start their new young adulthood. Jacob and the impending baby will be the only kids left in the house. Jacob will be shouldered with the responsibility of helping Cadence with his little sibling.

Bliss was relieved that she finally gotten her wish to shift out. She hoped that she can get along with Blossom and Crimson. After all, this is Cadence's wish to see the Sierra's siblings get along with one another.

Cadence tummy was getting bigger and bigger. After so many pregnancies, she knew how to deal with her nausea and cravings. Every pregnancy seemed to be easier and easier to deal with.

One fine sunny morning, Jacob was in the garden tending to Cadence's plants (Such a sweet and obedient boy...), he heard loud shrieks and screams from the house.

It was Cadence!! It's time for labour!! Jacob was so nervous that he freaked out. He tried to stay composed and calm to give Cadence the support that she needs. This time round, Cadence was not in time to deliver Baby no 7 in the hospital. This was her first time giving birth at home without any help.

Baby 7 Skye! (Thanks to Becarree!) He has Daniel's tanned skin. Wait a moment....Cadence felt something still moving in her tummy. She felt a huge contraction and quickly handed Skye to Jacob.

"Oh my goodness!!!" Cadence shrieked in joy. ITS TRIPLETS!!! Two baby boys came out one after another within less than a minute. Another baby boy! Baby 8 Shawn Sierra!

Cadence was hoping the last baby would be a girl to balance the gender ratio of the kids left in the house. Its Baby 9 Flynn Sierra ( Thanks again to Becarree!)! The three babies look identical with tanned skin and dark hair, looking exactly like Daniel. There you go...Cadence's first set of triplets without any fertility help or treatment.



    -Purple Chickita

  2. Where did you move the older boys to?

  3. Bliss looks like a model both as an adault and teen.. Same with Bryce, Daniel and Jacob! Compered to now-adays, some of the kids, like Jacob, were aged up really fast, he was there in only 3 posts: the one he was born, his toddlerhood one, and finally the one where he grew up and left! Time flies.

  4. @purple: Yeah!! Cheers to triplets!

    @Brit: I "Kick" them out of the house once they reach young adult so that there will be space for the other kids.

    @Summer: Yup..the kids need to shift out so that Cadence can continue with the 100 baby challenge.

  5. Congrats on your 1st set of triplets, they have lovely names Flynn is my favorite name out of the three of them.


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