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The Fight that produced Baby 18 and 19...

Cadence met Parker Mellott (Thanks to paco1200) while strolling around Sunset Valley. "I heard about your 100 challenge and I think you are really brave to take on this challenge." Parker praised Cadence. Cadence told him that she loved every minute of the challenge. "Glad that you are enjoying. How's your three girls (He was referring to Ayako, Aiko and Anako) getting along?" Parker asked Cadence. "Which three girls? I have lots of daughters." said Cadence. "The ones with monster-like features." Parker clarified.

Upon hearing that, Cadence gave Parker a stern warning," They do not have monster like features, they are beautiful!!"

"WHat? I did not say anything wrong. They have monster like features, the whole town is talking about them. They are saying that the triplets have dog's tongue, pig's nose and alien's eyes.They are are the freaks of Sunset Valley" Parker did not see anything wrong in saying that.

One can say anything about Cadence but her kids. She was fuming mad at Parker's comments.

"THEY ARE NOT FREAKS! They are my kids! How dare you say that of my kids!"

"What are you doing? Don't come near me." Parker said as Cadence leaned closer to him as if she was about to hit him.

Cadence looked so mad that she was going to hit him. Parker was slightly surprised at her sudden outburst.

Parker raised his voice," WHat's up?" After which, he walked away.

"Hey you! Stop there!" Cadence screamed at him and decided to teach Parker a lesson. Before Parker could react and do anything, Cadence raised her arms to give him a tight slap.

"This would teach you a lesson, never call my girls freaks!!" Cadence warned Parker. Parker was completely dazed at Cadence's attack.

Parker was riled that Cadence had hurt his pride by slapping him in front of public. "I'll never let you off. Watch your back! Cadence Sierra." Parker threatened Cadence. "Come on! I am not scard of you! Do anything you want!" Cadence challenged Parker.

Upon hearing this, Parker carried Cadence and hurled her onto the floor.

They started FIGHTING!!! Cadence fought back with all her might.

"Awwwww oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh......" Cadence gave Parker a flying kick.

"I'll never let you get me!!" Cadence screamed at the top of her voice.

Being a guy, Parker had a upperhand in the strength department. He lifted Cadence up and toss her into the air.

"OUChhh..........." Cadence rubbed her back. Cadence lost the fight.

"You are the worst barbarian I have ever seen in my life!" Cadence pointed at Parker. She carried on to hurl all kinds of vulgarities on Parker.

Cadence challenged Parker to another fight. Parker could not take the verbal abuse anymore and fought with Cadence headon. This time, Cadence fractured her ribs and was badly injuried in the fight. Parker did not let her off and continued bashing her,"I thought you want to fight? Here's your wish..." Parker continued to throw punches at Cadence.

Cadence used all her strength to prop herself up,"Please...please...stop...I apologise for my bad behaviour. I cannot be injuried. I need to carry on my 100 baby challenge." Cadence begged Parker. "I'm a crude boor, I do not take apologies." Parker said. "Please!!! What can I do so that you can forgive me??" Cadence said in the saddest tone ever. "I want to take part in your challenge. I wanted to tell you just now but you were offended  by my comments on your girls." Parker explained.

Seeing that she needed a father to continue her challenge, Cadence saw no harm in acceding to Parker's request. Cadence nodded and to her surprise, Parker gave her a warm hug and said,"I'm so sorry for the sudden attack, I could not help it."

They cuddled in bed for a while and Cadence found out that Parker was a lonely soul at heart. He needed company and was often agitated at the fact that no ones bothered about him.

Baby 18 along the way!!

In the meantime, it was time for Baby 17 Erik Sierra to grow up!

Sage helped his little brother to grow up.

Cuteness alert! Erik as a toddler.

Erik did inherit Zorion Zeno's green eyes though he did not have his green skin.

Sheila helping mum to feed his little brother. It was great to have teenagers and kids around the house, they proved to be great help especially when Cadence was tied up doing housework.

Yum yum. Erik loved his milk!

The twins Quinn and Sage were about to transit into young adulthood. Cadence cheered and celebrated for their transition. "Go forth my dears!!" Cadence dispensed her words of wisdom.

It was a lovely evening celebration by the beach.

Cadence gave both Quinn and Sage a car each to further boost their career. Quinn and Sage were happy at this newfound freedom but were relucant to leave the house and Cadence.

Quinn Sierra as a young adult.

Sage as a young adult.

Looking more and more like incredible hulk.

Closeup of Quinn Sierra.

With more time on her hands as Meredith and Sheila went to school, Cadence decided to devote more time to Erik. They headed for a little outing at the beach.

"Ahh....such a fine weather!" Cadence said to Erik who responded in glee.

Against the wonderful background of scenic sea, Cadence taught Erik how to walk.

"Hey Erik! Look! You are going to have a little sibling soon!" Cadence touched her tummy happily.
While they were enjoying a relaxing morning at the beach, Cadence saw Parker Mellott at one of the benches. She went up to him and told him about the great news.

He rubbed his tummy and said,"You are going to be a real beauty or hunk when you grow up because your father is Parket Mellott." Cadence laughed at Parker.

Cadence gave Parker a tight embrace and kiss to show her appreciation. "Sorry for the crazy behaviour that night!"

Baby 16 and 17 Meredith and Sheila grows up!

Just like any kid, they loved birthdays as they would received a lovely birthday cake and presents!
Meredith as a pretty teen. Cadence thought that she looked like a certain hollywood star.

Another shot of Meredith Sierra.

Sheila Sierra as a teen.

The lovely twins. Can you see the resemblance?

Another shot of their sideview.

Sheila Sierra was a confident lady, she loved to strut down the runway and hoped to be one of the top models in the world.

Meredith was a simple girl. She loved to exercise and exercising made her happy.

The Sierra's twins!

Meredith loved to play with Erik.

Erik got along better with Meredith than Sheila as Sheila was afraid to change his diapers.

Exercising made Meredith a happy girl!

Meredith encouraged her family to exercise with her as well. "I don't like to sweat and we do not smell  good after exercising" was her twin sister Sheila's reply.

"Mum, exercise is good for pregnant ladies like you." Meredith told Cadence. Cadence heeded Meredith's advice and tried to exercise as much as she could.

Sheila loved strutting around the house in her lingerie. "Hey honey, you should put on more clothes in the house!" Cadence advised her. "But all top models should learn how to strut in lingerie!" Sheila said. Cadence was glad that Sheila had a goal to work towards though she had warned her about the modelling industry.

Contractions! With so much birth experiences under her belt, Cadence calmly and coolly checked herself into the hospital.

Cadence was so calm that the strangers near the hospital were worried and  flustered about her impending labour.

Its twins! Precious Baby 18 Diamond Sierra (Thanks to estrellalin)

Precious Baby 19 Pearl Sierra (Thanks to dolphinz2121). Parker was excited about his babies, he went to the hospital to fetch Cadence and his little twins.

Straight after her delivery of Diamond and Pearl, Cadence heard good news from Baby 2 Bryce. Cadence had a new grandkid, Kristal Sierra!

Introducing Kristal Sierra!

Cadence teaching Bryce the ropes of parenting. She taught him how to change the diapers correctly.

She gave Melody some tips on parenting too. "How did you manage to stay so thin?" Melody quizzed Cadence. Cadence told Melody that the key word was to exercise and eat in moderation. Cadence does not looked like a mother of 18, Melody looked like a whale standing next to her.

Cadence and Sheila watching the television. Sheila was not happy that Cadence forced her to put on some clothes as they would be expecting some guests for the night.

The guests were none other than Bryce and his family. Bryce wanted Cadence to see Kristal as a toddler. She had pretty purple eyes.

Updates on Bliss's family (Thanks to Izziebelle ): Bliss had a blissful family life and living in bliss just like her name suggest. This was Ben with baby three Brian

Bliss's Baby 4: Alexi Dexter

Bliss loved to see Brian playing with Alexi.

Brian inherited the evil trait from Bliss and loved to steal lollipop from the kids just like what his mum, Bliss did when she was younger.

Charity and Hope as teens.

Brian grew up to be a little kiddo.

Hope and Charity as young adults. They loved to take photographs on the couch. Hope's lifetime wish was to become a hit movie composer and Charity wanted to be a world famous doctor. Bliss had wanted to see Charity become evil and join that workforce, but that was against Charity's wish. Bliss's only hope was on Brian as he possessed the evil trait. Bliss's wish was to see one of her kids become the head of evil, something that she could not achieved in her lifetime.

Brian as a teenager, he could not kick his habit of stealing candy from his siblings.
Bliss had another pair of twin girls, Faith and Grace. She hoped that they would do anything in life with faith and grace.

Faith and Grace as kids.

Alexi as a child.


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