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Baby 2-0!

Cadence was mighty pleased to see her new grandkid, Starr Sierra. She was the kid of Jacob Sierra and Momo. Cadence was too tied up with her challenge when she was borned.

Little Starr inherited her mum's hair and eyes.

Jacob's wife, Momo.

Along the way back, Cadence met a real interesting character who was dressed in a pink outfit, had pink hair and skin. "Ah.....perfect for my challenge!" thought Cadence who had a penchant for sims with weird genetics. She loved to see her kids with all sorts of different colours and genetics.

Cadence bravely went up to him and gave a friendly introduction. "Hi! Cadence here, the mother of the 100 baby challenge. Heard of the challenge?" Cadence wasted no time beating round the bush. "Hi! I'm Bob Pink! (Thanks to jktee511) Yep, the whole town knows about it! I love your little kids, they are absolutely adorable!" Bob squealed in delight.

"I'm hitting the big 20 for my baby challenge, care to help me in it?" Cadence asked. Bob was confused,"Help as in?" Cadence asked him if he could be the father of baby 20. Bob was taken aback by this request and hesitated for a while.

Seeing that Bob was hesitant in agreeing to the challenge, Cadence decided to work on her charm on Bob. " are the perfect candidate for the 100 baby challenge! Bob!" Cadence pouted in her sweetest tone.

Bob did not give Cadence an immediate answer. Cadence tried begging Bob again.

Bob was the latest victim to fall into Cadence's beauty trap. His heart melted and he agreed to her request.

"You are so beautiful, Cadence..." Bob whispered into Cadence's ears.

Cadence took advantage of the situation and quickly got into bed for babymaking! Baking of the bun in the oven began!

Meredith was a star student and made sure that she finished her work promptly. She was the teacher's pet and was on a scholarship for her studies.

On the other hand, Sheila was the playful one. Cadence had instructed her to take good care of Erik. She did carry Erik in her arms, but her eyes were glued to the television.

Meredith concocted some drinks for the birthday celebrations.

Sheila loved parties so she volunteered to help the twin girls Diamond and Pearl to grow up. This was Sheila carrying Diamond, all ready to step into the terrible twos.

YAHOOO....Lets blow the candles!

Diamond looked exactly like Parker Mellott. Parker would be pleased to see Diamond looking alot like him.

Sheila helping Pearl to blow the candles.

Pearl Sierra as a toddler.

It was also time for Erik to transit into childhood.

However, as they were about to blow the candles, the second fire broke out at the Sierras. This time, it was more serious than the first one. It spreaded faster and wildly.

Meredith panicked and did not know what to do. She screamed at the top of her lungs.

To minimise damage and protect her kids from any harm, Cadence quickly whipped out a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. "Stay away from the fire, girls!!" She shouted out to Meredith and Sheila. She was afraid that the fire would hurt them. After the first fire, Cadence was also more experienced and better at handling the crisis.

"Mum! Be careful!!" Meredith was worried for Cadence's safety. The saying,"Mum's the greatest" totally fitted into this situation.

Sheila went hysterically when she saw Meredith engulfed in flames.

Ouch!! Meredith's legs suffered some burns.

"Girls! Go get the extra fire extinguisher from the kitchen!" Cadence instructed the girls as she saw that the fire was getting bigger and out of control.

Sheila helped in the putting out of the fire.

Cadence was feeling nauseous as she inhaled too much smoke. The result of the fire was a burnt birthday cake and a stern warning from the fire fighter.

After an eventful birthday "party", Erik grew into a little boy. He had cool green eyes with pronounced double eyelids.

He had the most feminine features amongst the Sierra kids. If not for the hair, many would have mistaken him for a little girl.

Sweet Meredith helped to clean the high chair as Cadence took a much needed rest.

Cadence had purchased new semi transparent lingerie. The residents of Sunset Valley had always wondered how she managed to keep such a great figure after 19 babies.

She was getting more and more skilled in this challenge. This pregnancy was a walk in the park for her. She did not even puke like she used to for other pregnancies.

Erik and Pearl playing with their dollhouse. The Sierra kids had the most perfect and wonderful environment for growing up. They had the coolest mum, a beautiful beachhouse to live in and lots of playmates to play with.

"Hurray!! Time for freedom!" Meredith cheered. Cadence took special care of the candles. She did not want a fire to dampen the joyous mood.

Meredith and Sheila had decided to move out after this birthday celebration. They were looking forward to independence, especially so for Sheila. She can't wait to kick start her modelling career.

Closeup of Sheila Sierra, the top model to be.

She loved to check herself out in front of the vanity mirror.

She enjoyed experimenting with different poses..."The vogue look, the classic look, the cute pose and the supermodel blank look...." Sheila tried out many poses.

This was Meredith as a young adult. She had a angelic face but...

a muscular body. She had done too much exercises when she was a teen, resulting in the bulging muscles.

Ironically, Meredith was more ladylike than Sheila. Sheila was more rough and tomboyish. Meredith often sat with her legs crossed and in the most demure fashion.

"Sheila, you have to sit with your legs crossed to be a supermodel!" Meredith told Sheila. "Shhh.....I'm watching American's next top model! I want to submit my application too!!" Sheila asked Meredith to lower her voice as she kept her eyes glued to the television.

Baby 15 and 16 Meredith and Sheila Sierra spread their wings and leave the house to build their career!

Erik loved a good game of chess on the laptop.

Cadence kept herself relaxed and happy throughout her pregnancy to deliver a baby with good traits.

She had a craving for hotdogs and decided to try her hand at barbequeing them. She seasoned the hotdogs and lay them on the barbeque pit.

All of a sudden, smoke bellowed from the pit. The hotdogs were burnt! It was an unsuccessful attempt at making hotdogs.

Cadence looked sadly at her burnt hotdogs. "Who would want to eat them?" She muttered to herself in the most pitiful tone.

Cadence berated herself for not listening attentively to the cooking lessons from the culinary chef. She would be able to whip up delicious and mouthwatering meals for her kids if she had great cooking skills.

Contractions kicked in as Cadence woke up the next morning. It was time to check into the hospital for Baby 20! No matter how many times Cadence had been through labour, she was still excited and had butterflies in her stomach.

Presenting Baby 20: Levi Sierra (thanks to 9721)

Updates on Bliss's blissful family: Faith grew up as a teen. She loved her girly pink bedroom!

Grace as a teen.

Alexi grew up to be a suave young teenage boy.

Alexi as a young adult, all ready to meet the challenges of the working world.

Faith as a young adult.

Grace as a young adult.
Download Bliss's family at (link courtesy of Izziebelle)

Years passed and Bliss has passed on. Cadence cried for many days upon hearing that news. She felt that a part of her had died. This was Bliss 2.0. She was Bliss Dexter, the great granddaughter of Bliss and the heir of the Dexter family. The rest of her siblings were all fire ghosts.

Bliss had not come to terms with her death, she still visits her family after her death. She was alittle upset that 2 of her great grandchildren are fire ghosts.


  1. its a bit hard to understand your words so maybe check over your writing before you submit it in. NO OFFENSE!! I do love the story, :)

  2. I do not understand how Bliss died. In a fire?

  3. Old age. Ghosts who are white died from old age.


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