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Baby 17! New beach house!

After so much unhappy incidents and experiences in the Sierras, Cadence decided to shift to a spanking new house. She did all the sums to ensure that her funds were enough, she was careful not to overspend as these were her hard-earned money from gardening and saving. She wanted to start afresh in a new house without the unpleasant memories and episodes.

She went for property hunting at Sunset Valley and fell in love with the seaview that some of the houses enjoyed. "Hmm...I must get a beach house. The kids would love it." Cadence thought to herself. Cadence always placed her kids in the first priority hoping that they would get the best that they could ever have.

In the end, she chose a affordable cosy house in front of the beach. The best part of the house was that it had a swimming pool. The Sierra kids no longer had to go to the community pool, they would have a pool right at their doorstep.

Cadence built a nursery cum kids room on the top level, all dedicated to her kids. Cadence saw to the renovation all by herself, down to the nitty gritty details like the paintings of the wall.

The nursery/kids room enjoyed a spectacular view of the sea, providing the kids a conducive and cosy environment to grow, play, live and study.

Their playroom, bedroom and studyroom all rolled into one.

The beach house after Cadence's meticulous hardwork. It had two storeys after the revamp.

It was time to shift to their new place! Cadence was glad though she was abit relucant to leave the place that holds so much memories, tears, joy and laughter. It was an inevitable part of life that change is the only constant. As Cadence had no other help, she had to carry the toddlers over one by one herself. She carried Meredith over first. Meredith is now a toddler with lovely braids and huge crystal blue eyes.

Sheila was the one with bigger eyes. Cadence has gotten her wish of having crystal blue eyes for her kids. Both Baby 15 and 16 Meredith and Sheila have blue eyes.

Awww! Look at those innocent eyes, definitely can make anyone's heart melt.

Sheila in her baby daisy duck romper and lovely braids.

Meredith in little pink polka dots shirt and white tights. These girls were definitely growing up to be pretty ladies.

Another closeup of Meredith.

The twins, baby 15 and 16 playing with the toybox and piratechest. Cadence loved the scenic seaview while looking after her kids in the nursery. It helped her to forget all her troubles, problems, money woes, backaches, nausea and fatigueness she experienced for this 100 baby challenge. This house was by far the best house and she hoped that she can grow enough plants and vegetables to upkeep the expenses and those neverending bills.

Sheila with her favourite toy, the red rocket which she affectionately called it ,"RadRad"

"Mum, Thank you. I loved this house! I love you." Quinn gave Cadence a warm hug. Cadence was heartened that her kids loved the place as much as she does. Being in a house with a nice scenery does keep their moodlets up all the time.

Quinn grew up to be a little cutie but he had a major problem. He loved talking to himself. Cadence had brought him to many doctors to treat this problem but in vain.
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This is Sage, he loved his watermelon jacket. Cadence told him to change to other jackets as this jacket made him looked like he had striped arms. His combination of purple hair and green skin made him look really cool.

Cadence was worried for Quinn. He can't stop talking to himself.

Sometimes, he does not know what he was doing as he can't control himself.

As he spoke to himself, he realised that he had forgotten all about his homework. "Sage, have you done your homework?" Quinn reminded his twin brother. "Not yet!" Sage shouted from a distance, he was happily swimming in the pool.

Quinn suggested that they do together so that they can copy each other's work. Thats a great and intelligent idea. "Hush...do not let mum know about this." Quinn whispered to Sage.

After doing his work, Quinn was bored and decided to make funny faces at the mirror.

Deciding that it was no fun playing by himself, he decided to find a companion. He did a peekaboo with Meredith and she loved it! Quinn has finally found a playmate who was able to tolerate his funny antics. Sage does not like to play with Quinn, he preferred to swim in the pool.

Meredith enjoyed Quinn's company.

Quinn tried to teach Meredith to walk.

"Slowly...Steady......yes....yes..." Quinn encouraged Meredith as she held on to his hands tightly. She was afraid of falling.

She ain't heavy. She's my sister. Such a tender loving moment for the Sierra siblings.

Quinn gave a goodbye hug before he left for school.

"Run, sage! run!" Cadence told Sage that he was running late for school.

Sheila and Meredith played with their toys while Cadence took some time off to work out.

After 16 babies, Cadence was looking as good as ever.

Hot mama alert! She had a slender figure even though she went through labour umpteen times.

Cadence told Quinn to pick up reading as a hobby to curb his habits of talking to himself. This has helped him to focus and concentrate better. He had since cut down on talking to himself.

Quinn had a sweet tooth and loved to munch on all the junkfood in the house.

On the other hand, Sage was all mum's favorite kid. He always had a very healthy diet with lots of soup and vegetables. He particularly liked to drink vegetable soups with the vegetables planted by Cadence.

This was their first birthday celebration at the new house. It was time for Baby 15 and 16 to grow up!

Cadence helping Sheila with her birthday. She invited her grownup kids to the party as well. That was Aiko in the background.

Meredith had a sweet look, she resembled her sister, Bliss Sierra, baby 3 of the challenge.

Meredith in her designer jeans.

Her twin sister, Sheila Sierra looked more like her father, James.

The twins Baby 15 and 16. Spot the difference.

Another closeup of Sheila.

Sage's turn to reach teenhood.


Baby 14 Sage as a teenager.

Baby 15 Quinn as a teenager.

Quinn was a dramatic boy with funny facial expressions. He couldn't believed that time has passed by so quickly that he was a teenager. The next stage for him would be the young adult stage and he would be ready to leave the house to lead his own life.

He couldn't quite shake off his habit of talking to himself....

and doing silly faces...

Sometimes, he got so worked up that he started to scold the "air".

Sage was tickled but at the same time worried for his crazy twin.

With no more toddlers and babies in the house, Cadence decided to continue the challenge after a short hiatus. Zorion Zeno (Thanks to Queenbloodimp) had told Cadence that he wanted to be part of the challenge but it had conveniently slipped off Cadence's mind as she was too preoccupied with the new house.

Zorion was a funny character. To break the ice, he made silly faces that made Cadence laughed real hard.

Cadence enjoyed Zorion's company.

Cadence filled Zorion in about the details of the 100 baby challenge.

Zorion was agreeable to the terms and conditions of the challenge. Zorion's twin sister was not too happy about Zorion taking part in the challenge. She preferred that he finds a wife and set up a family before having kids.

Cadence gave Zorion a peck on his cheek to thank him.

Zorion grabbed Cadence and gave her a tight embrace. Let's do it!!

There they went...Making of baby 17 began!

Zorion was excited, he found this challenge to be real exciting and fun.

Sweet sounds of the lullaby floated past.

"Thanks so much for being part of the challenge." Cadence said in a flirty yet sweet tone. Zorion was smitten by Cadence's voice and looks.

Meanwhile, Cadence went to visit her kids. They were staying all over Sunset Valley. Baby 6 Jacob Sierra has met the girl of his dreams, Momo. She had blue hair and it would be interesting to see how their baby turned out.

Jacob proposed to her with Cadence as a witness. Cadence would be having grandkids anytime from now. She is thrilled! Very soon, the Sierras would populate the entire Sunset Valley.

Baby 2 Bryce Sierra found his true love in Melody. She may be on the heavy side, but Bryce loved her all the same. Love is blind, Melody was the most perfect lady that Bryce have ever seen. She was virtuous, kind, sweet,caring and the list of good traits went on. Notice the two brothers loved their ladies to be in ponytails.

They settled down in a little cosy suburban home. Cadence was comforted at the fact that both Bryce and Jacob were happy.

Cadence went over to check on the rest of the kids. Before reaching the house, she heard some arguments going on in the house. She quickly went in and saw Aiko and Caleb scolding each other. "You freak! Stop disturbing me! Who are you to judge my girlfriend?" Caleb screamed at Aiko's face. Cadence tried to stop Caleb,"How can you call your sister a freak?"

Aiko and Caleb stared hard and fiercely at each other while Blossom looked on.

Cadence pulled Blossom to a corner and asked,"What happened between them?" Blossom explained that Caleb has been dating this girl who worked as a criminal. Out of goodwill, Aiko had warned him many times but Caleb felt that Aiko was interferring too much into his life. Cadence listened and told Blossom,"I'll speak to Caleb, no matter what, he shouldn't be calling his sister a freak, this would hurt Aiko."

Cadence announced her pregnancy and Blossom was happy for her. "Wow, I can feel the baby's movement, that is so incredible. Mum's the greatest!" Blossom exclaimed.

Cadence's first granddaughters, Hope and Charity. They are the daughters of Baby 3 Bliss Sierra. Cadence would like to thank Izziebelle for bringing Bliss into her legacy. (Picture courtesy of Izziebelle)

This is Bliss's husband Ben.  (Picture courtesy of Izziebelle)

Hope and Charity as kids. They do look like Bliss from certain angles. (Picture courtesy of Izziebelle)

Quinn detested to do homework while Sage cheered and clapped as he had completed his.

Another sweet darling. Sage helped the heavily pregnant Cadence to mop the floor.

"Hey Sage, the next baby could be a green baby just like you, the father was also green in colour, albeit lighter green." Cadence told an excited Sage who was looking forward to the new green baby.
Cadence satisfying her craving for icecream. Now we know where Quinn got his sweet tooth from.

Push....Push....Argh!!!!!! Time for Baby 17!

Sheila's friend who came over to the house was freaked out by Cadence's loud screams. "Don't worry, this is a usual sight for our family." Sheila comforted her.

Cadence initially wanted to have a home delivery to save some money. However, seeing that Cadence was experiencing a difficult labour, Quinn immediately send Cadence to the hospital. The doctors praised Quinn for his swift action. They told Quinn that with any delay, both mum and baby would be in danger.

While Cadence was experiencing a difficult time in labour, Sage was not informed and practicing his skills on the guitar at his friend's house.

Meredith was playing on the swing in the central park.

Baby 17: Erik Sierra!

Zorion Zeno rushed to the hospital when he heard Cadence was experiencing a tough labour. He was slightly disappointed that his baby did not inherit his unique skin colour.

"Hey pretty please, could we try for another baby? I really hope that the next child will inherit my skin colour." Zorion Zeno begged Cadence. Cadence rejected him,"Remember? The rules of the challenge is that every birth has to be with different guys. Thats the point of the challenge."


  1. I really love this story! You've done an amazing job with it. =)

  2. I agree! :)
    I know you're already on your secxond baby challange but I was wondering where did you got the twins hairstyle(as toddlers)?
    thanks anyways.


  3. Brenda- It's from mod the sims, here's the link:

  4. She got grandchildren fast what i did with my 100 baby challenge was put the kids in the sim bin to avoid the town being fuiled with the family and also to have sims for challenges

  5. Teh kids are so cute this chapter! I luv that house! How were u able 2 afford it in such a short amount of time?
    To the second @Anonymous: I think that Bliss' kids weren't actually there in Harmony's game. It says 'Picture courtesy I zziebelle'. So I m 99% sure that Izziebelle downloaded Bliss and made her get married, etc.
    Anyway, awesome challenge!!

  6. @Summersky: Thanks!! Cadence worked very hard, she played on the guitar for tips, wrote books and looks for gems to sell.


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