Sunday, November 22, 2009

Meet Cadence Sierra - Mother of 100 babies to be.

Hello guys!! Introducing.....CADENCE SIERRA. Cadence Sierra has just reached young adult stage and shifted into a little thriving town called Sunset Valley. She yearns to have a large family in this little town. She bravely takes up the 100 babies challenge (credits to peaceluverr or PL for her idea). She is charismatic, a great kisser, flirty yet family oriented. In her free time, she loves to plant unique plants and vegetables.
Close-up of Cadence Sierra.
Looking good in formal wear.
Sexy in short little sleep dress.
Cadence in sportswear, you will see her in this after giving birth. She wants to get back in shape! babe alert. Hope she can maintain her figure after 100 babies.

Cadence:"I'm ready to take on the challenge!" To take on this challenge, Cadence needs your help! She needs fathers of her 100 babies as well as baby names! Pls do contribute at the comment box or email to Will definitely credit u in this site! Thank you in advance.


  1. i like some parts of Sims but not all but this game take heights of versions

  2. Yup, Sims 3 is fun and u can have endless possibilities with the game!

  3. ur challenge is so awsum :)

  4. Cadence is so pretty! WHere did u get her hair??

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  6. can't believe how far this story has develpoed, started reading from the beginning, even inspired me to start my own 100 baby challenege.

  7. where did you get the cuiculer cribs

  8. Heres the Expansion Packs that you should install if you haven't already:
    Those are some of my favorite EP. Also I hope you enjoy them!

  9. I've started the 100 baby challenge... It's one hell of a challenge. I also have a legacy that I'm blogging about, come check it out if you have the time. adisneylegacy.blogspot.gom

  10. I have 2 separate 100 baby challenges, first one is the original(I'll probably make my last born daughter take over after 100 kids) and the 2nd one is a adoption challenge(I'll probably make my sim's last adopted son take over after whatever amount)


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