Thursday, November 26, 2009

Baby No. 3: Bliss Sierra

After the birth of twins, Caleb and Bryce, Cadence immediately swung into action. She noticed that a new neighbour who has shifted into Sunset Valley has been deliberately walking past her house numerous times to check her out. She thought he might be the perfect candidate to be the father of Baby No. 3.  "Hi! This is Cadence! What about you?" Cadence happily chirped. "....errr....I'm Scott Krumpe (Thanks jafo88fan)....Hi!" Scott was so nervous that he almost broke into cold sweat. Scott couldn't believe that his crush is talking to him. Cadence asked if he could help out in the 100 baby challenge, he immediately agreed without any hesitation. He felt honoured to be helping such a wonderful lady.

Cadence gave him a warm hug, and man was Scott pleased!

The kiss left him on cloud nine. He couldn't believe his luck! So its on to baby making again! Time is ticking..

"Come on! Follow me back home, I need to look after my twin boys. I can't leave them unattended at home." Cadence invited him home and Scott ran over to her house.

Cadence ran way ahead of him as she knows that every minute is precious. She needs to be pregnant at this very moment.

Let the baby making begins....

Ahh...sweet sound of success, Cadence got pregnant on the first try!

By this time, the twin boys were crying for their feed and some tender loving care.

Though being pregnant and giving birth is a ardous process, Cadence felt that all that she had been through is worth it. Looking at the gurgling and cute babies, She really hopes that she can complete the 100 baby challenge and populate the entire Sunset Valley with her offspring.

Cadence holding on to Bryce. She is a devoted mother, constantly fussing over her babies' needs and wants. She told herself not to miss any of her babies' milestones.

Cadence is enjoying every bit of motherhood!

Scott called her over to the living room for a little victory dance. Halfway through the dance, Cadence felt really sick. So its nausea, morning sickness, weird cravings and strange mood swings all over again.

Being in the 100 baby challenge means she was prepared to go through this process a 100 times. Man, is she brave.

After all the vomitting and puking, the part that Cadence dreaded the most is cleaning the yucky and icky toilet bowl. How she wish that she could afford a maid.

The next morning, she heard a knock on the door and wondered who would visit her so early in the morning. Its a strange looking man with red skin and blue hair. The sight of him made her even more nauseous. "Hi! I'm Scott's housemate, Kevin Rockbell (Thanks kaliko103). I heard from Scott that you are not feeling well. So, out of concern for my fellow neighbour, I decided to dropby to see how you are doing." Cadence was too sick to talk to him, "Thanks for your concern! I'll be alright after some sleep." Kevin took the hint and left soon after.
Cadence took a little nap and then perk herself up for the twins' birthday. She went to town to choose 2 little cakes for the two precious. Its time for celebration!!

Since Caleb was asleep and Cadence did not want to wake him up, Bryce has his mini celebration first eveb though he is younger than Caleb by a minute. Bryce "transforming" into a toddler!

Closeup of Bryce Sierra. He has thicker brows than his twin brother, Caleb Sierra.

Then its was Caleb's turn.

Closeup of Caleb Sierra, Baby no. 1. They both inherited Cadence's pink eyebrows. Both had no hair, brown eyes and they look identical.

Little brothers bonding over a game of blocks.

Cadence made sure that they picked up the necessary skills when they are young. She believe strongly in nurture than in nature. She wants her kids to be exposed to all sort of different enrichment and knowledge.

Since Cadence is a stay home mum, they do not have income coming in. Hence the Sierra family is alittle short of funds. Cadence also hopes to buy a bigger house for the arrival of more kids. She decides to turn to gardening as a source of income. Being a green thumb helps her alot in planting better plants and harvest. Better plants = more  $$

Caleb screams for attention while Cadence was busying tending her garden.

A picture of family bliss: Bryce in the foreground playing with toys while Cadence teaches Caleb how to walk.

After a long day, Cadence felt so worn out, she cannot imagine herself with 7 kids all in one family without any domestic help. Even though she is heavily pregnant, its hard to take a break with these screaming toddlers asking for diaper change, food or a simple hug.

Its time! Labour pains!

Proudly announcing the arrival of a baby girl, Baby no. 3: Bliss Sierra ( Thanks ladyluck09 for the name). Cadence's princess no. 1. Cadence's wish was to have a little girl!

As per Scott's request, Cadence brought Bliss to see her father. Scott was thrilled and never thought that he would be a father that soon.

Bliss is definitely daddy's girl! But will she inherit her dad's fat genes? How will she turn out? Stay tuned for Baby No. 4.


  1. Did you have to expand the room in order to fit the cribs into it? If one looks closely, Scott Krumpe actually looks attractive from close-up! No wonder Bliss looked attractive! :)

  2. Nope..I did not..that is why you can see the toddlers playing in the garden because there is simply not enough space. LOL! I did not notice Scott but Bliss looked really good!

  3. I love this post, so awkward when Kevin walked in and made Cadence more sick it's so funny!
    You really make the toddlers play outside.
    Why Scott Krumpe he is so fat and Bliss Could of been fat as well.
    How did you make Kevin Rockwewll's Hair colour it is so awesome!


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