Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby 1 and 2: Twins!!!

With a limited amount of funds, Cadence Sierra shifted into a little house in the suburbs of Sunset Valley.

Cadence walked around to check out the surroundings. "Hmm...quite a nice place and environment to raise my kids."
She went in to check on the furniture. "Ahah, the perfect crib for my 1st baby!" Cadence chose a neutral colour for the crib which will suit both baby girl and boy.
"Let's get cracking and work on the challenge!" She muttered under her breath. She knew time wasn't on her side and decided to get it moving.
Cadence peered out of the window and saw a suave young gentleman standing in front of his house. "Hmm, nice hair, nice body, looks pretty alright to be the father of my first baby." Cadence thought. Cadence decides to approach him and was really curious about his looks.
Cadence tapped gently on his shoulder. He turned around and Cadence greeted him with a warm handshake. "Hi, I'm Cadence!! I'm your new neighbour and  live across the street. Nice meeting you." The young gentleman replied with a deep husky voice,"I'm Brendan Vine (Thanks thesimdeej33). I'm honoured to have such a pretty neighbour."
Close up of Brendan Vine (Contributed by thesimdeej33). His traits are Brave, Schmoozer, Excitable, Clumsy and Workaholic.

Cadence wasted no time and started to explain to Brendan that she is in a 100 baby challenge and she needs to get pregnant as soon as possible. Brendan listened intently until Cadence asked him if he could be the father of her first baby.
He nearly choked and immediately refused this strange request.
"Please, please leave me out of this. I do not wanted to be involved in this challenge." Brendan begged.
Seeing that Brendan refused to relent, Cadence changed her tactics to persuade him. She used soft tactics and started to flirt with him. Brendan seemed to be taking it quite well and was pretty smitten with her beautiful face.
Cadence puckered her lips and tried to plant a friendly kiss on Brendan's face. He seemed to be very shy about it even though deep in his heart, he would love to have a kiss from Cadence.
"What about a little friendly hug?"
Their relationship moved up a notch and Cadence could tell that Brendan has some feelings for her.
Cadence couldn't wait to make babies. But Brendan seemed to be more interested in hugging her.
They kissed passionately...
and lovingly...
Before they knew it, they were already cuddling in bed.
Let the baby making begins!!
Opps...no lullaby music?
Cadence pestered Brendan to try again and this time, Cadence hears a sweet lullaby sound. This is truly music to her ears and she would wants to hear this another 98 times.
Cadence was overjoyed and rubbed her hands with glee.
Brendan  couldn't take her hands off Cadence. "I need to go..." Cadence whispered in his ears.
"Stay a little longer, will you?" Brendan kissed Cadence and held her tightly. Cadence knew its time to let go and move on. She still needs to complete her challenge and she is only at Baby no. 1!!
She left Brendan's house shortly after and went back for a relaxing dinner.
After dinner, she started to feel a little queasy. Cadence decided to take a stroll in the neighborhood, at the same time find out where to get her groceries and necessities.
Cadence couldn't take it anymore and puked along the pavement.
Cadence wondered," Wow, 100 babies, I have to go through this a hundred times? What have I gotten myself  into? Why on earth did i take up this challenge?" But as she thought of a little life forming in her little tummy, she felt that everything is worth it.
The next day, the bump was slightly noticeable. Cadence couldn't wait to share her joy with everyone in Sunset Valley. She announced her pregnancy to everyone she met and requested them to feel her tummy.
Very soon, the owner of the crib would arrive and there will be a little bouncing baby in it. Cadence wishes that her first baby will be a little girl. Someone whom she can go shopping with and inherit her shoes and clothes.
Cadence shared her joy with the baby's father, Brendan Vine. She thanked him for helping her in this challenge.
She gave Brendan a thank you kiss.
She went home and watched television while she waited for the impending arrival of her first baby.
The baby's is coming!! Cadence felt a strong surge of contraction.
She clutched her stomach and tried to breathe in and out calmly but the pain was too hard to bear.
She quickly called for a cab and checked herself into the hospital.
A very heavily pregnant Cadence walking into the hospital.
After a long and painful labour lasting 10 hours, the first baby arrived. Introducing Caleb Sierra (Thanks NRowe for the name)....
Hold on....There's another baby! Cadence had twins! Her first set of twins. Brendan holds Baby no. 2 Bryce Sierra ( Thanks to I_am_bean for the name)
Closeup of Baby 1: Caleb
Closeup of Baby 2: Bryce
Looks like one crib is not enough, Cadence needs two cribs for this two bundles of joy....


  1. Kool story, i love reading sims stories, im currently doing my own story, but ive yet to publish it to the net yet.

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  3. Yay! The start! It's amazing how far things have gone from here...

  4. @Anon: Thanks!!

    @mm: Will check it out:)

    @Summer: YAY!! Totally amazing how Cadence had came so far...Thanks for reading the challenge from the start! Appreciate it!!

  5. omg coolest book ever I can say

  6. Wow! I've read cadence's and mikolaj's challenges..coming back to the beginning...just wow.

    I'm doing my own challenge & you're my role model. I'd be so honored if you would check it out... http://verityhale100babychallenge.blogspot.com

  7. They look identical...

  8. You should do more stories :))

  9. I just don't understand.. those guys, when you change them for baby challenge but have too go all romantic, those they end up hating you when you go around with everyone? hmmm
    anyway.. I LOVE your stora


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