Saturday, November 28, 2009

Arrival of Baby 4 and 5: Twins Blossom and Crimson Sierra!

Shortly after the arrival of Bliss Sierra, Cadence thought hard about the next father of her baby. She suddenly remembered Scott's housemate, Kevin Rockwell (Thanks kaliko103) who showed her concern when she was having morning sickness. "Such a sweet guy, totally fits the bill of my kid's father." She thought to herself and promptly invited him over to explain about her 100 baby challenge.
Kevin had a secret crush on Cadence and admired her for her courage and perservance in doing this 100 baby challenge. It is a mammoth task that most young ladies would shun away if they had the chance. However, he had one condition. He wanted Cadence to kiss him.

Having kissed so many guys, Cadence found this condition to be really easy. She took a deep breath and kiss Kevin passionately.
Alright, let the baby making begin! Just then, loud shrieks of crying could be heard from the bedroom. "Oh! It is time for Bliss's feed and diaper change. I'll go over to your house in the evening, Kevin" Cadence said hurriedly. "Cya later!!" Kevin bade goodbye.
In the evening, Cadence brought along Bliss to Kevin's house. Scott had requested to see Bliss, so Scott can take care of Bliss while she proceeded with the baby making with Kevin.
Cadence making the first move.
Wooohooo...Sounds of the lullaby drifted past....
When it was about time for Cadence and Bliss to go home, Cadence couldn't find Bliss. She panicked and shouted for Scott. Scott bargained with her and begged her to let Bliss stay for the night. Cadence rejected and told him that they have agreed that the baby belongs to Cadence and no strings attached. "Where did u hid Bliss?!?!" Cadence raised her voice. She went hysterical and went around the house to search for Bliss. At this very moment, she heard a cry under the bed. Scott hid Bliss under the bed. Cadence was hopping mad!! She gave Scott a lashing and chided him for being so irresponsible. Bliss might have suffocated under the bed.
Kevin told Scott to let go and return Bliss to Cadence. "You can always visit her, they are just across the street." Kevin tried to comfort the heartbroken Scott. "Okay, I gotta go, the boys are waiting for me to celebrate their birthdays!" Cadence's voice trails away.
Yippee...Caleb and Bryce grows up.......
Caleb in yellow and Bryce in pyjamas. Spot the difference between the twins.
Both had inherited Cadence's hair colour. But if you look closely, Bryce has a arched brow while Caleb has a shorter eyebrow. Thats the way to tell them apart.
Brothers bonding over some juicy gossip of Sunset Valley.
Argh..not another dirty toilet bowl to clean. Cadence hated to clean up after herself after each vomit. She hopes to able to hire a maid one day.
Cadence loves and adores her kids to bits.
Time for celebration!!! Its Bliss Sierra's turn to celebrate her birthday!
Bliss as a toddler. Cadence thought that Bliss looked like a little boy. She has Scott's brown eyes.
Bliss enjoying some lawn time with her toys.
Caleb playing peekaboo with Bliss. This scene totally melts Cadence's heart and always keeps the flame burning for more and more kids.
More brother and sister bonding.
The happiest kids always come from loving and well balanced family. Cadence is glad to provide that even though there is no fatherly figure in the family. Cadence tries herself to play both the role of mum and dad.
Cadence works hard to upgrade her house. Her only source of income is planting and harvesting vegetables to sell. She constantly upgrades her gardening skills to produce better harvest.
The twins doing their homework.
WOahh...the baby is here! All the kids are real excited to see their new baby sister or brother.
Its twins again! Introducing Blossom Sierra - Baby 4
...and Crimson Sierra (thanks  frugalmay for both names.) - Baby 5. Caleb in the background thinking, "Oh no...only 4 kids can play at the blocks table. It's time to get new toys to share with the new sisters." How thoughtful of Caleb.


  1. Where was Cadence right when she went into labour? QWouldn't she need to get a babysitter for non-birth reasons? Gosh, I can't imagine how crowded that house must have been when Crimson and Blossom arrived... It's such a small house!

  2. @Summer: Yup..a baby sitter came in automatically when she went into birth. Yah..It was super crowded! That is why Cadence had to earn more money to shift to a bigger house!

  3. Love reading these stories! You've inspired me to start my own 100 baby challenge.
    What is the second house Cadence's living in. If you have it, can you please post it up?


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