Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another Bundle of Joy: Baby 6 Jacob Sierra

The Joker of Sunset Valley heard about Cadence's 100 baby challenge and would love to be part of it. " can I be left out of such a big thing in Sunset Valley?!!?" The Joker exclaimed.

The Joker took the initiative to introduce himself to Cadence Sierra. They had nothing much in common and Cadence talked to him about the weather. Of all things, the weather?!?! The Joker decided to go straight to the point. "I would like to be part of your 100 baby challenge, simply said, I want to be the father of your baby!"

Cadence was taken back and pleasantly pleased at his request. She was happy that she does not have to scout around and plead people to be part of her 100 baby challenge. She suggested to The Joker that they start immediately. The Joker said," Hmm..kinda uncomfortable to do it in front of your kids."

Cadence pulled The Joker out of the house and gave him a deep kiss. The Joker whispered to her,"Come over to my house tonight."

The Joker loved kids and got along well with Cadence's kids.

Bliss Sierra with the Joker, none of the kids were afraid of his strange getup.

The Joker was so tired after long day of playing around with the kids that he fell asleep on the floor. Cadence woke him up,"Hey, have u forgotten your promise?" The Joker woke up, all bleary eyed and said,"Let's go over to my house now."

Woohoo...making of baby no. SIX.

The Joker lived with a huge bunch of bachelors which include Kevin and Scott. They were angry that Cadence flirts around with different guys. Well, guys, can't be helped. This is part and parcel of the 100 baby challenge. Simmer down.

Scott was especially angry and worked up! Where's Bliss? You left her at home?!?

"Thats none of your business!" Cadence retorted.

"I do not want to see you ever again. Get out of my sight!" Cadence screamed at Scott.

"Fine!" Scott retorted. Cadence clapped in glee. Good riddance to Scott.

With the impending arrival of baby 6 and kids growing up, Cadence bought a new house across the street. She has scrimped and saved hard for the kids' future. She bought a spanking new outdoor dining table so that the kids can have their birthday in the nice greenery nature surroundings.

Its time for the kids to grow up! From left to right: Twins Baby 2 and 1 Bryce Sierra, Celeb Sierra and Baby 3 Bliss Sierra.

Bliss Sierra as a child. She is definitely a daddy's girl and Scott loved her to bits. She's real pretty, it was a surprise as Cadence thought that Bliss would inherit Scott's fat genes. Definitely growing up to be a heartbreaker. However, she had all the bad traits: Evil, loner and coward. She is a insecure little girl. Simmies can download her at

Bliss in formal wear, absolutely adorable!

The twins, Bryce and Caleb as teenagers. Bryce is the one with thicker brows. Both have same hair and eye colour. Most importantly, both have the same expression.

Baby 4 Blossom Sierra as a toddler.

Baby 5 Crimson Sierra. Blossom and Crimson are twins. They look slightly different, though they have the same skin colour. Crimson is the one with crimson eyes and eyebrows. She fits the name Crimson to a tee. Blossom has slightly darker eyes.

Bliss has a evil trait, she loves to steal candy from the younger ones. She tricked Crimson first..asking her if she wants to play with a new toy.

...and then she steals a candy while Crimson lets off guard.

Crimson whining and crying away after being bullied by Bliss.

The family is growing larger and larger. To complete the 100 baby challenge. Kids need to grow up fast and achieve independence soon. To grow up fast, they need to have birthdays often. Thats why you can always get to see the Sierra family having huge birthday celebrations. Today they are celebrating the twin girls Blossom and Crimson's birthday. This marks the end of their toddlerhood and the start of their childhood. They have to don uniforms and go to school, just like Caleb, Bryce and Bliss. However, Crimson doesn't look forward to going to school with Bliss. She still can't forget the candy stealing episode!

Just then, Cadence broke into cold sweat and feel strong contractions. "Its coming!!" Cadence shrieked. "What's coming?!?" Bryce and Bliss freaked out and asked in unison. Its baby no. 6!!! Caleb was nonchalent and picked up a book to read. "No worries, mum can handle it. She is an expert in giving birth." Caleb replied in a cool manner.

Bryce immediately send mum dearest to the hospital for the delivery of his sibling.

Bringing you Baby 6, Jacob Sierra ( Thanks rainstar11 for the name). The son of Cadence Sierra and The Joker!!

In the meantime, Cadence missed the "growing up" of Blossom and Crimson while she was in the hospital. Crimson is in red and Blossom is in flowery prints.

They look pretty cute, don't they. They are of opposite characters. Blossom is an introvert and hates the outdoors while Crimson is an extrovert and loves the outdoors

Crimson playing in the foreground, she refuses to play with Bliss.


  1. The joker sure gives me the shivers... that 'Daddy's girl' shirt was made for Bliss! Same with that hairstyle! In fact, I think Bliss looks the best in that hairstyle out of all the other Sierra girls! The new house has an interesting set-up.. all though it's crowded. No wonder why a lot of the Sierra kids moved out so fast.....

  2. @Summer: Yah...Bliss is so pretty! I love her too!


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